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1 Canada

2 CANADA Canada is a land of vast distances and rich natural resources.
Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867 called the Dominion of Canada (these provinces are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario). Canada’s political problems continue to be its relationship of the province of Quebec with its French-speaking residents and its unique culture.

3 Population The total population of Canada for July 2003 is 32,207,113.
Age structure: 0 – 14 years: 18.5% 15 – 64 years: 68.6% 65 years & older: 12.9%

4 Canada is comprised of:
10 provinces and 3 territories: Nova Scotia – population: 944,800, Capital is Halifax, joined confederation: 1867 Prince Edward Island – population: 139,900, capital is Charlottetown, joined confederation: 1873 Newfoundland & Labrador – population: 531,600, capital is St. John’s, joined confederation: 1949 British Columbia – population: 4,141,300, capital is Victoria, joined confederation: 1871 Alberta – population: 3,113,600, capital is Edmonton, joined confederation: 1905 Saskatchewan – population: 1,011,800, capital is Regina, joined confederation: 1905

5 Continued: Manitoba – population: 1,150,800, capital is Winnipeg, joined confederation: 1870 Ontario – population: 12,068,300, capital is Toronto, joined confederation: 1867 Quebec – population: 7,455,200, capital is Quebec City, joined confederation: 1867 New Brunswick – population: 756,700, capital is Fredericton, joined confederation: 1867 Nunavut – population: 28,700, capital is Iqaluit, established in 1999 Northwest Territories – population: 41,400, capital is Yellowknife, joined confederation: 1870 Yukon – population: 29,900, capital is Whitehorse, joined confederation: 1898

6 Canada - Yesterday Canada was settled by the Native peoples. European explorers arrived and began exploring Canada. Such explorers were: 1497 – John Cabot was an Italian navigator and explorer. He made the first known landing on the North American continent since the Norsemen somewhere between Maine and southern Nova Scotia Jacques Cartier explored the Gulf of St. Lawerence; landing on Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula, he claimed the land for France. Humphrey Gilbert claimed Newfoundland for Britain. Explorer Samuel de Champlain (France) founded the city of Quebec. Explorer Henry Hudson (Britain) discovers Hudson Bay. Montreal is founded by French missionaries.

7 Canada - Today On April 17, 1982, Canadian Constitution Act signed off on its own Constitution allowing us to self-govern. The chief of state is Queen Elizabeth II, represented by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. The head of government is the Prime Minister – Paul Martin. The Prime Minister chooses the Federal Cabinet Ministers from the members of his own party. Today Canada is comprised of people from the following ethnic groups: British Isles (28%), French (23%), other European 15%, Amerindian 2%, other (mostly Asian, African, Arab) 6%, mixed background 26% Canada also has different religions, Roman Catholics 46%, Protestant 36%, other 18%

8 Canada – Today … In Canada, you have to be a Canadian citizen and must be 18 years or older to vote. The political parties in Canada are Liberals, Conservative Party of Canada (combined Progressive Conservatives and Canadian Alliance), New Democratic Party, Bloc Quebecois

9 Canadian Flag Our flag has two vertical lines of red, with a white square between them and an 11-pointed Red Maple in the center of the white square. The officials colours of the Canadian flag is red and white.

10 Economy Exports – goods or services that you send out to other countries: Canada exports $260.5 billion in Our major trading partner is the USA with Japan second. Imports – goods or services that you bring in from other countries. Canada imports $229 billion in Our major trading partner is the USA with the United Kingdom being second.

11 Proud to be Canadian Lacrosse and Hockey are our national sports
We invented Basketball and Baseball. We made Smarties, Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp and Lifesavers We have Tim Hortons (eh!) The average dog sled team can kill and devour a full grown human in under 3 minutes We invented ski-doos, jet-skis, velcro, zippers, insulin, penicillin and zambonis

12 A Canadian invented Superman
….. and finally A Canadian invented Superman Thank you from a proud Canadian,

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