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Spanish Bilingual Program Kindergarten &/or Grade 1

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1 Spanish Bilingual Program Kindergarten &/or Grade 1
Information Meeting Escuela Pines School

2 What is it? The Spanish Bilingual Program provides students the opportunity to acquire the basic skills for speaking, reading, writing, listening and communicating in both English and Spanish at a young age. English and Spanish are used as the languages of instruction, beginning in Kindergarten or Grade 1 and continuing to Grade 12.

3 How will the program start up?
Red Deer Public Schools intends to expand the program into the next school year. The School Board is initially committed to offer a Spanish bilingual program to the grade 5 level if numbers warrant. The long term goal would be to continue instruction in Spanish to the grade 12 level.

4 Where will it be located?
ESCUELA PINES SCHOOL 8 Page Avenue Red Deer, AB T4P 2T2

5 Escuela PinesSchool Facts
Population: 60 Grades: Kindergarten-Grade 2 Founded: 1981 ( English )

6 Kindergarten, Grades 1 to 5*
How will it work? ENTRY POINTS Kindergarten and Grade 1 Previous Spanish experience is not required parents do not need to know the language. SPANISH/ENGLISH CONTENT 50/50 SUBJECTS TAUGHT IN SPANISH Kindergarten, Grades 1 to 5* • Spanish Language Arts • Mathematics • Physical Education • Optional Subject • Complementary course

7 Reasons to Learn Spanish:
1. Expands the intellect and problem solving skills. 2. Develops divergent thinking skills. 3. Teaches responsible citizenship. 4. Develops feelings of self esteem and pride in having acquired an additional language. 5. Strengthens long term English literacy skills. 6. Encourages the joy of lifelong learning.

8 Reasons to Learn Spanish:
7. Promotes exploration, understanding and appreciation of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. 8. Contributes to multilingualism and multiculturalism. 9. Allows students to compete internationally. 10. Provides students with more choices for advanced education and career options. 11. Broadens students’ cultural life through access to literature, art, music and the theatre. 12. Makes learning a third or fourth language much easier. 13. There are 350 million Spanish speakers world wide.

9 What is the difference between a bilingual and immersion program?
Immersion: 70% + instruction in the target language Bilingual: 50% instruction in the target language

10 -increased levels of verbal and non- verbal intelligence (Carroll)
Students who receive quality second language instruction, when compared to their monolingual counterparts, show: -increased levels of verbal and non- verbal intelligence (Carroll) -greater flexibility in thought and divergent thinking skills (Kessler & Quinn) -enhanced memory and listening skills capacity (Ratté) -increased verbal fluency and originality (Albanese) -enhanced development of learning strategies and mental linguistic ability (Bialystock)

11 -superior problem solving skills (Cummings)
Students who receive quality second language instruction, when compared to their monolingual counterparts, show: -superior problem solving skills (Cummings) -improved Math and English results (Trites & Tallowitz) -development of cross cultural skills and awareness (Genesee and Cloud) -better preparation for the demands of languages other than English in the global marketplace (Panetta)

12 The Research Exam records over the past 25 years demonstrate that results on provincial English Language tests are consistently higher for students in bilingual and immersion language programs. The difference is small at grade 3 but by grades 6 and 9 the difference is significant.

13 …more research Bournot-Trites and Tallowitz (2002) cite 3 studies that show students in high intensity second language programs scoring higher on mathematics achievement tests than unilingual students.

14 The Research Cummins (1984) demonstrated that first and second language skills are interdependent and positively influence one another.

15 The Research Bialystock (1997) proved that knowing a second language helps a child comprehend written languages faster, and enables children to learn to read more easily.

16 The Research Genesee, in a 1987 study, (Learning through Two Languages, Cambridge Mass.), quantified that intensive second language study, had no negative impact on English Language skills, or overall academic achievement.

17 The Research Halsall (1998) in an Alberta study, French Immersion, the Success Story Told by Research, showed a strong positive correlation between overall student achievement and the number of hours spent in the study of a second language.

18 Kindergarten Delivery
Depending on enrolment numbers, the intent is to offer 2 sections of half day Kindergarten: Half days-5 days a week (mornings and afternoon)

19 Transportation K-5 Bussing will be provided to Kindergarten to all grades in the Spanish Bilingual Program. As the program is an alternative program the cost of bussing will be: $75 per month for Grades 1-2 $37.50 per month for Kindergarten as bussing will be one way only.

20 Transportation Students from outside the City of Red Deer do not qualify for transportation funding or bussing services.

21 Help: No hablo espanol!!

22 What our parents say …..This was the best decision I have ever made for my child….within the first month I was so amazed at all the kids and what they had learned. I started volunteering one day a week to help out. I have seen the growth in the kids.

23 What our parents say I was nervous about sending my child to school in general. ….Thru volunteering I got to know the kids and they are a great bunch. It has been a positive experience for my child and myself. The school teaches virtues…The program supports the parents with the Spanish learning. My child is happy. She doesn’t want the weekends to come. The program has exceeded my expectations. By: Evelyn

24 What our kids say

25 What our kids say

26 Contact Us Rob Porkka 403-343-1405
Director of International Education Red Deer Public Schools Anie Schroderus Principal Escuela-Pines

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