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The Crooked, Crazy Weather Project March 23, 2008.

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1 The Crooked, Crazy Weather Project March 23, 2008

2 What is this Project? Integrated grade 4 weather unit including; Science, E.L.A., Art &Technology. Using Projector, wireless Internet, Various Web sites and programs to present the unit objectives and material. Blogged the entire unit to make it available as a complete online unit free for any educator. Submitted to the Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award program. 1 of 5 Canadian winners in 2008. Presented project in Helsinki, Finland and Hanoi. Vietnam.

3 The Blog

4 Resources

5 Integrated Technology Search for Resources in the SCCS Learning Communities SCCS Grade 4 Cyber Planet (Searching the Internet Unit) Google Earth Various Web Sites Search Engines Movable Type Blog Software Basic html Embedding code Video

6 SCCS Learning Communities Learning Communities' serve as a collection of useful resources for grade levels from kindergarten to grade 12 and encompass all subjects; from Physical Education to Aboriginal/First Nations Education. The resources are for both online uses as well as printable copies for classroom use.

7 SCCS Cyber Planets Cyber Planets are secure online elementary school classrooms. These classrooms include secure e-mail, chatrooms & bulletin boards. These classrooms allow teachers to monitor their students activities while logged into the classroom. The Cyber Planets also include "Subject Stuff". The websites found in this area have been evaluated and include sites and activities for students divided by subject area as well by core unit and grade. Be confident that your students are not only on safe sites but also educational sites!

8 Questions??

9 Have a great day!

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