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Curriculum and Program Update SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS’ CONFERENCE Michael F Podlosky 2012 10 20.

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1 Curriculum and Program Update SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS’ CONFERENCE Michael F Podlosky 2012 10 20

2 To Access or Download This Presentation 1.Type 2.Click “For Members” 3.Click “Substitute Teacher Resources” 4.Select “Substitute Teachers’ Annual Conference 5.Third paragraph “Click here”

3 Welcome/Table Discussion Two Tasks 1.Table Introductions (5 min) 1.Introduce yourself to your colleagues 2.You know it is Autumn when... 2.Table Discussion (10 min) 1.Identify characteristics of “What Makes A Great School”

4 Alberta Education We want to ensure that Alberta’s provincial curriculum (programs of study, assessments and resources) enables our students to become Engaged thinkers and Ethical citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit, the “Three E’s” of an Educated Albertan. HANDOUT culum/curriculum-redesign-updates.aspx

5 Curriculum Redesign Supports a more student-centred approach through greater choice and personalized learning that emphasizes the development of competencies Places greater emphasis on the application of attitudes, skills and knowledge through real-life experiences and focuses on competencies Enables more interdisciplinary learning inclusive of all learners

6 Curriculum Redesign Be more accessible (eg, digitally) Provide for greater depth of study, less breadth Provide supports for a balanced approach to assessment Be based on research and promising practices for students, and Support flexible timing, pacing and learning environments

7 Curriculum Redesign

8 A Great School For All Part 1: Broad challenges and opportunities that exist in Alberta with respect to creating great schools for all students Part 2: Identifies 12 dimensions of transformation -Updates/PD-86-26%20A%20Great%20School%20for%20All- Transforming%20Education%20in%20Alberta.pdf

9 A Great School For All Transform one school at a time Focus on building professional capital Create a system that supports the work teachers Support local innovation What is needed is “more local autonomy, more flexibility, more choice, less testing, less content, and less standardization” Zhao 2009

10 Inclusive Education Alberta Education Website – IPPs being reviewed this year and Inclusive Education Planning Tool in third year of piloting Regional Collaborative Service Delivery ATA Supports: Workshops, Library, information and advocacy Special Education Council @atasped #atasped

11 School Technologies Cautious of learning technologies as the primary driver of education transformation ATA investigating impact of technology on teaching and learning – Publications/Research-Updates/PD-86- 21%20Impact%20of%20Digital%20Technologies.pdf Publications/Research-Updates/PD-86- 21%20Impact%20of%20Digital%20Technologies.pdf Alberta Education revising learning and technology policy framework –

12 2012/2013 Programs of Study – Links and Schedules Overall information on Alberta Education Website at 26 Programs of Study Implementation schedule and quick reference chart for 2012–2013 – f and f. f f Learn Alberta – To be connected toll-free inside Alberta dial 310–0000

13 Education Updates K–12 Wellness Education: Information can be found on the Education website at Framework for Kindergarten to Grade 12 Wellness Education is available online in English at and in French at Off-campus Education: The new Handbook mandatory for September 1, 2011 (English and French) is available on the Education website in English at and in French at ESL Update: The Alberta K-12 ESL Proficiency Benchmarks are available on using the keyword “ESL” or through the following direct link:

14 Connection Three editions of Connection: Information for Teachers will be made available in the 2012/13 school year – October, January and May editions include –the latest details regarding curriculum, authorized resources, assessment, technology, special education, career initiatives, and Aboriginal education as well as professional development opportunities Subscribe to receive notification of new editions –

15 Education Partner Links Alberta Education Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortium (ARPDC) Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC) http://www.aac.ab.ca 2Learn Education Society Alberta PD Pilot Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions

16 Provincial Consortia NRLC - Karen Egge - 780-882-7988 or 1-800-864-4140 CRC - Jean Hoeft - 403-291-0967 LN - Rene LaFrance 780-623-2248 CARC - Donna McRae - 403-348-8194 CPFPP - Madeleine Lemire - 403-692-2023 SAPDC - Jody Rutherford - 403-381-5575 ERLC - Val Olekshy - 780-444-2497 ext 227

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