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Science Fiction or Fantasy Which Will YOU Choose?.

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1 Science Fiction or Fantasy Which Will YOU Choose?

2 Science Fiction

3 Science Fiction (SF) is a major genre in fiction SF stories are usually set in the future, have a strong technological element, and often include alien characters. Characteristics

4 The best Sci-Fi stories have strong, distinct characters and solid plots. Aliens are frequently major characters in SF. They can assume the role of villain or hero.

5 Settings Settings are usually detailed. Authors must define their worlds clearly if readers are to find them believable.

6 Many SF stories are based on scientific principles. When new physical laws are introduced to stories, they are usually based on current physics, or at least theoretical assumptions. Sometimes however, SF authors invent entirely new worlds.

7 Some SF authors have the uncanny ability to predict the future. For example: lasers were used in SF as death-rays long before they became a reality, wireless communications devices, used by planetary explorers, have become a fact in our cellular phones, submarines were used in the 1800’s As our world becomes more dependent on technology, it is likely that Sci-Fi will continue to be popular.

8 Fantasy

9 Fantasies are stories that include events and characters that go beyond reality. They seem so real that they could be true Fantasy stories may be set in distant times or places, or may be set now in rather typical situations. Fantasy

10 Fantasy is a broad category of fiction in which magic – or the belief in the unreal - is essential to the plot. Sword and sorcery are major parts of the story in which the hero or heroine battles evil. Characteristics

11 Heroic Fantasy Stories set in old, usually forgotten civilizations on earth or elsewhere.

12 This is fantasy in which ordinary people find themselves confronting magic or situations beyond reality. Ex. Twilight, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson The theme of most fantasies is good versus evil. Many fantasy novels have been made into movies. Contemporary Fantasy

13 Authors must create the worlds of their fantasy stories with great detail. The “unreal situations” they present to the reader must seem entirely believable. Settings

14 Which Will You Choose??

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