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Nursing Research Asking Questions, Seeking Answers Session # 6

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1 Nursing Research Asking Questions, Seeking Answers Session # 6

2 Class Objectives Discuss the nature of inquiry-asking questions.
Discuss approaches to knowledge development via nursing research. Discuss the importance of using evidence-based decision-making to inform context-relevant and individualized nursing care. Identify examples of nursing research.

3 Based on the research article that you found, let’s talk about…
What makes it a research article? How does it help (or not help) inform nursing practice?

4 What is the nature of nursing research?
…a systematic process of inquiry contributing to nursing knowledge, practice – and ultimately to the health of patient/families/communities!

5 Why is nursing research conducted?

6 What are the Goals of Nursing Research

7 Evidence-based practice
applying knowledge from the best available evidence in the provision of health care sources of evidence? e.g. research evidence, scientific knowledge, expert opinion – se.. P. 75 of your Potter and Perry What do you think are the strengths and challenges of evidence-based care?

8 Sources of Knowledge Can evidence be derived from…?
1) Empirics: The Science of Nursing 2) Aesthetics: The Art of Nursing 3) Personal Knowledge 4) Ethics: The Moral Component 5) Emancipatory Knowing: The Social, Economic, and Political component see p of your Potter and Perry

9 Components of research-based practice…
asking the questions conduction of studies rights of participants Dissemination and sharing of findings utilization in practice See p of your Potter and Perry

10 The challenge… Utilization!! critiquing/synthesizing
dealing with change

11 Promotion of evidence and research-based practice
Funding Working environment Nursing education Regulatory associations Nurses Nursing students

12 Nursing at ‘X’: Research Conduction, Dissemination and Utilization
Our mission involves: “..preparing professional nurses to engage in evidence-based practice…;…integrating innovative research programs…; and proactively influence public policy…” -thereby positively contributing to the health and well-being of individuals, groups and communities and the global community” (School of Nursing, 2009)

13 General approaches to research…
Quantitative considerable researcher control/statistical analysis Qualitative minimal researcher-imposed control See p in your Potter and Perry

14 Reading research articles
Abstract Introduction Review of the literature and theoretical framework Methodology (design and methods) Results Discussion References

15 Your article: Think-share
What are the main components of your study report? What research methods were used? What were the significant findings from the report? How can the findings be utilized in nursing practice?

16 Summary nature of inquiry--asking questions
the importance of evidence-based decision-making in nursing approaches to knowledge development via nursing research examples of nursing research

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