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1-888-566-LUNG (5864) Overview

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1 1-888-566-LUNG (5864) Overview

2 1.To provide an overview of the activities of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan 2.To present opportunities for involvement in the Lung Association of Saskatchewan Objectives

3 History Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League founded February 17, 1911 Built and operated TB sanatoria at Fort San, Saskatoon and Prince Albert Until August 1987 SATL was responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB in Saskatchewan

4 History Transition to Saskatchewan Lung Association began in 1960’s Last sanatorium patient discharged in 1978 Official name change in 1987 Split into Lung Association of Saskatchewan and Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan in 2002

5 Vision Healthy lungs for everyone Mission To improve lung health one breath at a time Role To improve respiratory health and quality of life through programs, education, research, training, treatment, and prevention of lung disease

6 2008 Budget Health Initiatives Health Education Research Fund Raising Operations $2.5 million

7 Health Initiatives Objective: to provide support for people with lung disease Strategic Direction: to improve the management of asthma, COPD and sleep apnea by facilitating adherence to recognised guidelines

8 Health Education Objective: to prevent lung disease by educating people about the lungs and lung health Strategic Directions: * to increase public knowledge of: lung health, threats to lung health, ways to improve lung health and ways to prevent lung disease *to advocate for action by individuals and publichealth systems to improve lung health

9 Research Objective: to promote research and development to improve lung health Strategic Direction: to fund professorships to recruit and retain respiratory specialists who also contribute to education and patient care

10 Objective: to generate revenue to support activities Strategic Direction: to make current campaigns more effective and to develop new opportunities Fund Raising

11 Objective: to provide infrastructure to support activities Strategic Direction: to maintain an efficient, professional, well-equipped and well-motivated workforce for the Association Operations

12 Health Initiatives Health Education Research Fund Raising Operations

13 The goal of the Respiratory Training and Educator Course is to give health professionals the knowledge and skills to better educate their patients or clients; thereby improving the quality of care and the patients’ quality of life.

14 RESPTrec includes AsthmaTrec and COPDTrec LAS will deliver RESPTrec across Canada Spirometry training module to be added in 2008 Sleep apnea module under consideration Conduct courses to train 50 educators in Saskatchewan 2008

15 Pilot project to provide Respiratory Educators in family physician clinics in Regina, Ft Qu’Appelle, Prince Albert Provide continuing education seminars, videoconference and website resources for respiratory educators Participate with CNAC in the national certification process

16 Include RESPTrec components in Health Sciences curricula Explore alternative training programs for chronic respiratory disease management in Northern Saskatchewan

17 COPD Promote Integrated Chronic Disease Management Work with health regions to expand COPD Rehab satellites in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Humboldt, and more Provide oximetry services for home oxygen therapy Lobby Sask Health to provide funding World COPD Day November 19, 2008 Continue COPD awareness program

18 Jamal A, et al. JAMA 2005; 294:1255-1259

19 Asthma New adult asthma handbook revision Pediatric asthma handbook under development Update asthma information on website World Asthma Day May 6, 2008 Discovery Asthma Camp Programs



22 Sleep Apnea Home testing for OSA in partnership with Saskatoon Sleep Disorders Centre - SleepWell Sleep apnea handbook Support groups & newsletter Attend national and/or international sleep conferences


24 General HI Activities Provide individual support to lung health queries received by telephone, by e-mail and in person, including the BreathWorks helpline and the Asthma Information line Provide public education forums for respiratory patients and their families Update the respiratory medications website which provides information in common language on medications used to treat lung diseases

25 General HI Activities Provide teaching and placements for students in health sciences Conduct media interviews and issue news releases to increase awareness of lung health issues Attend national and international conferences Participate in CLA Chronic Lung Disease working group

26 Provincial HI Activities Saskatchewan Thoracic Society - Annual Education Day Convene the Saskatchewan Provincial Home Respiratory Therapy Committee to provide the Ministry of Health with guidelines for home oxygen therapy, home ventilation and CPAP provision

27 Provincial HI Activities Convene and co-chair the Provincial Respirology Summit held 2 – 3 times per year provides a forum for respirologists across the province to develop provincial best practices in respiratory medicine and lobby for appropriate access to respiratory care, services and treatments

28 Health Initiatives Health Education Research Fund Raising Operations

29 Tobacco Develop new resources for students Develop web-based lung health resources Saskatchewan tobacco reduction coalition Conduct media interviews and issue news releases to increase knowledge of tobacco issues

30 Tobacco Attend municipal/provincial meetings debating bylaws/legislation affecting lung health Provide individual consultation to queries on tobacco issues and quitting smoking Participate in CLA Tobacco working group Attend conferences on tobacco

31 Example of a tobacco information poster developed for Saskatchewan schools with funding from Health Canada

32 Clean Air Advocate for elimination of urban wood burning Advocate for elimination of burning of agricultural residue Provide information and awareness about radon Promote scent-free indoor air policies Promote clean air policies and actions Participate in CLA Clean Air working group

33 Public Education Health fair presentations, spirometry demonstrations Make classroom presentations on lung health Maintain and expand an effective website for lung health information Host an annual reception for MLAs to make them aware of lung health issues


35 News Media Maintain and enhance relationships with the media Send regular news releases Request appearances on talk shows, community events Respond quickly to all opportunities for publicity

36 Health Initiatives Health Education Research Fund Raising Operations

37 Research Professorships: Ferguson Professorship, COPD, Sleep Apnea, Basic Science, Southern Saskatchewan, Pediatric Respirologist Training grants for STS members Support national research programs through CLA

38 Research 9 respirologists were recruited to Saskatchewan through the Lung Association program 8 new respirologists have been trained by the respirologists funded by LAS and remain working in the province When the Lung Association professorship program began in 1975 there were 0 respirologists in Saskatchewan. Now there are 19.

39 Health Initiatives Health Education Research Fund Raising Operations

40 Fund Raising Conduct Direct mail campaigns Conduct a residential canvass Conduct lotteries Conduct special events Apply for grants Enhance the major giving, planned giving and memorial giving programs

41 Lung Foundation Work with the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan to develop and enhance secure long-term funding for the Association

42 One of our fund raising campaigns featured a nurse who attended asthma camp as a child. Fund raising materials also serve to raise awareness about lung disease and programs such as our new asthma handbook.

43 Health Initiatives Health Education Research Fund Raising Operations

44 Continue to maintain and review the support infrastructure for the Association Formalise the succession planning strategy for staff Continue to ensure that staff have the necessary tools, equipment and resources Develop a flu pandemic preparedness plan Continue to develop and evaluate the governance of the Association

45 Canadian Lung Association National Lung Health Framework CTS guidelines and updates on COPD, adult asthma, pediatric asthma, sleep apnea and TB Lobbying federal government and national advocacy National workgroups chronic diseases, tobacco, environment (clean air) Coordination and facilitation of inter-provincial activities

46 Professional Societies: Canadian Thoracic Society Canadian Respiratory Healthcare Professionals

47 International Projects CIDA funded project to establish a TB control program in Ecuador

48 Regular meetings with the ministries of Health and Environment Yearly meeting with all MLAs Lung Health Priorities for Saskatchewan Internet based advocacy Advocacy

49 Need more access/capacity for: –COPD Rehab programs –Sleep Apnea testing –Pediatric respirology –Spirometry and Pulmonary Function –Medications (non-EDS) –Respiratory Educators Key Saskatchewan Issues

50 Need more tobacco control measures: –Smoke-free workplaces –Ban tobacco sales in pharmacies –Ban all signs advertising tobacco –Fund tobacco control activities –Fund smoking cessation activities Key Saskatchewan Issues

51 Need more clean air measures: –Test new housing developments for radon –Create a radon remediation program –Ban stubble burning, urban wood burning –Promote wind, solar and geothermal energy green –Create requirements for new housing to go green Key Saskatchewan Issues

52 Clinical guidelines for lung diseases COPD rehab programs Adult respirology clinic Certified respiratory educator Sleep Disorders Centre Pediatric respiratory outpatients Pediatric asthma/allergy clinic Home oxygen program – home visits Clinical Placements

53 Undergraduate and Post-graduate Development of educational resources Assistance with patient education Experience on respiratory help-line 2 to 4 students per year

54 Clinical placements Staff positions Board members Secondments – health regions, HQC Take RESPTrec to be a CRE, CAE patient educator for asthma, COPD or lung education programs RESPTrec trainers Opportunities for Involvement

55 Research projects Advocacy Join Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals and/or Saskatchewan Thoracic Society Volunteer Opportunities for Involvement


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