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Connecting Industry with University Expertise Christopher Bowman, Ph. D. Director, Business Development Prairies.

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1 Connecting Industry with University Expertise Christopher Bowman, Ph. D. Director, Business Development Prairies

2 Who is Mitacs? A private, not-for-profit organization Financed by the federal and provincial governments, as well as Canadian universities and private enterprise Support research and development in all academic disciplines across the country

3 To encourage and support research collaborations between industrial and academic partners – Connect industry with top university researchers to advance: Industry innovation Research excellence Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) training and recruitment Mitacs Mandate

4 Each program tackles a specific requirement in the Canadian research talent supply chain. The Mitacs approach… AttractTrainRetainDeploy

5 Mitacs Programs Globalink – International undergraduate student research projects at Canadian universities Accelerate – Grad student and post-doc internships to support research and development projects STEP – Business and professional skills training for grad students and post-docs Conference Services AttractTrainRetainDeploy

6 Goal: Attract top international students to Canadian universities – Globalink 1: Recruit international undergraduate students for summer internships; – Globalink 2: Retain these candidates through fellowships at their Canadian host University 2013 : recruitment from India, China, Brazil and Mexico. – Call for summer 2013 students: July 2012 Globalink:

7 Professor submits project – Forms on website ( – Deadline for summer 2013 is July 31, 2012 – Can submit up to four projects – We support projects in all disciplines Projects are reviewed for scientific merit Students apply to program – Best students from best institutes selected – Students matched to projects – Announcement of matches in January, 2013 Globalink Process

8 Mitacs-Accelerate Canada’s premier research internship programme. Objective: To initiate and support collaborations between university researchers and external partners Adopted model: Collaborative research projects are built from (multiple) graduate student internships.

9 Accelerate: Advantages Applications are short Full support of the Mitacs BD Team No application deadlines Peer-reviewed Fast review For-profit and not-for profit partners International students welcome

10 Open to graduate students and post-doc fellows – All academic disciplines are supported – Undergraduate students can be included Internship is based on a research project of industrial interest Accelerate: Eligibility & Timeline

11 Student spends approx. half time at company, half time at university Travel subsidies available Accelerate: Funding – Research Project, One Block $7,500 Industry Partner $7,500 Mitacs $15,000 research grant $10,000 minimum student stipend $5,000 other project-related expenses $5,000 other project-related expenses

12 Accelerate: Funding – CLUSTERS Extra leverage for medium to large projects Minimum: 3 students (scalable) Minimum total funding: $80K (6 blocks + $20K flexible) Scalable: each additional $18K from industry generates $22K from Mitacs $36,000 Industry Partner $44,000 Mitacs $80,000 research grant $20,000 other project-related expenses $10,000 internships $10,000

13 Accelerate: Project Scope Some past project submissions: – Implications of a whole genome scan in beef cattle – Exploiting effects of selenium on cell survival and immunity to improve lactation of dairy cows and functionality of their milk – The role of essential amino acids in milk protein production in lactating dairy cows

14 Accelerate: Process A researcher begins (or continues) a collaboration with an external partner – Not-for-profits, provincial entities are acceptable partners in Saskatchewan. An intern (or interns) are identified – Projects can be approved provisionally pending the location of interns The intern prepares a proposal, with assistance from company, professor, and the Mitacs BD

15 Accelerate Successes Since 2003, 3,500 internships nation-wide In 2010/2011: – Canada-wide: 1358 internships totaling $19.4M – In 2011/2012, 27 internships were supported in Saskatchewan – We have funds to grow significantly, to 50-75 internships in SK

16 Mitacs Accelerate InDev Pilot program Projects of a developmental nature (non-research) Eg. Prototyping, software development, business, marketing, etc. Intern spends ~ 50% time at company Additional travel & accommodation support available 2 week review turnaround $11,000 Research grant ($7,500 industry partner $3,500 Mitacs) $10,000 Minimum intern stipend $1,000 Other project expenses

17 We can help support your research and students We offer: – Financial support for research – A jump-start to HQP training – Freedom from NSERC subject restrictions The match: – Very difficult to “find a company to support my work in…” – We CAN help with: The reverse match Advice and assistance to ‘make a pitch’. Accelerate and WCVM

18 Acquiring important interpersonal skills for the industrial environment Open to other graduate students/post-docs STEP: Workshops in: Management of scientific projects Communications, networking and establishing partnerships Business etiquette Presentation skills

19 Mitacs can take on the task of organizing conferences and meetings for applicants. See Mitacs website ( for Conference Services and Networking Events

20 For More Information Christopher Bowman Director, Business Development, Prairies Thorvaldson 226.7, University of Saskatchewan 306-202-9630

21 Special Thanks to Our Funding Partners Through the Industrial R&D Internship Program

22 Industry Partners


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