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St.Augustine Catholic High School University Information Session Brought to you by the Guidance and Career Education Department.

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1 St.Augustine Catholic High School University Information Session Brought to you by the Guidance and Career Education Department

2 Getting Ready For University Destiny is not a matter of chance… it is a matter of choice. Your Goal… MAKE INFORMED AND WELL THOUGHT OUT CHOICES FOR UNIVERSITY

3 Differences between High School and University Classes  Classes will be much bigger, so you won't receive as much individual attention from staff  You won't be given as much feedback; if you need something clarified, you will have to ask  The rate of learning is more intense with a great deal of work covered in short periods of time  You will spend less time in classes and more time studying independently  You will have to find your own resources and then decide yourself which ones are the most relevant  You will have to read a lot more  You will be learning with a more diverse group of people  Most importantly, at university you control your own learning - no one can or will make you go to classes, find the resources, hand in assignments or do assessments - it is up to you to find out what is required of you and then to do it  You won't know many people

4 Skills You Will Need to Enhance In A University Setting You will have to expand and/or enhance your present academic skills to include:  essay writing  presentation skills  group/team work skills  referencing and project writing  individualized work  time management  research skills

5 Adapting To A University Setting You will need to consider and prepare for the following:  lecture format  Monitoring own attendance  balancing work with school and social life  choosing a major  assessing your progress and your program of study

6 ACADEMIC: Time Management: dealing with few hours in class and less interaction with professors than high school teachers Using free time wisely Goal Setting: Reviewing and adapting life, career, academic goals Accessing resources efficiently SOCIAL: Feeling isolated at first Balancing social activities with homework, part-time work Making new friends Life in residence or commuting

7 ST. AUGUSTINE CHS ONTARIO UNIVERSITY INFORMATION NIGHT October 8, 2008 (7-9:00pm) York University University of Guelph University of Guelph Humber Western University and affiliates University of Ontario Institute of Technology Carleton University 2 Important dates to Remember October 15, 2008 (7-9:00pm) University of Toronto Wilfrid Laurier McMaster University Brock University Carleton University University of Waterloo Ottawa University

8 Choosing A University ASK YOURSELF: 1. What programs or courses interest me and where are they being offered? 2. Which subjects am I good at? 3.What courses are required in order to be admitted into the programs that interest me? Do I have the pre-requisites? 4.Do I want to go to a local university and live at home or go into residence? What is the residence like? What is the difference in cost? 5.Do I want to go to a larger university like U of T or one that has a smaller student population with most classes on one site? 6.Does the university have the facilities necessary for my interests such as sports, music, etc.? MAKE SURE YOU: 1.Attend university fairs 2.Visit campuses 3.Check out university web sites 4.Talk to others (parents, teachers, professionals, admissions ) 5.Do your homework!!

9 Choosing A University Places to see during a university tour/visit: University Residences – How do they look? Will you be able to live in here for a whole year? University Lecture Halls University Labs Campus Libraries Local Neighbourhoods – Find out where people who live off campus live. Local Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Coffee Shops Shopping – Where’s the nearest grocery store, drug store, dry cleaner…? University Student Centre Campus Athletic Centre University Book Store A university education is an investment in time, money, and energy. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Take time to visit and tour various university campuses. Below are a few things you may want to consider.

10 Choosing A University… Going Away or Staying Local? Things to consider in each circumstance. Going Away Staying at Home  Inform Yourself  Weigh Each University  Check your Finances  Reason - Are you going away because you want to live in a particular city or go to a particular university?  Distance - If you choose to go away for university, how far are you prepared to go? Family Ties - How important is it for you to be near your family?  Finances?  Chat with your Parents about your roles  Get Involved in school life/activities

11 Choosing A University Program Some Things To Remember: Choose something you enjoy - Three, four or even five years is a long time to study something you have no interest in Put your program choice first - There is no point in going to a university if the course is not right for you Don't limit your options – be open to ideas during your research Get relevant and up-to-date information about the program admission requirements Think about alternatives if a degree is not for you Use program guides to help you – usually availble online through the universities’ website Use the Internet to research- it is the best place to start. Don't rely on completely on what your friends say – use your own judgement …nobody knows YOU better than YOU!

12 General University Admission Requirements  OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)  six Grade 12 U/M courses that include: –English (ENG4U1) –5 other U/M Courses –some universities require 4 to 5 “U” courses Example #1: Queen’s University (Arts) –A minimum of four Grade 12U courses (including English) and two additional U or M courses. Example #2: University of Western Ontario (Engineering) –ENG4U, MHF4U, SPH4U, SCH4U and one of : MCV4U, MDM4U, SBI4U, SES4U, CIA4U, CHI4U, CGW4U, CLN4U, HZT4U, or CHY4U. –1 additional U or M course

13 Admissions …continued Non-Academic Criteria -these are not your marks -NAC may include: - sample of written work, drawings, reference letters, portfolios - interviews IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RESEARCH YOUR SPECIFIC PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS – DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE Optional Profiles – send it in!!!

14  PIN (Personal Id #)  School Number  Student Number Application Process Step 1: Your COMPASS Access Codes Your guidance counsellor will give you a confidential letter containing your access codes: These numbers allow you to access your COMPASS.101 application. Your PIN is confidential! Don’t share it with anyone else!

15  Navigate e-Info and the COMPASS.101 Companion Booklet.  Check out university publications, websites and tours.  Talk to counsellors, family, teachers and friends.  Write down your program choices and codes and keep them handy. Application Process Step 2: Research Your University Options

16 Application Process Step 3: Mark Your Calendar October/November 2008: Schools distribute COMPASS.101 access codes. January 14, 2009: Latest date to submit completed on-line applications to the OUAC. February 6, 2009: Recommended last day to make changes to your application. May 25, 2009: The latest date by which applicants shall expect a response from an Ontario University. (offer of admission, refusal, or defferal) May 28, 2009: Date by which the universities require a response to an offer of admission and a financial commitment.

17 Application Process Paying For Your Application You have the following three options: 1.Visa/MasterCard: You will need the card number, expiry date and the cardholder’s name. 2.Internet / Telephone Banking: You will receive an account number from the OUAC as soon as you submit your application. 3. Cheque / Money Order: You must send the cheque or money order by mail within two weeks of submitting your application electronically.

18 Base Application Fee$105 (first 3 program choices) maximum of 3 program selections at one university Additional Choice Fee$35 (for each choice beyond your first 3 university program choices)

19 Paying For University Education Awards -award given for achievement -financial awards are scholarships or bursaries (awards may be other than financial) -do not have to be paid back Scholarships -financial assistance awarded on the basis of academic and/or other aptitude merit -awarded by universities, private companies, etc. -not based on financial need -do not have to be paid back Bursary/Grant -financial award given on basis of need -criteria may also include academic achievement -documentation for financial need may need to be provided -do not have to be paid back

20 Paying For University Education ….continued OSAP(Ontario Student Assistance Plan) -students apply for a government loan -loan has to be repaid Personal Resources -family funds -FT/PT work -RESP Web Resources -Scholarship Canada -Student Awards -OSAP

21 Online University Information e-Info ‐online guide to Ontario universities for students, parents and counsellors. The website provides details about… - university program admission requirements - the application process and important date information - English requirements, residence, scholarships and contacts

22 COMPASS. 101 Companion Booklet guide for Ontario Secondary School Applicants using the On-line application to an Ontario University WEBSITE

23 What SACHS will do…. -1. Distribute PIN numbers -2. Transmit information to OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre -3. Organize and announce university information sessions -4. Announce and display information in the guidance office -5. Provide university program calendars in the guidance office

24 What Students need to do…. -research (online, hard copy, one-on-one conferencing with counsellor) -inform yourself about university programs: -University Fair (Metro Convention Centre) -Campus Visits -University Information Night at SACHS -complete application accurately and by the due date -pay all your fees -keep their PIN number confidential -Make sure you understand and complete all program admission requirements

25 OUAC Transmissions Mid-November 2008  demographics and academic history, plus semester 1 and 2 current courses (no marks) March 2009  semester 1 final marks April 2009  semester 2 mid-term marks July 2009  semester 2 final marks

26 Ontario University Application Centre Ontario University Website Links OUAC E-Info Website Ontario Universities School Finder Career Cruising Student Counsellor Career Search Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

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