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St. John Ambulance Council for Ontario Mission Statement.

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1 St. John Ambulance Council for Ontario Mission Statement

2 Mission Statement To enable Canadian to improve Health Quality of Life By providing – Training - Community Services

3 Performance Management Why we need the PA - Under GOV 07 Policy Requirements 1.3 Existing volunteers, instructors and employees must undergo an annual performance assessment(PA) process to reflect their achievement and/or rooms for improvement

4 Performance Management How to do - Job description - Roles & Responsibilities - Outcome Measures

5 Outcomes Measures Under GOV 19 Part 2 - G Community Services - Monthly reporting/Annual assessment to region board - Provide orientation for early engaging of new volunteers - Promote SJA in community

6 Outcome Measures Medical First Response - Covers > 85% event coverage requests - SJA certified and renew every 3 years - Disaster Response Plan to follow and revise annually - Participation in Emergency Preparedness - Maintain record for event coverage

7 Outcome Measures Youth - Participation in local events - Engaging in age appropriate services - Engaging in SJA Youth Program

8 Outcome Measures Car Seat Safety - To organize car seat clinics - To Host car seat workshop

9 Outcome Measures Therapy Dogs - Attendance > 85 % request - Each unit must have an Evaluator member

10 Performance Management Process - Constructive - Supportive - Empowering

11 Performance Management Reference - York Region Branch – 2014 Operation Plan with Branch Goals, Strategies and Tactics Summary - St. John Ambulance Performance Management System

12 Performance Management Reference - St. John Ambulance council for Ontario 2014 Operating Regulations Gov 07 & 19

13 Performance Management Q & A ????????

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