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BC Hydro Project Management Community of Practice (PM CoP)

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1 BC Hydro Project Management Community of Practice (PM CoP)
Al Geissler, P. Eng., PMP PMI CWCC March 16, 2011

2 Introduction Background Created PM CoP 1980’s - Impact of the 1981 recession Mid 1980’s -Restructuring and a new focus Upgrade of the electrical system Revitalization of various CoP’s 2007 – added resource support to PM CoP 2009 – increased the PM CoP mandate OPM3 formal recognition of PM CoP

3 What is a Community of Practice? (CoP)
An organization that is formed to improve an individual’s ability, and their respective organizations ability, to deliver specific products. Used to Identify common issues of importance and to discuss potential solutions Most Project Managers have started a Project Management CoP and did not realize it

4 BC Hydro’s PM CoP Purpose and Objectives
…encourage our staff to identify, share and implement best and innovative practices for the purpose of enhancing our overall ability to deliver specific products that are linked to BC Hydro’s vision and objectives.

5 How do we accomplish this purpose?
By: Identifying common issues of importance and discussing potential solutions Sharing long term plans for the discipline Providing collegial support for each other Encouraging a mentoring culture and providing support Raising the profile of project management Seeking ways to increase the value of the practice to the company

6 Three key ingredients to succeed
First, practitioners must see a need for a PM CoP and see the value that it creates Secondly, a senior level sponsor is needed who shares the overall vision Thirdly, the organization needs an enthusiastic person who is willing to lead and organize the effort

7 In summary Our Project Management Community of Practice is an effective communications and collaboration tool that improves an individuals ability and the organizations ability to deliver Quality products within scope, on time and on budget.

8 Words of Caution Keep “Community” as the focus The Community must have a sense of ownership The Community must not be seen as “one person” Willing volunteers are very important and process burden or micro management destroys volunteers

9 Powering BC with clean, reliable energy for generations
BC Hydro’s Vision: Powering BC with clean, reliable energy for generations Project Managers and their respective teams must keep BC Hydro’s Vision and associated objectives in mind during all aspects of Project Management particularly in “long term planning” Our PM CoP is a perfect venue to share experiences and knowledge in this regard.

10 BC Hydro Objectives Safely keep the lights on – reliably meet the electricity needs of our customers through integrated planning, technology and safely operating, maintaining and advancing our system. Mind our Footprint – Create a sustainable energy future in BC by carefully managing our impacts on the environment and fostering an energy conservation and efficiency culture. Succeed through Relationships – Gain support for our work by building trusted relationships with customers, suppliers, First Nations and the communities we serve.

11 Objectives Foster Economic Development - Foster economic development opportunities across BC through our projects, practices and advancement of the clean energy sector. Maintain Competitive Rates – Deliver value for British Columbia and maintain competitive rates by efficiently and responsibly managing our business. Engage a Safe & Empowered Team – Empower a team that is innovative, prepared for the future and committed to safety.

12 Combined Our vision and these objectives form the barometer of the work we all undertake every day as Project Managers Our PM CoP helps Project Manager’s maintain the links to the barometer

13 Business Drivers Demand on resources Increased Workload
Business Drivers – vision and objectives Retirements – loss of knowledge; Lack of training; New people Influences Quality & Consistency Employee Productivity

14 Who is the “Community”? 98% Internal membership -Generation
-Transmission -Distribution Champions & Resources Internal and external Canadian Electrical Utilities Project Management Networking Group Potential members throughout BC Hydro

15 Methods used Lunch and Learn sessions Develop and deliver courses and workshops Showcase engineering, project management and technology Keep communications activity regular and current Provide opportunities to network and establish exceptional working relationships. Project Management Boot Camps Orientation for new or ‘transferred in’ employees Mentorship Program

16 Specific examples – to name just a few
PMP certification training Stakeholder engagement Working effectively with Aboriginal People Effective Business Case Writing Risk Management Structured Decision Making Facility tours PM Boot Camps Mentorship Program

17 PM Boot Camps – two objectives
Get new employees up to speed on our Project & Service Delivery Practices quickly Build or enhance an individuals network of key contacts.

18 Boot Camp session design
Session design evolved and now follows: 3 half day sessions during the first week 2 tours of BC Hydro facilities within the Lower Mainland during the second week 5 half day sessions during the third week Follow-up sessions are scheduled for each participant to expand and present on topics covered during Boot Camp. (Brown Bag lunches) 7 sessions to date 20 people in each session

19 Mentoring Mentorship is provided to all who wish to have a mentor assigned within those involved in the delivery of Capital Projects. PM’s, Technologists, Work Package Leaders, others Mentorship is coordinated through the PM CoP lead

20 Project Management Advisor
Works as a highly valued general coach and mentor Independently reviews Project Plans and other related project documentation Develops and delivers some key training

21 Professional Development (PDU’s)
Designed to provide up to 20 PDU’s per year. PMP’s deliver their own presentations We met with local CWCC representatives to ensure our activity met PDU requirements BC Hydro and CWCC representatives met with APEGBC to ensure alignment with their CPD Created a PDU quick reference card to: Assist on-line registration of PDU’s Help recruit volunteers to present at PM CoP sessions

22 Future 2012: We plan to: Expand community participation through live meetings Provide easier access to Collaborative tools Easier access to project information Easier access to lessons learned Enhance our mentorship program

23 Summary Many BC Hydro employees have come to realize the immense value of sharing and learning from the experience of others. Getting Project Managers and other project team members to share their experiences is no longer a big issue. We can all read “lessons learned” in project completion reports, but nothing trumps the learning from hearing and discussing issues in an open forum with the person who was directly involved. 23

24 Thank you for your interest in this topic.
Questions? Thank you for your interest in this topic. Any further questions, please contact me at:

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