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Integrated Part 23 Cockpit Displays Wes Ryan 816-329-4127 Dec, 2004 FAA Small Airplane Directorate Aircraft Certification Service.

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1 Integrated Part 23 Cockpit Displays Wes Ryan 816-329-4127 Dec, 2004 FAA Small Airplane Directorate Aircraft Certification Service

2 Overview GA in Transition Standardization –Lessons Learned - GPS –Better Guidance –Cockpit Standardization –AML process –Wiring New technology & Coordination

3 GA in Transition Finally transitioning to new technology 40+ yrs old New

4 GA in Transition – Accidents We hope to reduce the accident rate by providing better information to the pilot. Currently average 1 fatal accident a day Accident rate/numbers relatively flat CFIT and LOC are still primary concern Seek to reduce fatal GA accident rate Safer skies proposed use of technology Reducing pilot workload is paramount

5 GA in Transition - Technology Change is always a challenge May improve situational awareness and reduce pilot workload – but can the average pilot use it? Guidance frequently plays catch-up. First approval helps generate new guidance Lessons learned, but some areas still need clarification - GPS, Displays, Wiring

6 Standardization Lessons Learned – First Generation GPS Questions regarding design approval, installation approval, and operations Non-standardization of functionality - Challenges for rental pilot & training Coordination & Guidance could be better Field approvals & follow on approvals, when are they appropriate?

7 Standardization Better Guidance Provide clearer and more timely guidance – incorporate lessons learned Streamline installation approval for part 23 avionics and improve the level of safety Streamlining is not an excuse to “lower the bar” Goal to get safety enhancing technologies to existing fleet to reduce accidents

8 Standardization - GPS Guidance - AC 20-138A Incorporates lessons learned + Clarifies installation requirements - GPS no longer “new technology” - Not all GPS installation treated as minor alterations – this needs clarification - Working on clarification with Flight Standards for AFM supplement issues

9 Standardization - Guidance Changes to Existing Guidance AC 23.1311-1B – Electronic Displays (public comment) AC 23-17B – Systems and equipment (public comment) New Guidance AC 23-21 – Checklist for major alterations (final) AC 23-22 – Approved Model List (AML) (public comment closed in November) AC 23-23 – Integrated cockpits (final)

10 Standardization - Cockpits GAMA Pub 12 - Cockpit Standardization Industry and FAA participation Expands on AC 23.1311, but doesn’t take precedence Meant to streamline certification States acceptable minimum standard Make glass-to-glass transition easier AC 23-23 references as acceptable means

11 Standardization - AML Draft AC 23-22 for Approved Model List Defines formal process requirements Not an excuse to lower the bar Best suited for simple installations Prototyping approach for complex systems Further showing of compliance probably needed for complex systems

12 Standardization - Wiring A Part 23 Policy Flammability memo has been released Internal Stop–gap to let everyone know that AC 43-13 is still useful – still in works Ties wiring detail to cert basis of airplane being modified – need to add wire marking info ASTM F39 Consensus Standard Industry and FAA to generate a detailed part 23 “best practices” wiring manual Include flammability policy concepts

13 FAA & TCCA Coordination Coordination meeting held - Oct 5-6, 2004 Your concerns are similar to ours – we have agreed to work together to solve them Future coordination is a must for new technology and guidance efforts Informal communication when issues come up will help

14 Standardization – Future Plans Policy on AFM revisions –FAR 23.1581 Streamlining process for Recips < 6000 lbs AC 23-24 - Common STC checklists –Similar to AC 23-21 for major alterations –Ensures completeness of data for common modifications. –“Level the playing field” and clarify issues

15 New Technology - Synthetic & Enhanced Vision Sensor or Database Image Synthetic Vision - Chelton already certified - Generating policy Enhanced Vision – “SA” only is not enough – Define intended function – Generating policy

16 New Technology – MEMS AHRS Digital AHRS Sensors Quality of Sensors Varies - Drift rate - Reliability Integration of Systems Varies – GPS, ADC, AHRS Systems no longer federated – External data – Failure Modes – New TSO needed for digital AHRS?

17 New Technology – Airborne Surveillance Infrared and Visible Spectrum Lasers UAVs

18 Questions? wes.ryan@faa.gov816-329-4127

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