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John`s Dream By Hunter Goreham Nascar Publishing.

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1 John`s Dream By Hunter Goreham Nascar Publishing

2 John’s Dream Pictures by Hunter Written by Hunter Nascar Publishing

3 Copyright page Copyright © 2014 by Hunter Goreham. All rights reserved to this book, if caught R.C.M.P. will be called without permission of doing stuff to the book from the writer. Printed in Canada. First Printed in 2014 ISBN 0-203-612-54629 –X Nascar Publishing 159 Daytona street Clyde River N.S 15674 www.Nascarpublishing.Hunter www.Nascarpublishing Editor: Cadelin Rose

4 Dedicated to Kenny my book buddy the best book buddy ever.

5 One day there was a boy named John.

6 He loved race cars. His race car was red.

7 He also had a pet dinosaur. His name was Bob.

8 He liked going for rides in John`s race car. He liked the wind in his face.

9 One day John was asked to come to… The Daytona 500 !!!!

10 John won the race.

11 He was the best in the whole world.

12 He won a big trophy.

13 When John got home he told his mom about it all. His mom was proud. And they all lived happily ever after.

14 THE END !!!!!

15 Comments good book. – Kate amazing book. – Cadelin really detailed. – Sam Great book awesome pictures. – Gage I like the nascar dinosaur dynamic of the story. – Zander Good book.- Brady

16 About the Author Hunter Douglas Goreham was born on June 10 th 2002 at Yarmouth hospital. He lives in Clyde River, Nova Scotia, Canada with his parents. He likes to play badminton, golf and curling. He has one brother named Brody and a cat named Callie. Someday he hopes to be a professional sportsman.

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