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Brittany Poncyh. November 29 th. 2005 keyboarding 8. Block D.

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1 Brittany Poncyh. November 29 th. 2005 keyboarding 8. Block D.

2 The O.C is about Ryan Atwood ( Ben McKenzie) and the Cohen family and their problems they have. Ryan Atwood is a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks(chino),and who will change the lives of the residents that live in The O.C. There are 3 seasons of The O.C. Seth Cohen is played by Adam Brody, Sandy Cohen is played by Peter Gallagher, Kirsten Cohen is played by Kelly Rowan, Marissa Cooper is played by Mischa Barton, Summer Roberts is played by Rachel Bilson. In the first season Ryan takes Seth to a party and they get into a fight. Later on is that season Ryan and Marissa start going out. Ryan tries out for the soccer team and her breaks Luke's foot. Ryan goes back to chino and Seth takes his boat and leaves new port beach. In the second season Ryan and Marissa start having problems. Ryan’s brother trey comes to stay with him and the Cohen family. Ryan, Seth and sandy go to see Seth’s grandma because she’s getting married, well Ryan and Seth are away Marissa hangs out with trey and he tries to rape her. Ryan finds out and goes to treys apartment and they start fighting. Treys almost killing Ryan then Marissa runs in and grabs a gun and shoots Trey. In season three summers over and schools starting. Trey has been in the hospital for a few weeks. Kirsten is coming home from the rehab center. Marissa leaves the Harbour School and transfer to the public Newport Union School hoping to make a fresh start and get away from all the craziness surrounding Trey's shooting. But words travel fast around new port beach. Marissa makes a few new friends, a skater named Johnny, his girlfriend Casey and their boy Chili. Ryan mite be getting home schooled.

3 Bed. Legend. Computer keykey keyboard chair Door desk

4 Here’s 20 steps of how to live in the Cohen family’s house. How to not get in trouble. 1.Don’t get into fights at party’s. 2.Don’t sneak out at night. 3.Don’t run away from home. 4.Don’t get in trouble at school. 5.Don’t trash the car. 1.Keep her out of the kitchen. 2.Order Chinese food. 3.Get Seth or Ryan to keep her occupied. 4.Don’t let her help cook. 5.Make her go to the store and get something. How to not let Kirsten cook. How to be a comic book geek like Seth. 1.Make a comic book club. 2.Read comics every day. 3.Watch movies based on the comic books. 4.Draw your own comic book hero’s. 5.Do everything like it is in a comic book. 6.Get the newest comic book when it comes out. 7.Tell comic book stories to little kids. 8.Go to the I-max and watch movie’s. 9.Get a agent to produce your comics. 10. Make your own comic book and pictures.

5 The O.C 1. Where did Ryan live before he came to live with the Cohen’s? 2. Why did Ryan go to jail in season 1? 3. In what season did Seth start a comic book club? 4. Who did Seth name his boat after? 5. Who does Seth chose summer or Ana?? 6.Who did Marissa become lesbians with? 7.What holiday did Seth make up? 8. Who is Seth going out with in season 3? 9.Who is Ryan going out with in season 3? 10. Who shot Trey? answers 1.Chino. 2. He stole a car. 3. Season 2. 4. Summer. 5. Ana. 6. Alex. 7. Chrismukkah 8. Summer. 9. Marissa 10. Marissa.

6 Facts on the o.c

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