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Differentiating Mathematics Instruction

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1 Differentiating Mathematics Instruction
Session 5: Practising the Practices: Applying Differentiated Instruction (DI) Strategies <Welcome participants.> Adapted from Dr. Marian Small’s presentation August, 2008

2 Goals for Session 5 Reflect on open questions and parallel tasks
Practise adapting lessons to be more inclusive Practise using generic DI strategies presented in Session 1. <Share the goals of the session.>

3 Open Questions vs Parallel Tasks
Placemat Individually write a response to the question. What are the advantages and disadvantages of open questions and parallel tasks? Share in your group and place common or key elements in the centre. Share with the whole group. <Participants create a placemat and individually write down the advantages and disadvantages of the two DI strategies. After three minutes tell them to share in their groups and place common or key elements in the centre of their placemats. After 5 minutes ask groups to share their discussions.>

4 Most Interesting Comments
Which comment from your colleagues did you find the most intriguing or thought provoking? <Pose the question.>

5 More Inclusive Consider the overall topic for the lesson you differentiated in Session 4. Use another differentiation strategy. Choose from menus, tiering, tic-tac-toe, cubing, RAFTS, or stations. <Pose instructions for activity.>

6 Sharing Highlights What additional DI strategy did you use?
Did you use it for instruction or consolidation? <Groups present the highlights of their work by answering the two questions.>

7 Exit Card Write about: Something you learned that would be useful
A question you still have or something you have doubts about < Participants consider the 2 questions and submit their responses in writing for the facilitator to share at the next session.>

8 Home Activity Reflect on today’s work…
What was easy and what was hard? How were the needs of each of your four students met? Why is working collaboratively helpful in creating adapted activities? How useful or practical are or are not the DI strategies presented? <Outline the homework journal reflection. Remind participants of the date and location for the last session.>

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