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Assessment In P.E. A Backward Design.

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1 Assessment In P.E. A Backward Design

2 What is Backward Design
A 3 stage instructional design that begins with the end in mind – what will the students be able to do by the end of the lesson/unit/term/semester/year Once outcomes are identified teachers work backwards to develop lessons and materials that are needed to meet the outcomes

3 Traditional Instruction Design
Assessment Activities Content Topic

4 Backward Design Start with learning goals/outcomes Build in assessment
Plan activities/lessons

5 Plan lessons and activities
Backward Design Model Plan lessons and activities Build in Assessment Start with outcomes

6 Three Stages of Backward Design
Identify desired outcomes Determine acceptable evidence Plan learning experiences and instruction (Cooper, 2010)

7 Stage 1 Identify Desired Outcomes
What do I want the students to know and be able to perform as a result of this lesson or unit? What is the big idea or ideas of this lesson or unit?

8 Stage 2 Determine Acceptable Evidence
How will I know if students have achieved desired results? What kind of formative and summative assessment do I build into the activity?

9 Stage 3 Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction
Map out the instructional sequence that will prepare students for assessments Include in the sequence in-class lessons and activities, out of class experiences, assessment for learning (formative) that build up to final assessment (summative)

10 “Where” Approach W – students know where they are going, why they are heading there, what they know, where they might go wrong in the process, what is required of them. H - hooking the students on the topic E – students explore and experience ideas (outcomes) and are equipped with the necessary understanding to master the outcome(s) R – students have time to rehearse, revise and refine their skills E- student evaluation

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