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Life of Pi Chapter 23.

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1 Life of Pi Chapter 23

2 Summary – Chapter 23 Pi and his parents meet the “three wise men”—the pandit, priest, and imam—after Pi has decided to practice all three religions without telling anyone. The religious men discuss their respective religions while mocking the other two religions. In the end, they all asked Pi what he truly feels and he quotes Gandhi: “All religions are true.”

3 Pi’s Best Qualities Pi is spiritual, faithful, and knowledgeable
He feels strongly about all three religions, refusing to choose one over the other two. He quotes Gandhi, knowing that all three religious leaders and his parents will respect his views.

4 Pi’s Worst Qualities Pi remains naïve to the differences between the religions. Despite his passion for spirituality, Pi doesn’t see the differences between the religions or the conflicts that will arise in the future.

5 Pi’s Role In this chapter, Pi speaks passionately about his love of God. While Pi remains oblivious to the contradictions in the three religions, despite the arguments from the “three wise men”. Pi symbolically, and physically, represents a young person’s journey into faith—a faith that will be tested while adrift on the Pacific Ocean.

6 Quotations for Pi “They didn’t know I was a practising Hindu, Christian, and Muslim. Teenagers always hide a few things from their parents, isn’t that so?” (71) Pi is a typical teenager, who is trying to find his true identity, but he keeps everything a secret from his parents. He’s embarrassed when the truth of his “search” is revealed.

7 Quotations for Pi “’I just want to love God,’ I blurted out, and looked down, red in the face.” (76) Pi responds truthfully to his parents and the three religious leaders. He finds something appealing in each religion and doesn’t understand why he must choose. Here, we see Pi as a confused teenager, trying to make sense of the spiritual world in which he finds comfort.

8 Question Time  Right There: Who are the “three wise men”
Think and Search: Why would Pi be embarrassed to meet all three religious leaders? Author and You: Why would Pi and his parents eat ice cream sandwiches “in unusual silence”? On Your Own: If you were Pi, how would you explain yourself?

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