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Rocks As Tools Can You Identify Stone Technologies?

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1 Rocks As Tools Can You Identify Stone Technologies?

2 Dave WinerDave Winer - Summer wheat field in Saskatchewan

3 Hammer stone or maul Why would a hammer stone need a groove?

4 Stone fish net weight Why would it be helpful for a weigh stone to have a groove?

5 Core flint and arrowhead Where does flint come from?

6 Axe head How would you lash this axe head to a haft?

7 Stone knife What ‘natural knife’ has this shape?

8 Hide scraping tool – side scraper What kind of arm movement would you use with this tool?

9 Hide scraping tool – end scraper

10 Sharpening Stone Stone tools requiring sharp edges, like knife blades, axe heads, and scrapers, would become blunt with use and wear. The edge of these stones could be sharpened by abrading each side on a hard surface, wearing down the joining edge to a sharp point. The ‘edge angle’ is the angle between a sharpening stone and a blade. If it is small, you will have a very thin, sharp edge, that will be able to make very precise cuts. If the edge angle is wider you will have a shorter blade, but it will be stronger and more resistant to breaking and chipping. Arrange the following stone tools in order of the edge angle that you would use to sharpen them: A)A tailor’s cutting blade B)An axe head C)A hide scraper D)A sewing awl

11 What about these?

12 Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, Saskatoon, Phone: 306-664-4124 Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Phone: 306-966-4175 Heritage Conservation Branch, Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, Regina, Phone: 306-787- 2817 Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Aboriginal History Unit, Regina Phone: 306-787-1644 What should you do if you find a stone artefact in Saskatchewan?

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