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The Role Canada is Playing How the World Keeps Diseases from Spreading Pt.2.

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1 The Role Canada is Playing How the World Keeps Diseases from Spreading Pt.2

2 The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) PHAC was created in 2004 in response to growing concerns about the capacity of Canada's public health system to anticipate and respond effectively to public health threats. Why 2004? What happened around this time that scared Canadians?

3 After SARS.... The Canadian Government acknowledged that Canada lacked a coordinated system to notify hospitals of global health alerts, with accompanying recommendations for surveillance and control. And so... The Public Health Agency of Canada was born!

4 What does PHAC do? 1. Prevent and control infectious diseases 2. Prepare for and respond to public health emergencies 3. Prevent and control chronic diseases and injuries How does PHAC do this? 1. Surveillance 2. Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans

5 Surveillance Information on causation, risk patterns, and trends in the occurrence of infectious diseases are monitored to assist in the development of intervention strategies and control programs.

6 Diseases Under National Surveillance in Canada Botulism Cholera Hepatitis A, B, C Salmonellosis Typhoid Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Chlamydial Infection Gonorrhea HIV Infection Syphilis Diphtheria Measles Anthrax Plague Smallpox Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease Hantavirus Influenza Legionellosis Leprosy Invasive Meningococcal Disease Tuberculosis Lyme Disease Malaria Plague Rabies Mumps Pertussis Poliomyelitis Rubella Tetanus

7 FluWatch is Canada's national surveillance system that monitors the spread of the flu and flu-like illnesses on an on- going basis. FluWatch distinguishes between seasonal Influenza A and Pandemic Influenza A (Swine Flu). What is a pandemic? And How is it different from an epidemic?

8 FluWatch Cont... PHAC produces weekly FluWatch reports during the influenza season (October - May) and biweekly reports during the off season (June - September).

9 Influenza Activity Levels Level 1 = No activity: no laboratory-confirmed influenza detections during the past four weeks Level 2 = Sporadic: sporadically occurring lab confirmed influenza Level 3 = Localized: sporadically occurring lab confirmed influenza together with outbreaks in schools, worksites and/or residential institutions Level 4 = Widespread: lab confirmed influenza occurring in greater than or equal to 50% of the surveillance region

10 Summary of FluWatch Findings for the Week ending March 17, 2012 Influenza activity in Canada continued to increase overall compared to the previous week; most indicators (such as laboratory detections, outbreaks and hospitalizations) showed higher levels in week 11 compared to the previous week. Certain regions in the country (in ON, the Prairies and the Atlantic Region) are showing higher levels of activity compared to other regions. Fifty-four outbreaks of influenza or ILI were reported this week (31 in LTCFs, 5 in hospitals, 3 in schools and 15 others). In week 11, 1,219 laboratory detections of influenza were reported (11.6% - A(H3); 8.9% - A(H1N1)pdm09; 22.2%- unsubtyped and 57.3% influenza B). The percent positive for influenza B detections increased in all regions in Canada except in BC in week 11 compared to the previous week. 107 influenza-associated hospitalizations were reported this week (54 paediatric through IMPACT surveillance and 53 adult through aggregate surveillance) The ILI consultation rate declined compared to the previous week but remains within expected levels.

11 What about Kingston?? divr/2008-2009/rvdi2009-40.pdf divr/2008-2009/rvdi2009-40.pdf

12 Canada’s Flu Pandemic Preparedness Plan The plan is based on six key strategies: 1. Early detection 2. Ongoing updates to keep Canadians well-informed about what is happening and what to do as a result. 3. Emergency health services to care for those who are sick. 4. Antiviral medications 5. Pandemic flu vaccine 6. Public health measures to prevent the spread of infection — recommendations about travel, airports, public gatherings, and advice to schools, businesses, and communities.

13 Video Clip – Swine Flu Vaccine 091019/H1N1_vaccine_091019/20091019?hub=Health

14 Testing your Knowledge of Swine Flu! PHAC has spent millions in Public awareness campaigns – have you been listening? 1. Cough into your ______________ 2. Wash your hands for how long? ______________ 3. Does eating pork products put you at risk for swine flu infection? 4. Do the symptoms of swine flu differ from the symptoms of seasonal flu? 5. When are you most infectious? 6. How many flu vaccines should you get this upcoming year?

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