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Welcome to APEGBC Caroline Westra Supervisor – Internship & Experience Assessment.

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1 Welcome to APEGBC Caroline Westra Supervisor – Internship & Experience Assessment

2 History 1920-Self Regulation by professional engineers through BC government legislation (Act that created APEBC) 1990-Geoscientists added Today-Engineers & Geoscientists Act of BC (APEGBC)

3 APEGBC’s ACT All individuals practicing engineering are required, by law to be: - Licenced Professional Engineers/Ingénieurs or - Working under the supervision of a Professional Engineer (Ingénieure) who takes professional responsibility for the engineering work

4 Some Features Only APEGBC Members can use the title “engineer” in British Columbia These include: - Engineers-in-Training - Provisional Members - Professional Engineers

5 Some Benefits Networking opportunities Insurance programs & health services Professional Development Seminars Innovation magazine Connections e-newsletter Resume posting service Inter-Association Mobility

6 Qualification Routes Looking to Exempt policy For those with an engineering degree plus 7 years of engineering experience anywhere in the world Need to apply for P.Eng. Registration NO GUARANTEES

7 Looking To Exempt Policy First, professional review required Uses interview to assess work experience Panel of at least 2 P.Engs in same discipline and a staff person, chairperson 60 minute interview with questions on your experience and how you applied engineering principles - see website for acceptable engineering experience criteria

8 Looking To Exempt Policy Questions will focus on the engineering experience you have gained during your career – emphasis on application of theory and practical experience If possible, bring work samples such as reports, drawings, and calculations Interviewers provide comments to Registration Committee, which makes decision based on relevant info (10 page summary, references, etc)

9 Academic Examinations Normally assigned 3 or 5 discipline- specific confirmatory examinations plus engineering economics Offered in May and December each year See website for past examinations and examination regulations Applicants with more than 1 degree will go through a detailed assessment NCEES FE Option

10 Accredited Degree Canadian System  Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB)  Periodic Visits to Universities  Accredited degrees in BC – Simon Fraser University, University of BC, and University of Victoria Mutual Recognition Agreements  Academics – 12 countries (and some programs in 3 other countries)

11 Application - Academics Transcript of marks/grades must be sent from your university directly to APEGBC  Please contact Registration Staff if your attempts to obtain your transcript have failed

12 Application - Experience Four Years including one in a ‘Canadian Environment’ ‘Satisfactory Engineering Experience’ Work Details  Chronological  All experience since graduation  Your role and responsibility  Typical projects  Additional training and/or publications listed separately  Approximately 10 pages  Well-formatted for easy reading  All experience to be supported by references

13 One Year in a ‘Canadian Environment’  Normally in Canada or  Outside Canada- may be credited, where there is a strong demonstration of good knowledge of certain elements :

14 ‘ Canadian Environment ’ Required Elements Canadian or Equivalent to Canadian Professional Supervision Laws Climates Codes Conditions Customs Practices and Standards

15 “Satisfactory Experience” Demonstrate a progression of experience and responsibility in the following categories  Application of Theory  Practical Experience  Management of Engineering  Communication Skills  Social Implications Discipline Specific Requirements

16 References Potential References - Typically

17 Professional Supervision & References International experience is to be verified by P.Eng. references or other country equivalent, e.g. C.Eng. P.E. Pr.Eng. PE/IMF/APEC Engineer Eur.Ing. C.P.Eng Cedula profesional P.Eng. (IEI)

18 Professional Supervision & References Canadian Experience - P.Eng., P.Geo. A minimum of 2 P.Eng./P.Geo. references are required to verify Canadian Experience At least one reference is to be in your discipline of registration.

19 Law & Ethics Seminar Options to meet requirement:  Two day seminar  CD Rom version for computer  Both seminar and CD Rom Canadian Legal System Ethics and Professionalism Strongly recommended prior to PPE

20 Professional Practice Examination Written quarterly (January, April, July, October) Part 1- 2 hours - Multiple Choice Questions Part 2- 1 hour - Essay Question Questions based on recommended study material Sample questions provided on application form Results available by mail in 6-8 weeks

21 Provisional Membership Available since January 1, 2004 Optional Communicates that international credentials have been assessed and recognized Can only be granted after all other requirements have been met, except for the 1 year of experience in Canadian environment You must apply for P.Eng. status

22 Announcement APEGBC has a new online resource to help people who are new to BC’s job market:  understand how engineering and geoscience work is organized in BC  prepare for, find, and keep a job that uses their engineering and geoscience skills

23 Questions Registration Reception is available from 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (no appointment necessary) or Application information is on our website  Go to and click on “Registration & Licensing”

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