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Internal External Gear Pump

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1 Internal External Gear Pump
By Andrew McKinney

2 External Gear Pump Internal Gear Pump Objective: Compare the two pumps

3 External Gear Pump Been around since the beginning oil pump industry
Used for high pressure applications (pulse free fluid flow) Smaller - operate at rpm or rpm Larger operate 640 rpm Can handle viscous and water type liquids well Thick liquids speed must be properly set (small meshing time) True involute gear form (contour gear curved)

4 Internal Gear Pump Crescent pump Less than 100 years old
Generally run at rpm Smaller ones run at rpm (same as external) Fairly long meshing time (allowing higher speeds with thicker fluids than external) Not true involute gear form $$$

5 Pump Handling Comparison Difference in Pressure
Materials Metals of various types and hardness through to plastics of various types and hardness Metal allow for high temperatures and aggressive products Pump Handling Comparison Abrasives Thin liquids Viscous Solids Dry Difference in Pressure Internal Good Excellent Poor Average External

6 Stack Up References Internal pump, more modern pump
Both have a pulse free fluid flow External pump, cheaper External pump has to run slower with thicker fluids External involute form allows for less wear and tear Internal pump handles abrasive and viscous fluids a lot better References

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