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4 Indirect Causes of World War I

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1 4 Indirect Causes of World War I

2 Nationalism Nationalism is “pride” in your own country
Nationalism is the concept that your country is better than any other in the world Germany and Great Britain were the two countries that felt they were the greatest

3 Imperialism One Empire/Country having “control” over the other smaller countries There were squabbles over which empire would have control over new smaller countries Colonial Powers included: Great Britain Russia Germany Austria Hungary France

4 Militarism Militarism – the buildup of weapons to prepare for war
Both sides (Germany/Great Britain) “flexed” their collective muscles to show their opposition what they were capable of Britain had a 2 : 1 naval policy, meaning 2 ships for every 1 German one Britain asked their colonies (including Canada) to help.

5 Alliance System: Alliance systems protect all members of a particular group If one country gets attacked the other members of that group will support them Triple Entente: France Great Britain Russia Triple Alliance: Germany Austria Hungary Italy

6 Questions: Of these 4, which do you think is most/least significant for the start of World War I? Explain why. Which country do you think is going to have the largest role in the war? Consider the chart. How do these three relate together? Explain the links.

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