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Campus Policies January 23, 2014 Michelle Olding Su-Ting Teo.

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1 Campus Policies January 23, 2014 Michelle Olding Su-Ting Teo

2 Why?  Policies set how things are done  They articulate priorities, values, and beliefs  They have direct impact on the students, staff, and faculty (learning, teaching, working)

3 Policy Backgrounder Objectives  To better understand the scope and content of policies related to mental health  To identify any promising practices in post-secondary policy development and review  To identify some common challenges and debates underlying the development of student mental health policy

4 Policy Backgrounder Methods:  Review of academic and grey literature  Institutional policy review  Key Informant Discussions (directors of student counselling services, accommodation services,

5 Conceptual Frameworks Spectrums

6 Policy pertaining to social determinants of campus mental health Mental health lens within -Workplace harrassment and violence policy -Occupational health and safety policy -Human rights/anti-discrimination policy -Sexual assault prevention/ response policy -Policy on student housing -Policy related to financial support and bursaries Policy pertaining to all students -Academic policies (grading, course and exam scheduling, faculty policies) -Student Code of Conduct --Stand alone voluntary and Involuntary Leave policy* Policy pertaining to students experiencing mental health difficulties - Accommodation policy -Confidentiality and privacy -Voluntary and Involuntary leave policy* Policy pertaining to students in distress -Policy on disruptive/at- risk behaviour Voluntary and Involuntary Leave policy* Figure 4. Spectrum of Campus Mental Health Policies

7 What is the system and how to navigate it?  Robert Clift

8 Ryerson University  Statement of Commitment  Ryerson is committed to the success of all its community members by creating an environment that is supportive of mental well-being. This includes an ongoing dedication to creating and sustaining a supportive campus culture and institutional ethos without stigmatization and discrimination with regard to mental health. …  Policy Principles  be respectful of human dignity, the whole person, multiple perspectives and experience, as well as individual privacy and confidentiality  establish flexible responses with processes that do not impose undue barriers and stress for all involved parties  promote a collaborative, compassionate and flexible approach to problem resolution and avoid creating more adversarial processes

9 Questions:  Statement of commitment to mental health and well-being:  is it intended to have any force? (ie what is its purpose?)  Over arching policy principles:  What force and effect would they have and who would approve them?  How would this document influence the policies that are developed across the university?  How does intersect with the Accessibility inclusion lens work being done?  Policy principles are general good policy development, how does this add?

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