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Canadian Immigrant Integration Program METROPOLIS CONFERENCE - MARCH, 2014.

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1 Canadian Immigrant Integration Program METROPOLIS CONFERENCE - MARCH, 2014

2 What is CIIP? CIC-funded program from 2010-2014 that serves Federal Skilled Workers (FSWs) and Provincial Nominees (PNs) in 25 countries through offices in Guangzhou, Delhi, Manila and London ~ over 16,000 clients served Pilot funded by HRSDC from 2005-2010 that served FSWs in China, India and the Philippines through offices in Guangzhou, Delhi and Manila ~ 9,190 clients served

3 What Does CIIP Offer? Group Orientation Labour market and employment information, resources and tools My Action Plan Develop an employment focused personal action plan Platform Participate in additional pre-departure services with Canadian partners Follow-Up Participate in surveys, focus groups, and meetings Direct Referrals to CIIP Partners “Entryway” - Connect with and access online support

4 Who are CIIP’s Partners?

5 Power of Partnerships Michelle Joy Francia, Philippines: Apart from providing a workshop and a very useful action plan, CIIP referred me to the following partners while I was still overseas: JVS Canada Infonet for online mentoring Skills International for resume support and posting my job profile Career Edge for screening and assistance with internships DIVERSEcity for settlement services Vancouver Community College for career counselling ACCC’s Essential Skills pilot for sharpening my workplace skills ICTC for help finding employment in the IT industry as well as connections to Canadian employers and interviews

6 CIC Tracking CIC’s on-going tracking of CIIP clients reveals the following: 49% of CIIP clients were employed within three months and 72% within a year 52% of those employed at three months were working in their field, as were 60% at one year

7 Results & Reach A 2013 CIIP partner survey revealed that CIIP clients have stronger outcomes than non-CIIP clients: 93% said CIIP clients are more knowledgeable about licensure 92% said CIIP clients are more knowledgeable about settlement 87% said CIIP clients are more knowledgeable about employment strategies 80% said CIIP clients have greater awareness of alternate careers 78% said CIIP clients are more proactive around labour-market integration 73% said CIIP clients find employment related to their skills and education more often 71% said CIIP clients find employment faster 67% said CIIP clients find employment at higher levels

8 Client Testimonials “CIIP was like having an insider supporting your transition. It will ensure that everybody going to Canada becomes economically active almost as soon as they step on Canadian soil, which is the objective of migrants. This is a ground-breaking initiative that will grow the Canadian economy. it should be compulsory.” - (CIIP graduate, UK/Gulf) “CIIP is the linkage between newcomers and the job market.” - (CIIP graduate, China) “CIIP is one of the best organizations that the Canadian Government has provided to immigrants because it gives you a glimpse of what you will be facing in Canada and it encourages you to prepare for the challenges you will encounter. The approach is holistic. They cover settlement and employment topics, which are essential for those relocating to a new country.” - (CIIP graduate, Philippines)

9 Success Stories JingJing Rao was a Medical Radiation Technologist in China. While waiting for her credential assessment, she studied and did volunteer work. She found a job 10 weeks after passing the certification exam. Algimantas Petrikas was an industrial electrician in Iceland. He applied for his Red Seal certificate online and visited Manitoba to write the exam. He was successful and received his certificate three weeks later.

10 Opportunities ACCC: Has conducted a Francophone pilot for those destined to Francophone communities outside Quebec – to continue Will be conducting research to benchmark Canadian skilled trades requirements against UK/Ireland requirements to inform the Federal Skilled Trades Class Has conducted an Essential Skills pilot which proved quite successful - services to continue Continues to explore pre-departure services with Canadian organizations

11 CIIP Client Word Cloud In autumn 2013, CIIP surveyed its graduates. One question was: “What three things do you like best about CIIP?” This word cloud was generated from the responses. The size of each word reflects the number of times it was mentioned.

12 IPAC Award IPAC Award – ACCC wins gold at the IPAC Deloitte 2013 Public Sector Leadership Award, in recognition of its pioneering program for economic immigrants.IPAC Deloitte 2013 Public Sector Leadership Award

13 For more information, please visit: Thank You

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