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An Introduction to Visual Basic Terms & Concepts.

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1 An Introduction to Visual Basic Terms & Concepts

2 What is VB? Visual Basic is a programming language (actually an environment) designed to create computer programs that run in Microsoft Windows. VB has been developed through many versions. This course uses VB 2008.

3 Getting Started VB 2008 addresses problem solving “from the outside, in.” In other words, the user interface is designed and created first, then it’s Events are programmed.

4 The Windows GUI The Graphical User Interface is the means through which users can interact with programs. Each window is called a form. Each form is populated with controls. It is through these controls that the programmer handles I/O in VB.

5 The Windows GUI There are many different kinds of controls: –Label –Text box –Radio button –Check box –Command button –Image –List box –Drop-down list –Frame –Line / Shape –Tab

6 A Sample Form Tab Checkbox Textbox Command Button Drop-down list Label

7 Programming Language Paradigms Recall the programming paradigms: Procedural Functional Declarative Object-oriented –Event-driven In this paradigm we develop projects rather than programs.

8 Object Oriented Programming A VB project consists of: –Objects - the nouns of OOP forms and controls are examples of objects. –Properties - the adjectives size, location, name, caption –Methods - the verbs Move, Print, Resize, Clear The dot operator – is the syntax for referring to a particular property of a particular object.

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