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(Federation of) St. Kitts and Nevis By Zander Munroe Continent Map. North America.

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2 (Federation of) St. Kitts and Nevis By Zander Munroe Continent Map. North America.

3 Map Of St. Kitts and Nevis and-nevis.html

4 Flag

5 Hemispheres St. Kitts and Nevis is located in the Northern and Western hemispheres.

6 Religion Saint Kitts and Nevis has many religions like Anglican, other Protestant and Roman Catholic

7 Population 50,726 is the population of St. Kitts and Nevis growth rate: 0.81% life expectancy: 74.84

8 Language St. Kitts and Nevis speak English just like us!

9 St. Kitts and Nevis is located in the North American plate. Plate Plate

10 Capital Basseterre

11 Neighboring Countries Antigua and Barbuda Venezuela Montserrat Netherlands Atlantic Ocean


13 Longitude and Latitude The geographic coordinates of Saint Kitts and Nevis are 17°20' North latitude and 62°45' West longitude.

14 How Big Do You Ask? The Land Area Is 101 sq mi (261 sq km). St. Kitts, 65 sq mi (168 sq km); Nevis, 36 sq mi (93 sq km)

15 Land Forms Has some rivers and one pond

16 Natural hazards Hurricanes. volcanic rocksvolcanic

17 The history of St. Kitts and Nevis starts in 1493 when Christopher Columbus discovered the two island and they were inhabited with Carib people. Today, most of the inhabitants are the descendants of African slaves. The British settled on St. Kitts— formerly St. Christopher—in 1623, and on Nevis in 1628. The French settled on St. Kitts in 1627, and an Anglo-French rivalry lasted for more than 100 years. After a decisive British victory over the French at Brimstone Hill in 1782, the islands came under permanent British control. The islands, along with nearby Anguilla, were united in 1882. They joined the West Idissolution1962. St. Kitts–Nevis- Anguilla became an associated state of the United

18 History 2 Kingdom in 1967. Anguilla seceded in 1980, and St. Kitts and Nevis gained independence on Sept. 19, 1983. A drop in world sugar prices hurt the nation's economy through the mid-1980s, and the government sought to reduce the islands' dependence on sugar production and to diversify the economy, promoting tourism and financial services. In 1990, the prime minister of Nevis announced that he intended to seek an end to the federation with St. Kitts by 1992, but a local election in June 1992 postponed the idea. In Aug. 1998, 62% of the population voted for Nevis to secede, but the vote fell short of the two-thirds majority required. The country had been blacklisted by various international financial agencies for improprieties in its off-shore financial-services industry, but by 2002, it had been removed from all such lists. On January 1, 2013, Sir Cuthbert Sebastian retired from his post of governor- general, a post he had held since 1996. Sebastian was replaced by Sir Edmund Lawrence, the managing director of the St. Kitts-Nevis Anguilla National Bank. Later that month, the Concerned Citizens Movement beat the ruling Nevis Reformation Party in the election. Vance Amory, founder of the Concerned Citizens Movement party, was sworn in as prime minister on January 23, 2013. Amory previously served as prime minister from 1992 to 2006.

19 Government Governor general -----Cuthbert Montraville SEBASTION Prime Minister --------------------Dr. Denzil DOUGLAS Deputy Prime Minister ---------- Sam CONDOR Attorney General-----------------Patrice NISBETT Labor, & Social Security---------- Sam CONDOR Min. of Health, Social Services, Community Development, Culture-------------------------------Marcella LIBURD Min. of Homeland Security --------Sam CONDOR Min. of Intl. Trade, Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, Constituency Empowerment, & Marine Resources---------- --Timothy HARRIS Min. of Justice ---------------------- Patrice NISBETT Min. of Public Works, Housing, Energy, & Utilities ----------- -----Earl Asim MARTIN

20 GOVERNMENT CONTINUED Min. of Youth Empowerment, Sports, Information Technology, & Telecommunications & Post ------------ Glen PHILLIP Ambassador to the US------ Jacinth HENRY-MARTIN Permanent Representative to the UN, New York ----------- Delano Frank BART Affairs Ministers Foreign affairs -------------Sam CONDOR Gender affairs------------- Marcella LIBURD Consumer affairs----------Timothy HARRIS Legal affairs-----------------Patrice NISBETT

21 What Type of Government? Constitutional monarchy

22 Currency The currency of St. Kitts and Nevis is the East Caribbean Dollar. Min. of Finance, Sustainable Development, & Human Resource Development----------Dr. Denzil DOUGLAS

23 Natural resources and agriculture Natural resources: arable land. Agriculture: sugarcane, rice, yams, vegetables, bananas; fish

24 Important Events An important event is when St. Christopher found the land when it had Carib People.

25 Climate tropical tempered by constant sea breezes; little seasonal temperature variation; rainy season (May to November)

26 Environmental Issues Deforestation, erosion, and water pollution are among the most significant environmental problems in St. Kitts and Nevis. Deforestation has affected the nation's wildlife population and contributed to soil erosion. The erosion of the soil produces silt, which affects the living environment for marine life on the coral reefs.erosionpollutionenvironmental problemsSt. Kitts Water pollutionWater pollution results from uncontrolled dumping of sewage into the nation's waters. Another contributing factor is pollution from cruise ships which support the nation's tourist trade. sewage and-Nevis-ENVIRONMENT.html#ixzz34FO7v3yW

27 Major Industries Industries sugar processing, tourism, cotton, salt, copra, clothing, footwear, beverages.

28 Education Pursuant to the Education Act of 1976, education in Saint Kitts and Nevis is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16. In 1997, the gross primary enrollment rate was 97.6 percent, and the net primary enrollment rate was 88.6 percent. Primary school attendance rates were unavailable for St. Kitts & Nevis as of 2001. While enrollment rates indicate a level of commitment to education, they do not always reflect children’s participation in school.Education Act of 1976 Saint Kitts and Nevis

29 S St. Kitts is actually St. Christopher! T St. Kitts and Nevis only has 2 airports! K Robert L Bradshaw International Airport and I Vance Winkworth Amory International Airport T Radio broadcast stations: AM 3, FM 3, shortwave 0 (2003). T Television broadcast stations: 1 (plus 3 repeaters) (2003). S Telephones: main lines in use: 20,600 (2009); mobile cellular: 10,000 (2009)! St. Kitt s and Nevis calling Code Is +1 869

30 Bibliography Microsoft clip art Google Google images

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