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Animal Breeding Biography A Series of Events in Time.

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1 Animal Breeding Biography A Series of Events in Time

2 THE THREE TENORS Fisher Wright Lush

3 Sir Ronald A. Fisher 1890 to 1962 London – Australia Had a twin (stillborn) Cambridge U. – Statistics 395 papers, 8 books 1912 worked in Canada on a farm Uncontrollable Temper, Hatred towards Karl Pearson Maximum likelihood, ANOVA, Experimental Design,…..

4 Karl Pearson 1857-1936 Lawyer, philosopher, statistician(33) Biometrika Excellent teacher Admired, feared, hated Son, Egon S. Pearson Product Moment Correlation “stupid”

5 Sewall Wright 1889-1988 1912 worked in field as surveyor, SD lung infection Harvard – Coat colour of G.P.s Inbreeding Coefficients, Paths Univ. of Chicago, Statistical Genetics, retired Worked at Univ. of Wisconsin for 30+ years at same salary Was offered more money, but never accepted it.

6 Father of Modern Animal Breeding Jay L. Lush 1896-1982 Iowa State University 26 MSc, 124 PhD “Just Be Productive” Father was Canadian, originally from England Mother’s father was from Ireland Wife – Adaline Lincoln, second cousin to Abraham Lincoln She taught French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin Lush never used profanity

7 Lush audited Wright’s course, “most fruitful 10 weeks I ever had” Together Lush and Wright invited Fisher to US Founders of Statistics, Evolutionary Theory, Animal Breeding

8 Douglas S. Falconer 1913-2004 Edinburgh Quantitative Genetics

9 Charlie Smith 1932-1997 Edinburgh, Iowa St., Guelph Strategies in Animal Breeding MOET Schemes PhD at Iowa State

10 Charles R. Henderson 1911-1989 Iowa St.,Cornell, Guelph, Illinois ANOVA for Animal Sciences Methods of VC Estimation BLUP Inverse of A Many awards and honours Track star, hockey fan Born in southwest Iowa, near to Lush’s birthplace.

11 Brian W. Kennedy 1943-1994 Macdonald College, Cornell, California, Guelph QG with BLUP Advisor: Henderson

12 Alan Robertson 1920-1989 Edinburgh, Iowa St. Theoretical Population Genetics Practical utility

13 Harald Skjervold 1917-1995 Norway, Iowa St. Applied Lush to Norway

14 A.E. (Gene) Freeman 1931- West Virginia, Iowa State, Cornell, Iowa State Dairy Cattle Genetics

15 Franz Pirchner Zurich, Iowa St. Editor of JABG Book

16 Lush Robertson Smith Lohuis, Gibson Henderson Van Vleck, Kennedy, Schaeffer, Freeman Wilton Robinson, Jansen, Miller Schenkel Legates Burnside Filippo

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