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Business Analysts as Agents of Change Michael Dumelie B.Admin. CMA MBA(Oxon.) Partner Oxford Libero Consulting LP.

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1 Business Analysts as Agents of Change Michael Dumelie B.Admin. CMA MBA(Oxon.) Partner Oxford Libero Consulting LP

2 Our Coalition’s Vision To be sought out to solve the most difficult problems in the World

3 About Oxford Libero Consulting Formed in 2008 at the University of Oxford, UK Has a global presence with varying focus Area of focus in Regina is comprehensive organizational design Our approach is to build capacity and provide senior resources to mentor our clients

4 What Qualifies Me to Present? Absolutely nothing more than extreme interest B.Admin. CMA MBA(Oxon.) Experience in 38 restructurings Healthy skepticism Interest in the ‘Elegant’ solution

5 Intent of the Presentation Present the requirements for a truly comprehensive organizational redesign Present our model for satisfying the requirements Provide the role of the business analyst in this approach Provide insights into the training and development necessary to be able to suit this role

6 What is Business Analysis? Business analysis is the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.

7 What is a BA? Business Analysts must analyze and synthesize information provided by a number of people who interact with the business, such as customers, staff, IT professionals, and executives. The business analyst is responsible for eliciting the actual needs of stakeholders, not simply their expressed desires. In many cases, the business analyst will also work to facilitate communication between organizational units. In particular, business analysts often play a central role in aligning the needs of business units with the capabilities delivered by information technology, and may serve as a ‘translator’ between those groups.

8 The Oxford Libero Perspective A good baseline for the analysis skillset. It is not nearly ambitious enough for true analysts. Needs to be more proactive and delivery focused. Many analysts can be and should aspire to be so much more. Analysts should lead and mentor in organizational change.

9 Why BAs as Agents of Change? Deal with change on a regular basis allowing to develop the experience required. Work in projects on a regular basis. Face resistance and understand its impact. Have facilitation skills. Progression requires extensive training and new tools but not a different skill set.

10 Core Characteristics A Managerial Mindset – The will to manage – A work identity of a manager – The orientation/frame of reference of a manager The ability to ‘Go to the Balcony’ – Professional ambition – Personal humility

11 Our Organizational Design Approach Is based loosely on the principles of Enterprise Architecture Improves on the obvious deficiencies of the EA approach Embeds natural innovation throughout the process Creates an ‘adaptable/nimble’ organization Relies heavily on the ‘BA’ skillset

12 The Origin of EA

13 Our Adaptation of the Concept

14 Our Approach

15 Our Program

16 Mentor Roles in Our Program

17 BA Role #1: Executive Business Analyst

18 Leadership by Design Program – Breaks organization into It’s Elements – Understands and determines the culture of the organization and/or environment – Determines nature of competition and adapts strategy to fit the environment – Seeks to inspire versus tick the boxes – Sets foundation for true organizational change – Doesn’t gather dust

19 BA Role #2: Senior Business Analyst

20 Strategy Program: – Strategically Planned – Ticking the Box – Strategically Led - The Farmer – Strategically Adaptable – The Football Team – Strategically Nimble – The Hockey Team Critical success factor for a successful redevelopment. Often poorly done.

21 BA Role #3: Senior Business Analyst/Business Analyst

22 BA Role #3: SBA/Business Analyst Strategy and Objectives Processes and Workflows Policies and Business Rules Accountabilities, Roles and Responsibilities Decisions and Information Requirements (Information Profiles) Procedures

23 BA Role #4: Business Analyst

24 Incremental Change Initiatives – Lean, Six Sigma, etc. – Useful after radical change – Puts process in control – Allows for continuous adaptation and improvement

25 BA Development

26 Business Analysis and BPM Business Analysis – BABOK as a baseline for the program Business Process Management – Foundation for Process Review and Organizational Design Innovation – Critical to being value added in drawing opportunities from clients

27 PM and PMO Development PM Skills and Experience – The tools to lead the change initiative – Understanding of principles of organization design Program and Portfolio Management – Prepares for organization-wide initiatives – Assists in making initiatives deliverable rather than overwhelming

28 Organization Change Management Prosci Change Management – People side of change – Assists in bringing the organization along with the strategic intent (4 programs) – Seeks to take Art and make it Science – Success requires both experience and the program – Critical to completing organizational change that is sustainable

29 Matrix Management 2.0 – Provides for a sustainable and adaptable organization able to adjust on the fly – Links well and supports PM/Process approach to organizational design – Provides a complete rethink of organizational accountability approaches and organizational restructuring

30 Other Total Quality Programs (Lean, Six Sigma) – Used for incremental change to support a reformed organization – Not the program to undertake these initiatives Information Profiling/Facilitated Surveying – Support for BI program, Strategy and Accountability. Extends BPM. Strategy Facilitation Leadership Program (4 tiered program)

31 Leadership Program Stepping Up to Leadership Leadership on the Line Leadership in the Middle Leadership by Design

32 Stepping Up to Leadership Essence of Management Communications Problem Solving Conflict Resolution The COO Perspective The HR Perspective

33 Leadership on the Line Understanding Leadership Teams in Context Team Structure Team Numbers and Information Team Operational Plans Team Staffing Performance Dialogue Employment Law Conflict Resolution Team Business Plans

34 Leadership in the Middle The Art of Leadership Defining the Organization Designing the Organization Projects Process Design Organizational Politics Telling the Story Staffing Performance Dialogue Leadership Theories

35 Leadership by Design The Role of Architect The Role of Organizational Development Consultant Defining the Strategic Value Proposition Developing Culture Chartering the Organization Organization Sustainability Building the Organization Story

36 BA Development

37 Business Analyst Stepping Up to Leadership Project Management Organization Change Management Business Analysis Business Process Management Quality Programs Innovation

38 Senior Business Analyst BA Program plus… Leadership on the Line Leadership in the Middle Project Systems (PMO, etc.) Information Profiling Matrix Management 2.0 Strategy Program

39 Executive Business Analyst SBA Program plus… Leadership by Design Strategic Design Enterprise Architecture

40 In Summary… You are there anyway, why not do the complete job? You are often the most experienced change agent, hone your craft. Start with the BABOK but don’t stop there. Business Analysis skills are the base of a significant progression. Don’t be a passenger. Help your client to reach their potential.

41 If not you then who?

42 Questions?

43 Contact Information Michael Dumelie B.Admin. CMA MBA(Oxon.) Partner, Oxford Libero Consulting LP (306) 502-1036 Website:

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