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Sports During World War II

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1 Sports During World War II
How The Second World War Affected The World of Sports

2 How The War Changed Sports
During the 1940s, the war disrupted various international sporting events including the Olympics. It also brought an end to professional sports such as Major League baseball as the players went overseas to serve their country.

3 Baseball Goes To War Some of the baseball players who served during World War II were Moe Berg, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, Hank Greenberg, Stan Musial, Warren Spahn, and Ted Williams. They like many others sacrificed their personal and valuable career time for the benefit and well being of the rest of society.

4 Moe Berg Joe DiMagigo Bob Feller Stan Musial Ted Williams Warren Spahn
Hank Greenberg Stan Musial Warren Spahn Ted Williams

5 The Olympics Return The Summer Olympics resumed in 1948 in London and the Winter games were held that year in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

6 The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
To fill the void from Major League Baseball, Philip K. Wrigley founded The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The league lasted from During that time, over 600 women played professional baseball. With America’s entry into the war, the league was started to keep baseball in the public eye. The initial tryouts were held at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

7 The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
The women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League did not play baseball by the same rules as their male counterparts. The game they played was a hybrid between baseball and softball. The player’s salaries ranged from $45-$85 a week in the first few years of the league.

8 The Uniform The uniforms of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League consisted of belted short sleeve tunic dresses with a slight flare of the skirt. Rules stated that skirts were to be worn no more than six inches above the knee, but the regulation was most often ignored in order to facilitate running and fielding. A circular team logo was sewn on the front of each dress, and baseball caps featured elastic bands in the back so that they were one-size-fits-all.

9 The Code of Conduct During spring training the girls were required to attend Helena Rubinstein's evening charm school classes. In an effort to make each player as physically attractive as possible, each player received a beauty kit and instructions on how to use it. As a part of the leagues 'Rules of Conduct, the girls were not permitted to have short hair, smoke or drink in public places, and they were required to wear lipstick at all times.

10 League Champions The Rockford Peaches won the most league championships with four (1945, 1948, 1949, 1950). The Milwaukee/Grand Rapids Chicks were second with three (1944 in Milwaukee, 1947 and 1953 in Grand Rapids). The Racine Belles (1943 and 1946) and the South Bend Blue Sox (1951 and 1952) each won two, and the Kalamazoo Lassies won in the league's final season (1954).

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