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Family Kobyliansky and their descendants (1826-2013) 1.

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1 Family Kobyliansky and their descendants (1826-2013) 1

2 Kobyliansky family, parents and children, 1898 2

3 3 The father of the family, Julian Kobyliansky, came from a village in Galicia. He earned his living as a tutor in a wealthy family. He then worked as a clerk. After that, as a manager of the estate. With time, he came into the civil service, which occupied him until his retirement in 1886. He supplied the opportunity for a higher education for all five sons, but his two daughters only had a general education – there was not enough money for them to study further. He was a sincere Ukrainian patriot, although aware of how he is obliged to Austria.

4 Julian Kobyliansky (father) 1826-1912 4 Mary of Werner Kobyliansky (1837 - 1906)

5 5 His wife Mary came from a German-Polish family by the name of Werner, who moved from then Moscow ruled Poland to the Austrian Bukovina. For the sake of her husband and children, she converted from the Roman Catholic faith to the Greek Catholic faith, learned the Ukrainian language and instilled it on her children. This burden was laid on her, because the father worked all day. At home parents cared about the children being multilingual - Ukrainian, Polish and German languages were in use at the household.

6 «Maximilian Kobyliansky » (1858-1922) 6 «Julian Kobyliansky» (1859 – 1922) «Stephen Kobyliansky» (1866 – 1940)

7 7 Maximilian was the oldest of the children. He became a lawyer and worked as a lawyer and judge. Under the influence of his wife, he was the only one in the whole family who became a Russophile. It did not lead to anything good. When the 1916 Russian troops occupied Chernivtsi, he was invited to take the post of mayor, to which he agreed. But at the end of the war the Russians retreated, and Maximilian, fearing retribution from the Austrians had to leave Bukovyna, and then later settled with his family in Odessa.

8 8 There, until his death in 1924, he was a publisher of a German newspaper (there were many colonists in the region). Julian, after graduation became a professor of a Ukrainian gymnasium in Chernivtsi, teaching Latin, in particular. He is the author of a unique and still in use Latin - Ukrainian dictionary. Stephen made a military career for himself, becoming a Colonel of the Austrian army. At the same time he was quite a famous artist, he painted. After the First World War he moved to Yugoslavia, where he died in 1940.

9 9 «Alexander Kobylyansky» (1875 -1933) «Eugenia Kobylianska» (1877 – 1917) «Volodymyr Kobylyansky» (1877 -1909)

10 10 Alexander was a lawyer. He worked as a lawyer and prosecutor, and at the end of his life – in the police. He became my real grandfather. Eugenia Kobylianska and her husband Yulo Urytsky engaged in housework in a small estate owned by the Kobylyansky elders in the village of Dymka. While still young, she became ill with an incurable disease, from which she died in 1917. Volodymyr also received a law degree, was very apt to music, and tried his hand at poetry. However, from an early age he became ill with tuberculosis and died at the young age of 32.

11 Olha was the most famous person Kobylyansky family. «Оlha Kobylianskaya at 40» 11

12 12 Kobylianskaya started up not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, the fashion of women's psychological literature ("Liudyna", " Tsarivna" and others), wrote well-known social stories (main - "Earth") and works associated with the protection of nature ("The Battle "). The last of her work - the novel "Apostol Cherni" became a call for the Ukrainian struggle for independence of the people. Because of this, the book was banned in the Soviet time.

13 13 In general, the descendants of Julian and Maria Kobyliansky were either childless or small families with one child. Because of this, those branches of family members who left Chernivtsi, were then lost. Only the family shoots related to Chernivtsi were preserved.

14 «Alexander Kobyliansky » 1923 14 «Virginia Lukasevych » approx. 1900

15 15 In 1899, Alexander Kobyliansky met in Chernivtsi with guests from Vienna – among them a woman a bit older than him named Virginia Lukasevych. Subsequently, between them emerged a mutual love. But the wedding never took place, however, a trace of their connection remained - during autumn in 1900, Virginia gave birth to a baby girl, named Olena. She was my future mother. Soon after, Virginia abandoned Chernivtsi, leaving the girl to Alexander. Alexander, being helpless in child affairs, sends the child to be raised by his sister Eugenia in Dymka.

16 16 And in 1905, when Olha Kobylianskaya already lost all hope of marriage, she takes the five year old girl and adopts her. So Olena Lukasevych became Olena Kobylianska, adopted daughter of the writer that had no children of her own. So Olena was really adopted niece of the writer. At the age of 25, Olena marries Elpidefor Panchuk.

17 17 «Elpidefor Panchuk» 1894-1981 «Olena Panchuk» 1900-1974 Spouses Panchuk-Kobyliansky

18 18 Elpidefor Panchuk came from a poor rural family with many children from a village near Chernivtsi. He studied at the Ukrainian gymnasium in Chernivtsi. After the end of the First World War (in which he took part and became a lieutenant) he acquired his profession as a historian in Chernivtsi University. Before the Second World War he worked as a librarian at the University, and after the war - in the newly established museum of Olha Kobylianska.

19 19 Olena Kobylianska graduated from the teachers' seminary in Chernivtsi in 1918, but did not work in this profession. After her marriage in 1925, she was busy with her family and caring for the sick and aging Olha Kobylianska.

20 20 Ihor Panchuk (1926-1971) Oleh Panchuk (born 1932) Panchuk family’s children

21 21 The Panchuk family had two sons. Both became chemists and worked for Chernivtsi University. The oldest Ihor, was a candidate of chemical sciences. He had a son Yuriy and daughter Iryna. He died in at the age of 45 from a myocardial infarction. I, Oleh became a doctor of chemical sciences, honorary professor of the University of Chernivtsi, and still work there to this day. I have two daughters - Olha and Natalia.

22 22 «Yuri Panchuk’s family» «Iryna Panchuk’s family» Descendants of Ihor Panchuk today

23 23 On the photo on the left, the man in the glasses is Yuri Panchuk, a chemist by profession, now retired due to a disease. To the right of him is his mother, a retired chemist, to the left - son Ihor, a student, and Yuriy’s wife Lyudmyla, a teacher of history. In the picture on the right is the family of Iryna Panchuk, she is the one sitting. She is a Ph.D. candidate for biological sciences. Beside her is her husband Roman Volkov, doctor of biological sciences, Professor, and Head of Department at the University. Standing are their children: son Andrew (biologist) and daughter Hanna, a student.

24 24 Oleh Panchuk’s family My daughters today Oleh Panchuk and his descendants today

25 25 This is how I look today. I often think of my grandmother and appeal to future generations of Ukrainians: Do not forget Olha Kobylianska, the incomparable psychologist of the human soul, whose works are still relevant to us all!

26 26 Remember about Olha Kobylianska that devoted her whole life to work hard for the rights of women and all Ukrainians!

27 27 Created: In Ukraine, Oleh Panchuk, Olha Kobylianska’s grand son: concepts, texts, audio Volodymyr Vozniuk, Director of Olha Kobylianska Muzeum in Chernivtsi: literature and language consultant Ihor Nakonechny, researcher of Chernivtsi University: computer design, audio recording. In Edmonton, Arts of Life Studio Project coordinator – Nataliya Grytsiv, Arts of Life director English translations and editing: Mary – Ann Sech, Valentyna Oliynyk, Iryna Tsymbaliuk English Power Point Presentations design and WEB publishing: Tatyana Tsoy, Volodymyr Grytsiv.

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