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LA GLORIA. Gloria Main TERREROS OPEN PIT Enero 2010.

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2 Gloria Main



5 Enero 2010





10 Gloria Sampling Distribution Copper Result

11 La Gloria Thickness = Approx 25m excluding other mineralised layers Interpretation of mineralised Stratification – Section Ln0050E – Gloria Main Pit

12 April 2011 La Gloria – Schematic stratigraphic distribution of copper grade along litharenite.

13 Gloria Main – Core Drill Hole Proposition With this program, a block of 2Millions ton is defined and supergene existence is totally verified. DDH #Line #EastingNorthingOrientationInclinationLenght (m) GL11-001Ln0150E3501343471043N210-6090 GL11-002Ln0100E3500913471068N210-70140 GL11-003Ln0050E3500473471093N210-60140 GL11-004Ln00003500043471118N210-70155 GL11-005Ln0050W3499743471166N210-60210 GL11-006Ln0100W3499423471211N210-70160 GL11-007Ln0150W3498993471237N210-60125 GL11-008Ln0250W3498123471287N210-6090 GL11-009Ln0050E3500723471137N210-60250 GL11-010Ln0050E3500973471180N210-60350 GL11-011Ln0050E3501093471201--90320 GL11-012Ln0050E3501093471201--90220 Total 2250

14 Gloria Main – Location of proposed drill holes

15 La Gloria – Drill Holes Program along Stratiform Mineralisation and Interpretation of Copper Supergene Enrichment Interpretation of mineralised Stratification and supergene enriched zones – Section Ln0250W – Gloria Main Pit

16 Raw Evaluation of Stratiform Mining Potential Volume of mineralised area. Lengh: 600m Width: 20m Depth: 75m 600m x 20m x 75m = 900,000m 3 Tonnage Density 2,85 ton/m 3 900,000m 3 x 2,85ton/m 3 = 2,565,000 tons Notice that the high grade mineralisation supergen oxides zones in fault zone, may definitely increase the grade and the volume of Gloria Main zone. La Gloria First Objective

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