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Active Directory Structure By Erick Engelke and Bruce Campbell.

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1 Active Directory Structure By Erick Engelke and Bruce Campbell

2 Starting Point

3 Top Level Structure

4 People Organization

5 People Administered by WatIAM Second account for elevated privileges Elevated account is application-specific –Eg. ability to change people’s pay in DB Use of smartcards for some people Like passport – userids cannot be shared Use other mechanisms to share data Userid/password equivalent to a signature Offer optional lower security account for use on public workstations

6 Groups Organization

7 Groups Very useful for managing access to data WatIAM will manage some groups –Faculty, staff, student lists –Course lists Delegated access to groups OU

8 Naming Conventions Groups, servers, print queues need names ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering or Early Childhood Education We need a shared naming convention –One of the first duties of the new committee –Will look at existing ADS and Nexus naming conventions

9 Workstations Organization

10 Workstations subtree follows organization of university workstation management IST manages many administration PCs Library and residences have own IT shops Much software purchased and policies set at faculty level Non-windows machines also in the tree

11 Unix Use AD for password authentication Possible to use AD to store uids, gids, home directories, shells, etc. Problem: multiple jurisdictions with distinct uid/gid and home directory systems Various possible solutions –Use NIS or password files (but not passwords) –Virtual directories with different values for each jurisdiction

12 Macintoshes Many Macs participate in Nexus already Prefer using Apple OpenDirectory which is a virtual directory that gets userids/passwords, groups, etc. from AD Called Magic Triangle MacTUG group involvement on Mac related issues

13 Software Delivery GPOs, Systems Center, etc. Nexus has a wealth of software packages Would like to move to self-serve for offices –Web based, automated delivery in future Encourage transforms rather than new packaging

14 Common Applications Software commonly needed –FireFox, Acrobat reader, Flash, etc Set timetable for updates Have early testers before general release

15 Security Considerations Continue protective measures on DCs Want VPN to limit access from Internet, wireless, residences, etc. ‘reverse turing test’ like CAPTCHAs, audio, etc. - centralized people-tester – Google does this too Certificates for user signing Two factor authentication for some

16 Summary Domain should be as simple as possible while reflecting the structure of UW Future services like video conferencing and digital signing will make use of AD Economize effort, minimize duplication Take the best of ADS and Nexus

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