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South Delta Secondary Gr. 8 Course Selection Mrs. Kilpatrick- Counsellor Mrs. Kilpatrick- Counsellor.

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1 South Delta Secondary Gr. 8 Course Selection Mrs. Kilpatrick- Counsellor Mrs. Kilpatrick- Counsellor

2 Overview 1. Our School 2. Services & Programs 3. School Timetable 4. Grade 8 Program 5. School Clubs 6. Athletics 7. Advice for New Students 8. Important Dates

3 OUR SCHOOL 1306 South Delta Secondary School currently enrolls 1306 students,  330  330 of whom are in the French Immersion Program 100  aprox.100 of whom are enrolled in an Academy 100  aprox.100 of whom are in the International Program We provide a comprehensive secondary program offering a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for students.

4 OUR SCHOOL CONT’D  In addition to a full range of academic courses we offer a variety of elective courses to meet the needs of all our students. These include: Fine Arts courses Fine Arts courses Applied Skills courses Applied Skills courses Challenge courses Challenge courses Core courses Core courses AP courses (English and Psychology) AP courses (English and Psychology) University bridge courses (Calculus) University bridge courses (Calculus) Second Languages (French and Spanish) Second Languages (French and Spanish) Career Preparation and Apprenticeships Career Preparation and Apprenticeships Academies Academies We also offer a range of special education programs.


6 Counselling Services  Counsellors are available for students and parents to discuss concerns related to:  school  education and careers  personal situations  There are four Counsellors at SDSS - one for grade 8, 9, 10, and 11. The grade 12’s are split among all four counsellors by alphabet.  The Counsellors start with the students in Grade 8 and work with them through to graduation in Grade 12.

7 Career Center The Career Center is available to students and parents for information on career and post-secondary planning, as well as scholarships. Career Advisor: Ms. Foster

8 The Learning Centre offers a variety of services to the students and staff of SDSS. Learning Assistance – for students needing extra academic support Learning Assistance – for students needing extra academic support Strategies – for students who may need extra academic support in a specified high need area Strategies – for students who may need extra academic support in a specified high need area Students in grades 8 -12 are referred by their teacher to the counsellor who, upon assessing the need, makes a referral to place the student in the appropriate support block. Learning Centre

9 South Delta School Timetable

10 Day 1 / Day 2 Timetable Day 1 - Blocks A,B,C,D Day 2 - Blocks E,F,G,H Four classes are held on each day

11 South Delta School Timetable

12 Collaboration Days  Collaboration Days (Pro-D) for teachers are held on various Wednesdays throughout the year.  School starts at 9:30 am for students on collaboration days and blocks are shorter and run on a different bell schedule.  A list of these collaboration days will be posted on our website for your reference.

13 Grade 8 Program

14 Grade 8 Schedule Grade 8 students will be enrolled in a combination of the following courses: 1.English 8 2. Social Studies 8 (Science Humaines 8) 3. Math 8 – Regular or Core (Challenge starts in Gr. 9) 4. Science 8 (Science Naturelles 8) 5. P.E. 8 6. French 8 (Francais Langue 8) 7.Applied Skills 8 – Home Ec.(sewing/cooking) Tech Ed (woodwork/drafting) Tech Ed (woodwork/drafting) 8. Fine Arts Elective of your choice :

15 Beginning Band 8 if you have not played a band instrument before (woodwind) OR OR Band 8 if you have elementary school band experience (woodwind) OR OR Choral Music 8 (choir) OR OR Fine Art 8 - a combination of Art, Drama and Music Fine Arts Elective Options: Fine Arts Elective Options:

16  Math 8 OR  Core Math 8 Students, with teacher and parent input, choose the course which best suits their ability. Most students choose Math 8. Math

17 Math Challenge?  Math Challenge will now be available to students in Gr. 9  Math 8 teachers will recommend students for Math 9 Challenge based on their mark, ability, participation, and work ethic  If you are a student interested in the Math Challenge program be sure to let your Math 8 teacher know

18 Core Math  Core Math is designed for students who will be taking an adapted Math with support  It should only be chosen after consultation with your teacher and LA, or Resource Room teacher  Do NOT choose this course yourself

19 L’Immersion Française  Grade 8 Français Langue 8 (French Language) Français Langue 8 (French Language) Sciences Humaines 8 (Social Studies) Sciences Humaines 8 (Social Studies) Sciences Naturelles 8 (Science) Sciences Naturelles 8 (Science)  Grade 9 Français Langue 9 (French Language) Français Langue 9 (French Language) Sciences Humaines 9 (Social Studies) Sciences Humaines 9 (Social Studies) Sciences Naturelles 9 (Science) Sciences Naturelles 9 (Science)

20 L’Immersion Française  Grade 10 Français Langue 10 (French Language) Français Langue 10 (French Language) Sciences Humaines 10 (Social Studies) Sciences Humaines 10 (Social Studies) Planification 10 (Planning) Planification 10 (Planning)  Grade 11 Français Langue 11 (French Language) Français Langue 11 (French Language) Sciences Humaines 11 (Social Studies) Sciences Humaines 11 (Social Studies)

21 L’Immersion Française  Grade 12 Français Langue 12 (French Language) Français Langue 12 (French Language) **Both Francais Langue 10 and 12 have a required provincial exam

22 ACADEMIES The Delta School District offers Academies in the following areas: Hockey (South Delta) Bantam Gr. 8 & 9 Midget Teams U16 & U18 (tryouts) Soccer (South Delta) Gr. 8-10 Film Acting (DMEC)Gr. 8-12 Film Production (DMEC)Gr. 8-12 Dance (Delta Sec.)Gr. 8-12 Lacrosse (Delta Sec.)Gr. 8-12 Softball (Seaquam) Gr. 8-12 *girls only* Golf (Seaquam)Gr. 8-12 Baseball (Sands)Gr. 8-12 (proposed: Cadets (Seaquam) Gr. 8/9) … (proposed: Cadets (Seaquam) Gr. 8/9) …

23 New!Army Cadet Academy New! Army Cadet Academy Seaquam Secondary: Open to Gr 8 & 9 This academy operates in partnership with the Dept. of Nat’l Defense. This program begins at the Red Star training level, however, Green Star level will be accommodated. Both programs will be enhanced with optional training activities and outdoor pursuits such as: abseil, archery, canoeing, orienteering, ropes courses, Duke of Edinburgh, and citizenship tours. Additional opportunities to participate in free summer camp training courses. (2 block program every other afternoon – C/D or G/H (2 block program every other afternoon – C/D or G/H)

24  Academies are specialized electives for students who are serious and passionate about a particular sport, film/acting, or dance.  Academies take 2 blocks in your schedule: athletic? PE and one elective, otherwise two electives.  Each academy has a cost attached to it.  Transportation is provided between some sites. Application forms and further information is available : Contact person : Teresa Phillips at or 604.592.5374 ACADEMIES

25 Health & Career Education 8 & 9 The aim of Health and Career Education (HACE) 8 & 9 is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will assist them in making informed decisions related to health, education and future careers while providing a foundation of learning for Planning 10. The 45 hour curriculum is integrated into the existing subjects taught in grades 8 & 9 A mark will be provided on the final report card.


27 South Delta School Clubs Student CouncilSki Club 30 Hour FamineMe to We Green TeamSchool Newspaper Film ClubInteract Robotics ClubFashion Club Alliance ClubJuggling Club Grad CouncilGr. 8 Drama Club Outdoor Science Club Stand Up *You are welcome to start your own club! All you need is:  An idea, a group, and a teacher sponsor!


29 South Delta Athletics Aquatics Badminton Basketball Field Hockey Football Golf Gymnastics Lacrosse Rugby Soccer Curling Tennis Volleyball Cross Country Regular Athletic updates regarding schedules and game times are posted on our Web Site:

30 What this year’s Grade 8’s have to say...

31 The Best Things about Grade 8:  Seeing all your friends  Orientation day – Grade 8 retreat  Rugby and cinnamon buns  Lockers  Cafeteria  Meeting new people  Variety of courses  Different teachers  Sports teams  Coming to a new school and starting fresh with friends  Get out in June early  Day 1 Day 2 gives time to do homework  Class choices  Bigger school  Vending machines  Good teachers  6 minutes breaks  Get out early (2:50)  Elective courses  PE  Extravaganza  More freedom  Having fun  Cooking because you get to eat food  School clubs  Intermurals

32 ADVICE for new students:  Be kind to everyone  Be yourself and have your own style  Get to know your teachers in September by speaking up in class  Keep work and binders organized – papers firmly in binder  Have lots of paper and pencils  Do your homework and hand it in on time  Know the bell schedule  Don’t skip class  Don’t be scared – it is not scary  Try the cinnamon buns  Obey traffic rules in the halls (stay to the right)  Have fun!!!  Get involved!!!

33  Use different coloured binders so you can tell at a glance which to take  Get a shelf, rack, or locker organizer  Label binders clearly on the spine. Stack them so the spines face out so you can see them  Keep locker clean and organized – check it once a month  Don’t share your locker or your combination. At Your Locker:

34  Be on time  Have everything you need.  Be organized. Put items you are not using under your desk  Glance back at your desk as you leave a class— did you forget anything?  Look at the homework chart part of the blackboard before you leave the classroom. Write it in your agenda book!  Participate in class In Class In Class:

35 Good Work Habits = Success  Do homework or review daily  Organize your binder daily  Keep your agenda up to date  Remember your supplies  Be on time and attend classes  Ask teacher for extra help if needed  Study for tests

36 “ Learning to Learn ”  ‘Learning to Learn” is a course designed to prepare students to succeed at high school.  A ten hour course, offered in July.  Taught by an LA/LD teacher, it gives students valuable learning strategies and organizational tools. Students will also learn our school’s layout, practice opening a lock, and see how to set up a locker for maximum efficiency.  Brochures will be available soon via Continuing Ed. Spaces are limited.

37 Important Dates: Wednesday, February 19 @ 7:00pm Grade 7 Parent Night in SDSS Theatre Thursday, February 20 th Course selection on Parent Connect is open. *There is no first come, first served – until after the system is closed. Computer randomly schedules student requests. Selection process may be in place for limited courses (ie. Challenge courses) Monday, March 3 rd Course selection on Parent Connect is closed. *After this date, course requests cannot be guaranteed. Last-in (after the 3 rd ), first-out rule in place if a course is over-subscribed. Do not leave it until the last day! Wednesday, June 4 th SDSS Spirit Day for all incoming Grade 8 students : 1:30 -2:30 pm in the SDSS Theatre. **Please watch for news regarding our August Welcoming Day sponsored by our Link Crew!**

38 Parent Connect  Your link to the school – can be used to track:  Your link to the school – can be used to track: attendance / missed assignments / marks (Note: Optional marks program. Most, but not all teachers use) (Note: Optional marks program. Most, but not all teachers use)  Course selection must be done through  Course selection must be done through Parent Connect  Link to Connect can be found on our school website  Need: Personal Education Number (PEN) Password (available at your home school office) Postal code (no spaces – ie. V4M3B7)

39 Click both “SAVE” buttons  When you have finalized your child’s course selections, please remember to click the final rectangular save box (white, outlined in blue) AND the blue save box in the upper right hand corner of the course selection form.  Clicking both of these SAVE boxes allows the computer program to process your child’s course selections.

40 Contacts  Principal/ Gr. 12: Mme. Gaudreault  Gr. 8/11 Vice Principal: Mr. Johnstone  Gr. 9/10 Vice Principal: Ms. Hunt  Gr. 8 Counsellor: Ms. Kilpatrick  French Immersion: Mme. Dane (Languages Dept. Head)  Career Advisor: Ms. Foster  School Website: We invite you to refer to our school website often.

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