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The Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH) Founded 1986.

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1 The Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH) Founded 1986

2 What is the CRBOH? A federally incorporated, not-for-profit organization, which sets standards of professional competence for occupational hygienists and occupational hygiene technologists in Canada.

3 Occupational Hygiene Involves: the identification of existing and potential human health hazards in, or arising from, the work place the evaluation or assessment of the extent of risk posed by the hazards and, the development of effective strategies to eliminate or control the risks.

4 CRBOH’s Mission To prescribe minimum levels of professional and technical competence and to register qualified candidates To prescribe standards of practice and to set and administer a code of ethical conduct To further the practice and foster the profession of occupational hygiene in Canada

5 Registration with the CRBOH confers the right to use the professional designation and title: Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH) Registered Occupational Hygiene Technologist (ROHT)

6 Prerequisites - ROH Academic CredentialsExperience 1 Bachelor (acceptable science/engineering) 5 Master (acceptable science/engineering) 4 Master (occupational hygiene or equivalent) 3 PhD (acceptable science/ engineering) 3 PhD (occupational hygiene or equivalent) 2 1 work experience must entail a minimum of 50% of time spent in professional practice

7 ROH Examination Written examination Part 1 multiple choice questions (half day) candidates holding CIH designation exempt Part 2 five (5) essay questions (half day) Oral examination passing written portion a prerequisite three (3) examiners pose questions approximately 2 hours

8 Examination Prerequisites - ROHT Academic Credentials 1 Yrs of experience 2 High school diploma 5 College level diploma (acceptable science or engineering) 4 College level occupational hygiene technology diploma 3 1 2 yrs of university studies in related science or engineering is equivalent to 1 additional year experience 2 Must entail a minimum of 50% of time spent in occupational hygiene activities.

9 ROHT Examination one-day written examination approximately 200 multiple choice questions (half day) short answer and essay questions (half day)

10 ROH’s by Region Total = 336

11 ROHT’s by Region Total = 67

12 Board of Directors RegionCategory# of Directors MaritimesROH1 QuebecROH2 OntarioROH2 Central & WestROH2 EastROHT1 WestROHT1

13 CRBOH Committees ROH Exam ROHT Exam Registration Maintenance Re-registration External Affairs Communications Nominations Promotions By-Laws

14 Code of Ethics Adopted 1992 Ten (10) canons including criteria for: –Conflict of interest –Environmental protection –Objectivity –Privacy –Integrity –Maintenance of working knowledge –Dissemination of knowledge –Cooperation with the CRBOH Board

15 Beneficiaries Workers Employers Building owners Government Students Public Allied professions Occupational hygiene practitioners

16 How to Contact the CRBOH Contact the Registrar: 224, Parkside Court, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada V3H 4Z8 Fax: (604) 949-8601 E-mail:

17 Or go to the CRBOH Web Site at: Or contact one of the regional directors listed at:

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