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Co-operative Education & Career Services Welcome !

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1 Co-operative Education & Career Services Welcome !

2 Rocco Fondacaro Director Student & Faculty Relations

3 Today’s topics … co-op education @ UW co-op employment process your questions

4 1. Will I get a job? 2. How much will I earn at work? 3. When does the process begin? 4. How many jobs can I apply for? 5. When will I know I have a job? Top 5 questions …

5 work - integrated learning work place test drive competitive deadline driven opportunity to build your network Just what is co-op at UW ?

6 Co-op is education and “ employment” …not placement!

7 Co-op Partners Employers Students UW Faculty & Staff

8 Common Study / Work Sequences X = Off Term

9 What should students expect from us? advertise numerous and varied job opportunities develop and nurture employer relationships manage the employment process: - job postings, résumé packages, interviews & rankings support students and employers monitor quality and success of work terms

10 How do we meet those expectations? 45 Co-ordinators (geographic) 5 Co-op Advisors (faculty/program) 4 Assistant Directors (faculty/program) 4 Career Advisors 40 + admin., marketing & support staff 6 - 8 co-op students per term

11 What should students expect from their employers? a safe, inclusive and challenging work environment effective and accessible supervision competitive compensation fair and honest performance feedback

12 Who are our employer partners? ~ 3500 active employers each term ~ 75% in the private sector (e.g., business, industry, finance, manufacturing etc.) ~ 25% in the public sector (e.g., all levels of government, education, health care etc.) GTA, Ottawa, K/W & London ≤ 2 students / employer is the norm

13 What do we expect from our students? professional and enthusiastic participation in the employment process commitment to the employment process and its final result open and regular communication on any issues related to co-op attention to deadlines and regulations

14 Who are our students? ~ 13,575 co-op students at UW* ~ 800 AHS~ 825 Arts ~ 4950 Engineering~ 875 Environment ~ 3230 Mathematics~ 1180 Science and in addition … ~ 900 Accounting ~ 350 Architecture ~ 85 Computing & Financial Management ~ 90 Pharmacy ~ 420 Software Engineering * as of September 2008

15 Co-op Trivial Pursuit How many active applications are co-op students allowed in the employment process? How many students are available for employment each work term? How many résumé packages are sent to employers each term? How much money was earned by UW co-op students in 2007/08? 50 ~ 3,800 - 4,800 ~ 55,000 ~ $136 million

16 Career Planning Resources Employer Directories Print & Computer Resources Educational Opportunities Work/Study Abroad Information


18 WatPD Program Collection of online professional development courses for co-op students Objectives: - - To enhance the overall work-integrated learning experience of co-op students by providing engaging and relevant online courses to improve students' employability and workplace productivity - - To promote the integration of what is learned at work with what is learned at school through critical reflection - - To enable peer learning and foster a sense of community among co-op students

19 5 PD credits required Required: PD1 - Co-op Fundamentals PD2 - Critical Reflection & Report Writing Choose 3 from (at least 1 must be non-technical): PD3 - Communication PD4 - Teamwork PD5 - Project Management PD6 - Problem Solving PD7 - Conflict Resolution

20 Co-op Fundamentals - PD1 Co-op Survival Skills Résumé Writing Employer/Student Perspectives Work Report Writing Interview Skills & Techniques Critical Incidents In The Workplace Workplace Safety: Know The Issues Job Search Strategies




24 Final % Employment (all programs)

25 Average 1 st Work Term Salary ($ per week)

26 1 simple strategy for success Flexibility Flexibility!

27 Parents … Please embrace the adventure too


29 Possible speed bumps … applications … interviews … employment match

30 Applications … not nearly enough (or none at all!!!) … limited geographically … wrong level or discipline

31 Interviews … too many to handle … inappropriate conduct … failure to attend

32 Employment match … cold feet … unauthorized contact … backing out of your commitment

33 Parents…reinforce being open and honest professional responsible committed

34 Visit us on-line Co-operative Education (includes Co-op Student Reference Manual) Career Services (services are available to all students as well as alumni)

35 It’s time for questions!

36 What would I like to leave you with today? … you get out what you put in … co-op’s a thread … enjoy your summer!

37 Safe trip home … see you in September!

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