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Social Media / School Websites Presentation Ward 13 Meeting December 16, 2013.

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1 Social Media / School Websites Presentation Ward 13 Meeting December 16, 2013

2 Overview Social Media 1.Strategy 2.Twitter 3.Trolls 4.School Websites & Social Media 5.Facebook 6.Instagram 2 Overview School Websites 1.Why do I need a school website? 2.What makes a good website 3.Benefits of a well-maintained website 4.Websites vs. domains 5.Website recommendations 6.Content Management System 7.Access and recommendations (Policy review) 8.School Council options

3 3 Social Media Strategy This fall we launched a new social media strategy that focuses on maximizing TDSB’s social media presence. All social media platforms have a lighter and engaging tone.

4 4 TDSB Social Media Promot e Inform Engage Support

5 5 TDSB and Twitter

6 6 We already have a community of over 450 tweeters in the TDSB

7 7 Why Use Twitter? Twitter tells the stories of your school and students in real-time Gets information out quickly, easily, and officially Excellent tool for engaging community (other schools, parents, students, community partners) Can be used to promote and drive traffic to school website

8 8 Speak for yourself Unofficial and ‘mean’ Twitter accounts are popping up frequently for our high schools. If a search is done for your school name on Twitter, every account with your name reflected will show. This includes parody and unofficial accounts. Tell the world you are the official account. Without your own official account, Twitter will not recognize reports of copy-cats. EmeryProbz EmeryProbz tells the world about student problems at Emery CI.

9 9 Ideas for tweeting -What students are learning and doing -Sports events -School announcements, meetings, trips, etc. -Reminders -Student art -Teacher displays -Funny moments -Proud moments -Quiet moments -Lost & Found (really) Be creative and share the life of your school

10 10 Twitter for Elementary Schools Summit Heights PS Twitter is used to share the day-to-day work and life in an elementary school

11 11

12 12 Twitter for Secondary Twitter is the #1 social media channel for teens Teens are already on Twitter, engage them there Secondary schools are big, so consider multiple Twitter accounts outside main school account Phys Ed Announcements Music/Arts Sports Departments

13 13 Twitter for Secondary Schools Northern Secondary Northern has several accounts. This is a one-way account for tweeting student announcements.

14 14

15 15 Twitter for School Councils Bowmore School Council This account keeps parents informed of school annoucements and happenings

16 16 Don’t feed the trolls Many reasons why people may troll. You need to decide how to handle it. Your options are: - Ignore -Block -Engage privately -Call them out -Investigate and report (students) Always be respectful! What is a troll? In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off- topic messages in an online either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. (Wikipedia)

17 17 Addressing trolling directly and respectfully Don’t feed the trolls

18 18 School Websites + Social Media School websites are the anchor of a school’s online image/brand. Social media complements a school website. It does not replace it. Twitter widget

19 19 Facebook

20 20 Instagram

21 21 Remember Any photos of children posted to social media MUST have a media release. If you’re not sure, you can tweet photos without faces Adding images to your tweets increases engagement by 2x Be sensitive and aware of the material you’re posting

22 22 School Websites

23 23 Keep the parent community informed quickly and easily Allow ‘self-service’ for getting information anytime, anywhere Give parents a single-source to find information Cut printing costs, lost papers, easier to update, less chance for ‘permanent’ errors Why do I need a school website?

24 24 One of the top areas for TDSB website (Find Your School) – some schools get ~3,000 visits per month Parent demographics – new parents in the system are used to finding information online, and expect info online Traffic to school websites VisitsPageviews

25 25 Updates on the landing page – key information for parents Social media options (Twitter, Facebook, Google Calendar, etc) – embedded or linked from the website Photos of past events Archives of newsletters, yearbooks, event photos What makes a good school website?

26 26 Examples Upcoming dates/events Clear navigation Link to social media Photos/gallery Clean and easy to read Contact information

27 27 Improved parent engagement – they’re informed! Reduce cost/environmental impact of printing communications Reduce staff time in answering calls/emails from parents Benefits of a good school website?

28 28 Domains vs. Websites Domain: www.YourName.??? Used to provide a ‘friendly’ address to use in communications Is purchased and owned by someone Can be transferred or pointed to other locations Needs to be renewed Default: Made up of code that displays content and images via a browser Can use different technologies Is ‘located’ on a web server Can be made up of a combination of content sources (i.e. like lego) Can be ‘static’ or ‘dynamic’ in nature

29 29 Should be registered and owned by the TDSB for the school’s official site School Principal can initiate the purchase with TDSB’s IT department Domains will be auto-renewed, and can be pointed internally (TDSB’s servers) or externally (ISP) Domain Recommendations

30 30 TDSB offers an in-house Content Management System to simplify website creation/maintenance (AODA compliant) We provide training and support to TDSB staff School Principal/VP has full access to create pages/content Websites can ‘embed’ content from other sites (Google Calendars, Twitter feeds, YouTube videos) Be careful of copyright issues Website Recommendations

31 31 School Website Samples

32 32 Manual HTML pages – TDSB can host manual HTML sites with FTP access to upload files External hosting – sites can be hosted at an ISP* * Not recommended, as when a site is externally hosted, there is nothing we can do to help if something goes wrong Other Website Options

33 33 Edit your website similar to editing a Word document Ability to upload images and documents Keeps old versions in case you make a mistake Several page layouts to choose from Content Management System

34 34 Access and Recommendations School Principal and VP have access by default, and they can add other school staff Ability to access and edit from home Non-TDSB staff access is technically possible but not recommended PR581 section 4.8 c: “Final approval and responsibility for content rests with the principal”

35 35 A page on the school’s official website – content provided to the school admin for review/posting Social media feed embedded on the school website Link to external site from the school website, maintained by the school council Rules: TDSB’s Online Code of Conduct School Council Options

36 36 Questions?


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