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Data Connect System Administrators PS Basics Part 2 1.

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1 Data Connect System Administrators PS Basics Part 2 1

2 Objectives By the end of this session, you will know how to search for a student in various ways to: Verify student attendance Consulting Student Records Generate progress reports Enroll a new Student Create a family relationship Enter Alerts Switch between student records 2

3 Task 1: Verify and update Student Attendance in Cherry Hill Middle Step 1 of 3 Select a Student of your choice 3

4 Step 2 of 3 Click Quick Lookup to view the student’s schedule, last two week’s attendance, grades, total absences and tardies. 4 Quick Lookup

5 5 Step 3 of 3 Your student’s mother called to say that last Friday’s absence should be Parent Excused (P). You need to change your student’s attendance.

6 Modifying a Student’s Attendance The attendance needs to be corrected Step 1 of 4 On the Quick Lookup screen, go to the Main Menu. Under Academics, click on Attendance. Step 2 of 4 Choose Change Meeting Attendance 6

7 Step 2 of 4 Complete required fields Choose the date indicated by parent. Because a date range is an option you have to change both date fields Choose the periods indicated, in this case the full school day 7

8 You are replacing existing code or codes with the requested code change. Choose radio button These codes Select the codes you are replacing (CRTL for multiple) In the pull-down select the code you want. Leave the radio button on Overwrite and add a comment 8 And remember to Submit

9 Check Your Work Confirm the attendance has been added and that there is a comment for each period. 9

10 Check Your Work Make sure the attendance and the comments were entered for last Friday. Practice : For the same student in Cherry Hill Middle, make an Attendance change for today. His father is picking him up at lunch for a medical appointment. Try choosing Enter Attendance instead of Attendance to see the difference. 10

11 11 In the top pull-down, change the current attendance code from “Present” to “Parent Excused”. Clicking in any of the white boxes will apply the chosen attendance code. Clicking on the speech balloon will allow you to add a comment for each period. REMEMBER to click Submit!

12 Task 2: Consulting Student Records Scenario: You are an Administrator and you are preparing for a meeting with a student’s parents. They are concerned their child, Heather Berg, may not be ready for high school next year. Go to Heather Berg’s Quick Look Up Screen

13 Consult the Quick Lookup Screen. You can check attendance for a semester, or the last two weeks. You can access the student’s results by quarters and semesters for each course Blue hyperlinked attendance and mark can be selected for more detail

14 Task 2: Consulting Student Records Look at the results for her classes for each term and the semesters. You can see the assignments associated with each grade.

15 Historical Grades In ASD-W, we will have one year of Historical Grades when we implement but they will be stored each year.

16 Provincial Assessments Power Scholl has a Test Results page that can store provincial assessment and district may have common assessments they will want to include.

17 Task Completed You are ready to meet with your student’s parents. You have checked his/her attendance, and academic performance this year by course, term and semester. You have looked at his/her historical grades and the results on provincial assessments. 17

18 Task 3: Generate a Progress Report Another way to search for a student is with his/her ID number. Return to the Start Page Step 1 of 6 From the Start Page enter the student number 20157 in the Search Window 18

19 Ashley May is student ID 20157 Step 2 of 6 On the left menu click on Print a Report Step 3 of 6 On “Which report to print” dropdown, select Sample-Progress Report. 19

20 Step 4 of 6 For the progress report preferences choose: 1.Choose courses actively enrolled in during current term 2.Choose Current Term 3.When to print - choose ASAP Click Submit 20

21 21 Step 5 of 6 You may have to Refresh if your report is not ready and still running. NOTE: Smaller reports are often ready immediately. Larger reports or groups of student may take longer. You may elect to do them in batches

22 Step 6 of 6 Click View to see the report Task Complete 22

23 23 Navigating from a Report To return to the PowerSchool Start Page from a Report you will need to use the back arrow. Hold down the back arrow and choose the PowerSchool Page you want to navigate to. For next task we need the Start Page

24 Task 4: Enrolling new students PSRS ( Provincial Student Registration System) will still be used in the customized NB PowerSchool. We will start with a demonstration of the customized screen. 24

25 25 PSRS: How the Customized Screen will work- Click on Enroll Student

26 26 If your student has already has a NBEN student number, then you select Yes and you search for your student in PSRS

27 Demographics 27 Both procedures return you to Demographics to complete additional enrollment tasks

28 Enroll yourself as a student You are going to enroll yourself and a sibling as two new students in Washington Elementary Switch Schools Click on Enroll Student and Start with your name and information. 28

29 Enroll yourself as a new student Complete the required fields with student information and family match information fields and click Submit. 29

30 Confirm your were registered Return to start page Confirm you were registered by using start enabled search Follow the same steps to enroll your sibling 30

31 Relating Siblings When you submit a new enrollment for your sibling who has similar demographic information, you will be prompted to determine if he/she is related. 31

32 Task 5 : Modifying Family Demographics Select your name again Smart Enabled Search can help. Type a few letters of your last name in the search window. Select your name. 32

33 Select Demographics from the Information Section of the main menu. 33

34 Change your Home Address area to 23 Tilley Road (*make note of the address - you will need it again) Because the mailing and home addresses are the same, click Copy From Home Address and click Submit. 34

35 35 Because in PowerSchool you are related to your sibling, you will be asked if you want to update his/her demographic information also.

36 Check your work Confirm the changes were recorded on your sibling’s address. 36 23 Tilley !!!

37 Schools can also Check for Family Relations When making Demographics changes it is good to check if the student has a sibling in your school or district. Step 1 of 7 Click on Family in the Information section of the main menu 37

38 If the student has no attached relation, the option to Search will appear. OR If the student already has family relations, the option to update the sibling’s demographics will appear. 38

39 Task 6: Entering an Alert You need to enter a Medical alert for a student so teachers and other staff members know he or she has an allergy to apples. Alerts are visible at the Quick Lookup screen and in PowerTeacher 39

40 40 Step 1 of 4 Choose a student of your choice Step 2 of 4 On his/her student page in the main menu select Emergency/Medical.

41 New Brunswick will have a Custom Emergency Medical Screen 41 All students will have General Medical Information entered including Doctor, Special Medical Consideration (optional), Medicare Number and Proof of Immunization None of these will trigger a Medical Alert

42 If Emergency plans are on file it should be noted Health Conditions can be added using a pull-down list and text detail may be included. 42 Emergency Plans. Health Conditions and Allergens will result in a Medical Alert

43 Allergens can be added or removed by choosing from the list and clicking the arrow. Students with extreme allergies should also have an emergency plan on file in the office. Click Submit to activate Alert or to enter General Medical Information 43

44 Step 3 of 4 Using Current Screen Enter Allergic to apples in the “Medical Alert Text” field Note: The Allergies field above can be used for less serious allergies that do not require an Alert. 44

45 45 Step 4 of 4 You should see a red medical alert icon at the top of the page. You have successfully entered the alert.

46 Medical Alert View warnings about a student’s health, such as dietary restrictions, medication schedules, and allergy information. Guardian Alert View information about the student’s parents or guardians, such as whether an estranged parent is allowed to pick up the student from school. Discipline Alert View important information regarding behavior at school, such as that the student is not to use library computers without supervision. Balance Alert View the amount of student fees owed and the balance in the student’s lunch account. Birthday Alert View a reminder of a student’s birthday within one week of the date. Other Alert View reminders regarding the student’s status, as when the student should go to study hall. 46

47 Task 6: Update Emergency Medical Info You get an email from a parent to update the name and phone number of the family doctor. It has changed to Dr. Einstein 1- 506-999-9999 SHORT CUT : Click Switch Student in the student pages menu. 47

48 48 Quick Tip This opens a Student name dialogue box, you can enter the first four letters of a last name. To try this you can use Godf and click OK. Now choose a student of your choice and open their Emergency/Medical page.

49 Scroll down to Doctor and make requested change. Click Submit to commit the changes. 49

50 Conclusion You have completed the list of tasks! You have verified student attendance, generated a progress report, created a family relation, and entered Alerts. For extra help and information on these topics, check out the Quick Reference cards on the Portal SIS Site. Recommended Reference Cards: PowerSchool Basics for Administrators Quick Reference Card 50

51 51 References The images used in this document included: The copyright free mouse character from Teacher characters from licenced software Articulate Storyline Microsoft Office Clip Art Screen Captures of PowerSchool Training Environment This document was created under Creative Commons Licence 4.0

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