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Change Management Practitioners Forum Thursday Oct 10 th, 2013 Shawn McKenzie Jon Dowell.

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1 Change Management Practitioners Forum Thursday Oct 10 th, 2013 Shawn McKenzie Jon Dowell

2 Agenda Housekeeping Introductions What does a good CAB look like? Change Reporting…how do we show results? How can we improve our Post Implementation Reviews? Next Steps Upcoming Events

3 Housekeeping Welcome to Gibson Energy Fire Alarms & Washrooms Katharina Stephens

4 Introductions Name, Company, & Experience Jon Dowell / Shawn McKenzie

5 Facilitator – Shawn McKenzie Founding partner of SignalFire Inc, an independent ITSM and Organizational Change Management consulting practice Over 12 years experience implementing IT, OCM and Process Optimization solutions for clients in: Oil & Gas Telecommunications Government Mining Utilities Certified ITIL ver.2 Master and ver.3 Expert Prosci Change Management certified- Sorrento, Italy Cobit Practitioner certified Focus on process before tools and technology ITIL Foundations instructor for over 250 students with 99% pass rate itSMF board member for the last 5 years

6 Facilitator – Jon Dowell Senior Consultant with KSLD Consulting. 15 years of experience solving I.T. mysteries. Facilitation and critical thinking during: Major Incidents Problem investigations Project quality assessments prior to go-live Project warranty periods Training and mentoring Critical thinking Root cause analysis Impact assessments Potential risks associated with requests for change KSLD Consulting specializes in I.T. Problem Management and problem solving for today’s busy world.

7 Objectives of the Practitioner Forum To facilitate sharing of information and experiences between like minded practitioners To provide an opportunity for networking To grow the level of knowledge of participants

8 How we operate We try to meet quarterly as a group The group drives future agenda based on interest levels We respect the difference in our level of experiences We participate and share freely.

9 What does a good CAB look like? Jon Dowell ITSMF Practitioner Forum Oct 10, 2013

10 What is the purpose of a CAB? ITIL Definition “The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is a body that exists to support the authorization of changes and to assist Change Management in the assessment and prioritization of changes.” ITIL v3 Key Comments “…members should be chosen who are capable of ensuring that all changes within the scope of the CAB are adequately assessed from both a business and a technical viewpoint” “…CAB needs to include people with a clear understanding across the whole range of stakeholder needs.” “…CAB should involve suppliers when that would be useful” “…should reflect both users’ and customers’ views” “Is likely to include the problem manager and service level manager and customer relations staff for at least part of the time” “…CAB should have stated and agreed evaluation criteria.” CAB meetings maybe electronic or face-to-face Quotes direct from ITIL v3 Service Transition copy write 2007

11 Fit for purpose… Key aspects of your culture Risk tolerance Process tolerance Size of organization (IT and overall) Communication norms (electronic & face to face) Leadership Support Ownership & accountability from senior management Service Level Management support Vendor Management support Business Relationship support

12 Key Points of Governance RFCs require an “Approved” vote from each member to gain full approval An absent vote is considered “Not approved” Votes electronically captured throughout week (usually in advance of formal CAB meeting) Each member reviews changes based on business value and risk mitigation Change Manager provides final approval to ensure process governance AND risk mitigation Lower level / pre-approved changes require full CAB vote once per year to retain status Guests present specific details relevant to high impact changes


14 Change Reporting… how do we show results? Shawn McKenzie ITSMF Practitioner Forum Oct 10, 2013

15 What has your experience been with regards to the purpose of IT Change Management?

16 What has your experience been with regards to the purpose of IT Change Management? Purpose drives process direction

17 Protect the Production environment Meet external compliance requirements Pass internal audit Demonstrate good asset governance to our shareholders Prevent “that” from ever happening again!

18 Measure what you need to manage 1. When Changes tend to break things or need to be redone Number of Changes that result in Incidents or unplanned outages Failure rate of tested vs. non-tested Emergency Changes % of Changes that needed to be backed out Quarterly trend line of Urgent (Hotfix) Change volume

19 Measure what you need to manage 2. Managing Change planning and schedule Percentage of Planned vs. Unplanned Changes Number of Changes scheduled outside of maintenance window Average time to close Changes Queue management: # of Open vs. Closed Changes during period Planning metric: Average lead time from submit to deployment Number of Changes per critical app/system over time # of Changes delayed due to human or technical resource constraints

20 Measure what you need to manage 3. Quality Management % of Changes rejected or rescheduled due to incomplete data Number of Changes that resolve or mitigate Security concerns % of Changes not successfully presented at CAB

21 Next Steps Jon Dowell

22 Next Steps Future Sessions – Change 2014 Future Sessions – Problem 2014 Future Sessions – Service Catalogue Nov 14, 2013 Future Sessions – Incident Management TBD Potential Topics

23 Upcoming Events! itSMF Breakfast Events Oct 24 th - Lessons learned and practical experiences in Organizational Change Management, by Jody Germaine

24 15 Minute Break

25 Thank you!

26 Appendix

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