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PowerSchool PD BCHS August 2011. Schedule Goals and Consistent Updates Categories Comments Backup and Save.

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1 PowerSchool PD BCHS August 2011

2 Schedule Goals and Consistent Updates Categories Comments Backup and Save

3 Goals Increase parent/ student/teacher communication. Increase parent/student engagement. Increase graduation rates.

4 Final Report Card Mark (percent) and comment Mr Thiesen is interested in changing Junior highs to a letter based (A, B, C, F) system for the 2012-2013 year. Still many hurdles to overcome (tech, regulation, course awards).

5 Consistent updates Send a progress report home once per month. At the end of a unit or end of the month is your choice. Including a running percent (final grade) is your choice.


7 PowerSchool Categories Two main options: – General Learner Outcomes/Units – Assignments, Quizzes, Exams It’s your choice!! Keep formative in a separate category if you report it. Mr. Theisen’s suggestion :Growth as a learner

8 Categories: General Learner Outcomes/Units Pros: Easy progress reports, just print GLO/Units will be summarized at the bottom Easy to see mark for each outcome Cons: Weightings must be calculated for each assignment Can be difficult to see if there is a pattern between quizzes vs assignments

9 Categories: Assignments / Quizzes / Final Exam Pros: Easier weightings without calculations Easier to see trends between assignments vs quizzes Cons: Does not organize by the general learner outcomes / units

10 Categories: Growth as a Learner Need suggestions from Mr. Thiesen – Create specific “assignments” that reflect this Homework completion On time for class Participation in class discussion, etc

11 Assignment Shortcuts Late - “Lt” or “*” (shift-8) it will change to which indicates a late assignment. Does not go away when you enter a mark. Missing – “Mi” or “/”, it will change to which indicates a missing assignment. It goes away when you enter a mark.

12 Assignment Shortcuts Collected – “.” Enter a period, it will change to a check mark for collected. Exempt - enter“Ex”, it will change to Ex which is not included in the final mark.

13 Assignment Shortcuts 1.Right click on square. 2. Click Fill Scores 3.Fill in as it is to the right to put in a collected check mark in all of the squares. 4.You can also do comments this way.


15 Comments Read the Peter Pan flight school Progress reports. Each group must describe: The Good; the Bad; and the Ugly

16 Comment principles Feedback is more valuable than marks for student achievement and improvement. Specific feedback is best. Don’t overwhelm parents and students with too much reading.

17 Adding Comments 1.Right click on assignment square. 2.Enter comment and click “Ok”. The comment will show up beside the mark on the progress report.


19 Progress Report Options: Remove abbreviations for assignments and categories. Final grades – is the final grade percent at the top of the report. Assignments – the list of all of the assignments that have been marked. Without this it prints the category summary.

20 Progress Report Options: Comments – the list of assignment comments at the right side of the page. Doesn’t work if you don’t have the assignments listed. Categories – the categories summary at the bottom of the page. Date Ranges – If you use Assignments / Quizzes / Final Exam change the dates to print off a unit or chapter specific progress report.

21 Progress Report Under the layout tab. Report Title – The default is “Individual Student Report”. More descriptive is “Sept. to Dec. French Progress Report” or “Language Arts Unit 1 Report”. Top Note – a comment that shows up on all of the reports at the top. Should be information relevant to the report. “Science 10 Chemistry unit teaches students the basics of atomic structure, stoichiometry and chemical equations. Caution: These stay the same even if you change courses. Double check before printing.

22 Progress Report Bottom Note – a comment that shows up at the bottom of all of the reports. “Please sign and return this report by Oct. 5 th 2011.” Signature Line – gives parents a place to sign the report if you want the reports signed and returned. Name:_________ Signature: ____________ Date:_________


24 Backup and Save Once you have run the report you might want to keep a copy. Instead of printing an extra copy of every progress report save a copy on your computer. Once you have run the report it will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click File - > Save As If something goes wrong with PowerSchool and it looses all of your marks (Absolute disaster) you will now have a backup on your computer or at home.

25 Summary Goals and Consistent Updates Categories Comments Backup and Save


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