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Growing Forward Canada’s New Agricultural Policy Framework.

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1 Growing Forward Canada’s New Agricultural Policy Framework

2 Agricultural Policy in Canada Federal and Provincial (and Territorial) responsibility The Agricultural Policy Framework (APF) agreement in 2003, 5-year program Spending priorities outlined in the APF Program funding by Federal and Provincial governments

3 APF Characteristics (5 Pillars) 1.Business Risk Management – program payments, crop insurance 2.Food Safety and Quality - traceability 3.Science and Innovation – new crops and opportunities 4.Environment – enhance soil, water and air quality, and biodiversity 5.Renewal – skills development/extension

4 Business Risk Management AgriInvest – producer accounts to help cover margin declines AgriStability – to cover large margin declines AgriInsurance – crop insurance AgriRecovery – disaster at a regional level Advance Payments Program – cash advances to help with cash flow

5 AgriInvest A producer account from which payments area made to the producer (account can not go into deficit), also only margin declines of less than 15% Payment used to address a small margin decline Producer deposits of up to 1.5% of allowable net annual sales Producer money is matched by government Supply managed commodities not covered

6 AgriStability Provides support when a large margin decline is experienced For margin declines of greater than 15% Whole farm support, targeted to individual producers

7 AgriInsurance Includes existing production insurance programs Expanded to include additional commodities Payments made when a production loss is incurred (drought, frost, flood, …) Delivered by the provinces

8 AgriRecovery Government response to disasters in a specific region or industy Assistance is to be ‘rapid’

9 Advance Payments Program Cash advances available to producers (mainly annual cropping) To provide cash flow throughout the year (especially in the spring-early summer)

10 The End

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