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Building Department Websites William McKeown

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1 Building Department Websites William McKeown

2 Itinerary Website Basics Introductory Page Course Descriptions On-Line Drop Boxes Wish List

3 Getting Started Login to your TVADMIN menu: – – Your login is tv#####@tvnet.pritv#####@tvnet.pri – Your password is your AD password

4 Editing The Main Page When you login to your website the first time, you will see a page similar to this. However, pages will be different depending on the permissions of the user.

5 Accessing Department Areas: Click on “Site Content”, followed by “Departments” Click on “Pages” Click on your department page

6 Creating a Title Page Write an introductory message for you department Insert images as desired

7 Adding an Image: Click on “Insert Image From Gallery”, which is third from the right on the bottom row Select a clip art and insert

8 Adding a Sub Page” Return to “Main Menu”, “Site Pages”, “Departments”, “Pages” Click on “Add Page”

9 Creating a New Section Add a section titled “Course Descriptions” Click “Continue”

10 Editing The “Course Description” Section: Write a “Course Description Intro Blurb” in the same way you wrote the department intro. List courses at this point.

11 Uploading Course Outlines: Click on “Add File” Click on the appropriate school and department Upload and title the course outline

12 Creating Hyperlinks: Return to the “Course Description” area and click on “Show Page on Site” Copy the address of this page from the Internet address bar

13 Creating a Hyperlink: Return to the main department page Highlight the words “Course Description” Click on the hyperlink icon. It is in the bottom row, fifth from the right

14 Creating a Hyperlink Paste the URL from the “Course Description” area into this section.

15 Creating a Hyperlink Using this method, hyperlinks can be added throughout the page, including back to your own Teacher Web site.

16 Creating a On-Line Drop Box: Create a new section titled “On-Line Drop Box” Label sub-sections according to periods or teachers

17 Adding User Uploads: Click on the tab labeled “Files” Click on the tab labeled “Visitor Uploads” Click on the box labeled “Click Here to Allow …” Click “Save”

18 A Student Uploading: Students upload work as an attachment They receive confirmation message

19 Viewing User Uploads: Note submitted files in the “File” tab Click on the “Visitor Uploads” option Open and/or save work

20 Questions & Requests:

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