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Animal Farm is an allegory

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2 Animal Farm is an allegory
Allegory: A story in which the characters, places and events mean something else, often a real life event. Allegories make an important statement about the subjects they cover

3 Animal Farm is an allegory for the Russian Revolution
The characters, places and events represent actual people that lived and the things they did It ultimately makes a comment or judgement about the Russian Revolution

4 What seems important in the pic?
Your understanding (and enjoyment) of the novel will be helped by learning a little about the Russian Revolution Think of it as a puzzle to be worked out—who is this character/ thing/event supposed to be?

5 Or “Once Upon a Time in Russia”...”
Russian History 101 Or “Once Upon a Time in Russia”...”

6 Once upon a time in Russia...
There lived a supreme ruler—the Tsar—and his family The Tsar (emperor) was an absolute ruler—his word was LAW His rule was his birthright—the people didn’t pick him, God did (nice work if you can get it...)

7 The Tsar and his court (princes, nobles, dukes and duchesses) lived very well
They threw huge parties and wore expensive clothes, drinking and dancing most of the year

8 Meanwhile... About 10% of Russians lived this high life
The other 90% were known as peasants They worked in factories or on farms owned by the nobility and barely had enough to survive

9 Only the nobility were allowed to own land
Most businesses were owned by the nobility and a few very rich people Peasants and factory workers had to pay rent to live on the farms or in tiny apartments (usually 10 men in each one) for the privilege of working for these guys They were little more than slaves, really...

10 How would you feel if you were a...
Noble? Peasant / Worker?

11 Enter Marxism Karl Marx was a German economist / philosopher
He hated the conditions of factories in the 1840s and wrote about what he saw His ideas spread through Europe

12 Marx’s Ideas Factory owners do nothing and get rich off the labour of their workers If workers stopped working, production would stop Since the real power is with the workers, they should control factories and share the wealth

13 He blamed poverty on capitalism—the system wherein people own private businesses and land and make a profit by paying workers to make things

14 Some Famous Capitalists...

15 He invented communism—the system wherein everybody worked for the good of the people. Nobody made a profit. Everyone was equal and got the basic needs of life

16 Take 5 minutes and think about the pros and cons of Capitalism and Socialism.
Complete a T-Chart for each using the following guideline.

17 Capitalism Pros Cons

18 Communism Pros Cons 18

19 Marxism There would be no private ownership.
Marx stated that people who control the means of production have all the power & wealth and thus control society. According to Marx, throughout history society has always been divided into Haves (business owners / wealthy people) and have-nots (workers / poor people).

20 Marx predicted that the workers would rise up and take control of the factories and companies from the owners. Why would they want to do this?

21 In Marx’s view... Once the revolution was won,
The workers would destroy the owners, a classless society would emerge, and everyone would share the wealth. Bear in mind he was writing in The Russian Revolution happened in 1917.

22 So what does all this have to do with the Russian Revolution?
While other countries moved forward, Russia seemed stuck in the Dark Ages. Many people turned to Marxist and Liberal ideas as a way to better their lives. The Russian people wanted CHANGE.

23 Now back to our story... Many people started protesting against the Tsar for change The Tsar reacted by ordering his soldiers to fire on the protesters

24 This was known as “Bloody Sunday”

25 But the people still met in secret and listened to leaders who spread communist ideas
They liked the thought of sharing the wealth and having “their own kind” running things instead of the Tsar

26 Vladmir Lenin led the communist party
They were called the Bolsheviks He spread Karl Marx’s message of the workers overthrowing the nobles and controlling society


28 Eventually the workers and peasants DID rise up and overthrow the Tsar
Lenin led this revolution and brought communism to Russia He immediately took all the businesses and land from the wealthy people and said he would redistribute among the poor people

29 The Tsar and his family were killed

30 Russia became the Soviet Union

31 In return for getting their basic needs met, workers were expected to give all of their labour or crops to the government Failure to do so resulted in death or imprisonment

32 Soviet soldiers take grain that a farmer was hiding

33 In 1924 Lenin died and there was a power struggle between his 2 closest followers to take his place
The first ½ of Animal Farm describes this struggle

34 Stalin Trotsky

35 Stalin did everything he could to turn people against Trotsky, including:
Propaganda Lies Killing Trotsky’s supporters Eventually Trotsky ran away , leaving Stalin to rule alone.

36 An assassin finally found Trotsky in Mexico and killed him
Icepick to the head—OUCH!

37 Actually, Stalin used propaganda, lies and purges (killing all his opponents) to gain and then keep his power

38 Propaganda

39 Propaganda

40 Propaganda

41 Purges

42 Purges

43 Purges

44 Economic plans Stalin made plans to spread communism through Russia and update Russia’s industry He did this by taking control of the farms and setting quotas in the factories The farming plan was a failure and resulted in famines killing millions In the factories, workers were sent to gulags or executed for not working hard enough

45 Lies

46 Lies

47 People were often worked to death for nothing

48 Animal Farm tells this story by setting it on a farm where the animals overthrow the evil farmer to run the farm themselves Just like the real Russian Revolution, things go horribly wrong... As you read, use the chart to compare real life people and events to the characters and events in the novel

49 Enjoy Comrades!

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