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Presentation on theme: "DO YOU APPROVE OF APPROVAL PLANS? PROOF OF CONCEPT IN COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY LIBRARY PARTNERSHIP ENVIRONMENT by Gohar Ashoughian & Alexander Eykelhof."— Presentation transcript:


2 Background  Guelph-Humber A unique educational partnership in Ontario joint venture between

3 Background 2  Integrated approach to post-secondary education  Students get the theoretical aspects of their field of study from U of Guelph  They get the practical application of their research from Humber College  Best of both worlds – a degree and a diploma

4 Background 3 - Convergence  The University of Guelph-Humber - natural response to the call for closer alliance between two distinct academic cultures.  The Best Of Both Worlds – University of Guelph Humber “A timely and innovative option in post- secondary education, the University of Guelph- Humber builds on the combined strengths and traditions of the University of Guelph and Humber College — two of Ontario's leading educational institutions.”

5 Background 4 - GH Advantage  Single admissions process (university requirements)  Programs developed from scratch specifically for Guelph-Humber students  A recognized honours degree from University of Guelph  A recognized diploma from Humber College ITAL  Both credentials achieved in 4 years of study  Small Class Sizes

6 Background 5 - GH Programs Business Marketing Finance International Not-for-profit Entrepreneurship Accounting Media Studies Journalism Public relations Image arts Computing Early Childhood Studies Family and Community Social Services Justice Studies BAA Justice Studies Psychology Kinesiology (new in ’08)

7 The Library Services  Provided Jointly by University of Guelph Library and Humber Library +TUG Partners  access to about 4.3M book volumes across TUG; over 13,000 e-journal titles in partnership with UofG  Aligned with Learning Outcomes  Active Participant in Curriculum Development Process  Academic Liaison  Digital Library  Research Support  Information Literacy and Library Learning Curriculum Development  Support for E-Learning

8 GH Library Staff Liaison Librarians Caroline Stewart (Guelph-Humber) - Justice, Business & Electives Dalia Smith (Guelph-Humber) - Early Childhood studies, Family and Community Social Services, and Psychology Mark Bryant (Humber) - Media Studies Lisa DiBarbora (Humber) – Computing Library Technicians Dijana Kladnjakovic Roland Vila Denise Rooney

9 GH Library Acq. Budget Structure PROVIDER OF SERVICESERVICES PROVIDED% of Acquisitions Budget Assigned to Service Provider TOTAL GUELPH-HUMBER Discretionary spending on unique Guelph-Humber materials, or consortial subscriptions 15% GH Total 15% HUMBER COLLEGE ITAL Monograph purchasing and processing 45% Print periodicals and electronic resources 1% Humber Total 46% UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH Document delivery and interlibrary loan services (Expenditures will be tracked based on actual transactions) 1% E-journals and other electronic resources 38% U of G Total 39% TOTAL 100%

10 Monograph Fund Allocation ALLOCATION FORMULA FOR MONOGRAPHS Interdisciplinary Acquisitions/Electives 20% Funds allocated equally among all program areas 10% Funds allocated based on enrolment 35% Funds allocated based on circulation transactions/usage 35% TOTAL 100%

11 The Challenge  How do we efficiently build the library collection, finding the right material and getting it shelf-ready in an acceptable time line?

12 Solution  Blackwell’s Collection Manager tool for identifying the right material  Bibliocentre for cataloguing and processing

13 Solution continued…  Bibliocentre is a major provider of monographic materials for all Ontario Colleges of Applied Art and Technology  Blackwell’s is a major supplier of academic literature supplying the college and university market with an enhance ability to identify curriculum content

14 Solution continued…  In the Fall of 2003 Guelph-Humber library services initiated and developed an e-Approval Pilot Project in collaboration with Blackwell’s Book Services and the Bibliocentre

15 Results  Extremely successful!  Streamlined the acquisition process for monographs  Full production – October, 2004

16 Results continued…  higher level of efficiency, especially during the peak ordering periods  Capitalizes on robust functionality of Collection Manager, Blackwell's powerful web-based collection development and acquisitions tool,  and Bibliocentre’s well-organized processes for cataloguing and item processing.

17 Workflow

18 Workflow 2  Create a subject profile with Blackwell  collection profiles for Guelph-Humber academic programs developed in close co-operation with GH faculty  Selectors receive eNotes electronic reports indicating new publications

19 Workflow 3  Selector is notified by e-mail with a link to the Collection Manager when a report about new items in a specific subject area becomes available in the system

20 Workflow 4  Selector has a choice… Order the entire eNotes report or Order the titles in the report selectively

21 Workflow 5  Selector completes requests directly in Collection Manager  Library Technician orders selector requests directly in Collection Manager  Orders are fulfilled by Blackwell’s  Blackwell’s sends order directly to Bibliocentre for cataloguing and processing (barcode, tattletape, label, etc)

22 Workflow 6  GH exports the order records from Blackwell’s Collection Manager to FTP site accessible by Bibliocentre staff and delivers a list of expected materials to Bibliocentre  Bibliocentre confirms and processes the material as it arrives but also… Handles payment and billing Handles claims Does the quality control

23 Bibliocentre in brief  Established by the Government of Ontario in 1968  Unique cost saving enterprise that saves colleges money, staffing, computing resources, space, planning services, and provides leadership in information provision  Serves all Colleges in Ontario, some Universities, Canadian Colleges, and other customers

24 Bibliocentre Mandate  Support libraries & learning resource centres with the technological & bibliographic infrastructure to provide their communities with access to content and to meet learner needs in the digital environment

25 Bibliocentre and GH  Worked with GH to fine-tune bibliographic quality standard to meet specific GH needs  Material handling: Receiving (including quality control) Cataloguing Physical Processing (binding, call number, tattletape) Shipping  Material delivered to GH shelf-ready

26 Collaborative Collection Development 1  Purpose is to enhance the joint collection  Begun in 2005 - ongoing with multiple phases  Building the breadth of the interdisciplinary monograph collection in support of elective courses was the main goal of Phase I  Supports elective courses at both the University of Guelph-Humber and the Applied Degree Programs at Humber College

27 Collaborative Collection Development subject areas:  Art,  Astronomy,  Canadian Studies,  Film,  Ethics,  Ethics and Moral Theory,  Philosophy,  Political Science,  Popular Culture,  Psychology,  Science,  Sociology,  Sociology of Consumption,  Social Aspects of Technology,  Statistics, and  Urban Studies

28 Collaborative Collection Development 2  Humber library staff helped with the collection development  Librarians at both institutions trained on the Blackwell Collection Manager  Huge benefit to both parent institutions

29 Collaborative Collection Development – Phase 2  Develop Collections for overlapping program areas  These include: Business, Media, Early Childhood Services, Family and Community Social Services, Justice Studies  Very successful development!

30 Collaborative Collection Development – Phase 2  Program areas at Humber that would benefit were identified  Each librarian at Humber and Guelph- Humber was assigned a program area to collect for  This approach produced great efficiencies in overall collection development  Capitalized on librarians’ subject expertise

31 From Collaborative Collection Development to Collaborative Academic Liaison Model  Collaborative Collection Development led to exploration of collaborative academic liaison services.  Fuller engagement of Guelph-Humber and Humber Librarians with Faculty at Humber and Guelph-Humber  Examples of Collaboration: Business and Media Studies

32 The Collection Manager  And now for a quick demo of the Blackwell Collection Manager…

33 Thank You! Questions? Gohar Ashoughian Associate University Librarian University of Regina Alexander Eykelhof Director, Information Technology Ontario Colleges Bibliocentre


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