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Putting It In Motion. Complete Student Log Book: Pages 2 and 3.

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1 Putting It In Motion

2 Complete Student Log Book: Pages 2 and 3

3 What is Motion? What do you want to know about motion? List 5 things that can move or be moved that can be found around your house.


5 Linear Motion A movement in a straight line between two points Examples?

6 Rotational Movement A movement along a curved path or in a circle Examples?

7 Reciprocating Motion Movement that goes up and down in a straight line Examples?

8 Oscillating Motion A movement that goes backwards and forwards in a straight line Examples?

9 Homework Activity Please bring in some toys for next day.

10 Activity: Complete Student Logbook: Page 4

11 Exploration: Make an Object Move – Page 10 Complete Student Logbook: Pages 5 and 6.


13 Energy The capacity to do work.

14 Potential Energy The capacity of a stationary object to do work. Potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy.

15 Kinetic Energy Moving Energy

16 Exploration: Observe Colliding Objects – Page 14 Coins Marbles Rulers

17 EXPLORATION: HOW DOES A PENDULUM MOVE? - PAGE 18 Complete Student Logbook: Pages 7, 8 and 9

18 Friction What is friction?


20 GAME Game

21 EXPLORATION: WATCH IT ROLL. WATCH IT SLIDE - PAGE 22 Complete Student Logbook: Pages 10, 11 and 12

22 Complete Student Logbook: Page 13,14 and 15


24 Wedge Inclined Plane Screw Wheel and Axle Lever Pulley

25 Simple machines are useful because they can make a physical job easier by changing the magnitude or the direction of the force exerted to do work.

26 Have you ever tried to unscrew a nut, bolt, or screw from something with your bare hands and discovered that it was just too tight to loosen even if you had a good grip?


28 You got the proper tool, such as a screw driver or wrench, and unscrewed it!

29 Why is it that it's so easy to unscrew with a tool when you can't with your bare hands?

30 The wrench and screw driver are examples of a wheel and axle, where the screw or bolt is the axle and the handle is the wheel. The tool makes the job easier by changing the amount of the force you exert. Axle Wheel

31 All of the simple machines can be used for thousands of jobs from lifting a 500-pound weight to making a boat go. The reason why these machines are so special is because they make difficult tasks much easier.


33 Fulcrum Load Click Here to Learn More

34 Click on the dude to learn more.

35 A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a post. Click on the light bulb to learn more.

36 Two inclined planes make a wedge. Try to catch the saw to learn more.

37 Axle Wheel Click on the windmill to learn more.

38 Wheel Rope This box is easier to lift because of the pulley. Click on it to learn more.

39 Have you learned it all yet? Let’s look at a worksheet to see. Click Here

40 Complex Machines Machines made from putting two or more simple machines together

41 Click

42 EXPLORATION: BUILD A LIFTING MACHINE - PAGE 30 Complete Student Logbook Pages 15, 16 and 17

43 Homework Assignment Complete Student Logbook Pages 18 and 19

44 Levers There are three classes of levers:

45 Levers First Class : It has the fulcrum between the effort and the load. Fulcrum: the place where the lever turns

46 Levers Second Class: the load is located between the effort and the fulcrum.

47 Levers Third Class: The effort is between the load and the fulcrum.

48 Exploration: Investigate the Lever – Page 34 Complete Student Logbook Pages 20 and 21

49 Exploration: Pull It Up A Slope – Page 38 Complete Student Logbook Pages 22 and 23

50 Exploration: Test a Set of Gears – Page 42 Complete Student Logbook Pages 24 and 25

51 EXPLORATION: USE A FIXED AND A MOVING PULLEY – PAGE 46 Complete Student Logbook Pages 26 and 27

52 Technology and You Pages 50 - 53 List and briefly explain 5 ways technology has benefitted your life. List and briefly explain 2 ways technology has affected the environment. Complete Student Logbook Page 28

53 Assessment Assignment

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