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WINMAR Sault Ste. Marie The Great Pumpkin Pick 2012.

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1 WINMAR Sault Ste. Marie The Great Pumpkin Pick 2012

2 Insurance Depot The group at Insurance Depot created their pumpkin to represent Winmar and Halloween by carving a witch with a “W” for Winmar, along with rain drops and a house on fire. Looks spooky when it’s lit up!!

3 BROKERLINK (Malabar) The Brokerlink office located on Malabar St. carved a home on fire along with rain drops and a jack-O-lantern inside to show their mix of Halloween and representation of Winmar! Great job!

4 BROKERLINK (Brock) The Brokerlink team located on Brock St. created this pumpkin to include both Halloween and a representation of Winmar by including flames of fire in the eyes and mouth. Great detail on the flames!

5 ALGOMA INSURANCE This Winmar blue pumpkin is the creation of Algoma Insurance. The display features the painted pumpkin with a carving of a haunted house along with thunder bolts and a bat. They have also included the blue Winmar truck, fallen branches and a brick road in their display as well as a Winmar flag on top of the pumpkin. True Blue Winmar Pumpkin!

6 CRAWFORD ADJUSTERS The team at Crawford Adjusters crafted this Jack-O-lantern to include the Winmar theme by including flames, ice and lightening on the face of the pumpkin! Love the buggy eyes!

7 ALLSTATE INSURANCE The group at Allstate carved this wonderfully designed pumpkin with a house which is on fire and also flooding. There is a witch breaking and entering into the home and lightening bolts in the sky! A great mix of the Halloween theme and representation of Winmar. The detailed carving is incredible!


9 BROKERLINK (Queen) This pumpkin created by the Brokerlink team from the Queen St location is the Winmar Sault Ste. Marie, Great Pumpkin Pick 2012 winner! The pumpkin features a home on fire, caution signs, flashing lights, spiders, and a fire truck on one side. On the other side we see the newly restored beautiful home. A poster, ghost buster theme song and audio CD were also created as part of the display. The Brokerlink team did a great job of mixing in the Halloween and Winmar theme and working as a TEAM!! Great job and thanks to everyone for participating!

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