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Andrew Kmetic, University of Victoria Jeff Reading, University of Victoria Robynne Edgar, NEARBC NEARBC.

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1 Andrew Kmetic, University of Victoria Jeff Reading, University of Victoria Robynne Edgar, NEARBC NEARBC

2 Funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Eight Health of Populations Networks Four years of funding

3 Other MSFHR HoPN’s BC Child and Youth Health Research Network BC Environmental and Occupational Health Research Network BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network BC Network for Aging Research BC Rural and Remote Health Research Network Disabilities Health Research Network Network Environments for Aboriginal Research BC Women’s Health Research Network


5 Goals and Objectives The strategic focus of NEARBC is to increase capacity in Aboriginal health research in BC: –To facilitate network building through partnerships and collaboration in Aboriginal health research between researchers and communities. –To promote and facilitate excellent research which is culturally appropriate, community based where possible and appropriate, and which leads to tangible health benefits for Aboriginal populations in BC and elsewhere. –To promote information sharing, by circulating and distributing research findings on Aboriginal health to communities, health and service providers, government, the research community, and educational institutions. –To increase funding within Aboriginal health research by successfully winning national and international funding competitions. –To ensure community consultation and participation as a critical component of all future Aboriginal health research in BC. –To develop a sustainable and inclusive network that will continue to evolve overtime.

6 NEARBC ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Oversight Committee Advisory Committee Co-Leaders Program Manager UBC Network Node UNBC Network Node UVIC Network Node

7 Node Leadership & Coordination Vancouver Island - UVIC Node –Node Leader - Dr. Chris Lalonde, Associate Professor, Psychology, UVic –Node Coordinator - Velten Pilger Southern BC - UBC Node –Node Leader - Dr. Eduardo Jovel, Director, Institute for Aboriginal Health, UBC –Node Coordinator - Elizabeth Towers Northern BC - UNBC Node –Node Leader - Margo Greenwood, Executive Director, National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health; Faculty of Education, University of Northern BC –Node Coordinator - Julia Morris

8 University of Victoria Victoria, BC University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC University of Northern British Columbia Prince George, BC

9 NEARBC Connecting researchers, Aboriginal and other community members, government, provincial health authorities and students –Website (NEARBC and nodes) –Weekly e-news –Members’ Forum –Searchable Members’ Database

10 NEARBC Membership June 2006 110 Members December 2006 272 Members February 2007 340 Members May 2007 450 Members

11 Membership by Organizational Affiliation

12 NEARBC Website Activity April 2006 – Launch of website September – Recruitment of members commenced October 2006 – Launch of e-news December 2006 – Change of website host - stats unavailable

13 Collaboration and Partnerships VIHA –The UVic node is working with the Aboriginal Services manager at VIHA to create a researchers database for remote Aboriginal communities on Vancouver Island Northern Health Authority –The UNBC node of NEARBC is worked with the Northern Health Authority to organize the 2007 Northern Aboriginal Research Gathering

14 Collaboration and Partnerships The UNBC node of NEARBC has developed relationships with these groups and identified them as 2007/08 partners –The Centre of Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs –UNBC Taskforce on Substance Abuse –The National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health and BC Initiatives at UNBC Aboriginal Communities and First Nations –Klahoose, Namgis, Tsawataineuk, Kwicksutaineuk-Ah, Kwaw-Amish, Gwawaenuk, Gwa-Sala Nakwaxda’xw, Kwakuitl, Quatsino and Nu’ chal’ nulth

15 Community Workshop UVIC Node Reframing and Reclaiming Research: Engaging First Nations Communities in Research –Brought together researchers, health professionals and community members in effort to facilitate communication Need for online health data Placed on website, expand to include abstracts

16 Seed Grants Typically seed grants < $5,000 Assist in preparing larger grant proposals Natural Resources, Food and Health and the Nuu-cha-nulth First Nation. –to address a perceived ‘disconnection’ from traditional food resource usage patterns within First Nations communities, a move to less nutritious foods and less active lifestyles, and the health consequences

17 Travel Grant - Darlene Sanderson 6th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues - Land, Territories and Natural Resources –Water is Sacred, Water is Life, Water is Fundamental: Planning A World Indigenous Forum on Water and Peace

18 Activities in 2007/08 Partnered workshops –community-based research –grant writing skills –community engagement –research ethics, Aboriginal research methodologies, transforming Indigenous knowledge, advancing Aboriginal health research ethics and intellectual property Partnered conferences –Annual Aboriginal health research gathering Members advisory group

19 NEARBC Future Plans Collaboration and Partnerships Capacity Building KT External Evaluation – Formative and Summative

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