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October, 2011 Paramedic Information Network Scheduling / Payroll.

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1 October, 2011 Paramedic Information Network Scheduling / Payroll

2 CSPS Scheduling/Payroll Paramedic Input Network (PIN) What and Why? A joint group to identify technical scheduling and payroll issues to be addressed Ensure clear and up to date communication. Enable open dialogue Augment written communication with informed verbal communication among peers

3 Who should be on PIN? Ideally people from the groups below to ensure complete understanding of impacts and issues Two (2) Full Time Float Paramedics Two (2) Full Time Non Float Paramedics Two (2) Part Time Paramedics One (1) – Two (2) Paramedic Management Members One (1) Paramedic Scheduler One (1) Issue Resolution Resource One (1) Payroll Resource One (1) SAP Operational Working Group member Adhoc members as needed

4 PIN Group Selection If interested – submit name to Cynthia Watson by Oct 21 Membership designed to have people from groups identified and from various platoons Selection based on identified groups and platoons then by draw from hat should there be more interest than spots.

5 Role of Members Members can attend meetings in person, or via teleconference. Members will make best efforts to attend/call into meetings as scheduled. Other communication methods will be looked at to ensure information is shared.

6 How Often Will They Meet? October 19 th October 26 th November 9 th November 23 rd December 7 th December 21 st

7 Member Responsibilities All members will act as subject matter resources for their respective peers. Members will assist in issue identification via dialogue with peers Members will speak with their peers to determine if communication is complete, understood and on point to answer questions and concerns.

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