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Start-up Package A reference Guide B C Forest Service M F.

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1 Start-up Package A reference Guide B C Forest Service M F

2 Start-up Package Contents ► Introduction – ESF ► As Built Roads ► ESF – FTA on June 1 st ► XML/GML ► BCeID ► Service Providers ► ESF FTA Training ► Exhibit A ► Mapping Standards ► Cutblock Labeling ► RESULTS ► Error messaging strategy ► Failed Submissions Strategy ► Roles and Resp. of District Contacts ► Role and Resp. of Regional Contacts

3 Start-up Package ► The Start-up package is developed to help guide districts with the implementation of ESF ► It contains ESF information and steps to be taken by District and Regional staff ► The package also contains information and key messages that should be passed on to local licensees

4 Introduction Introduction to ESF Legislative Reporting Requirements ESF – FTA on June 1st

5 Introduction to ESF Electronic Forest Management Initiative (e ‑ FM) ► e-Access, e.g. online harvest billing information, Silviculture and tenure reporting ► e-Records, e.g. electronic invoices for payment, i-expense ► e-Training, e.g. FRPA Training, Learn Link ► e-Submissions, e.g. Electronic Submission Framework (ESF), ECAS, HBS

6 Support and Direction  Bill 13 (Electronic Transactions Act), “record be in writing is satisfied if the record is in electronic form”, “signature of a person, that requirement is satisfied by an electronic signature”, “use is not mandatory”  Bill 74 (Forest and Range Practices Act), Section 142 “the furnishing of information on request or at specified times, and in a specified format including electronically”

7 Major electronic submission applications ► ESF – Electronic Submission Framework ► ABR – As Built Roads ► FTA – Forest Tenure Administration ► RESULTS – Reporting Silviculture Updates and Landstatus Tracking System ► ECAS – Electronic Commerce Appraisal System ► HBS – Harvest Billing System ► SPAR – Seed Planning and Registry

8 ESF and E-submissions ECAS HBS SPAR FTA RESULTS AS Built Roads ESF Portal

9 Electronic Submission Applications These will:  Reduce the number of requests for information from clients, (save time and money for both)  Reduce the volume of paper submissions  Reduce the manual processing of information  Capture data once at source eliminating duplicate data entry

10 Electronic Submission Framework - ESF ► Single interface for all stakeholders ► Shared data management and accessibility ► Improved Data quality ► Secure website ► Automation of business process ► One consistent, standard data format

11 ESF Objectives ► Map and attributes always together ► Information accessible to clients ► Reduce manual processing of map and report information ► Reduce transcribing and reconciliation errors ► Improve collection and integration of information ► Reduce administrative effort of MoF/MSRM staff and clients

12 ESF Objectives ► Reduce time for approval process ► Potential cost reduction ► MoF Districts will no longer capture/enter spatial and attribute data for licensee tenure and silviculture data ► Silviculture data (spatial and attribute) will be available via RESULTS for Inquiry, Reporting and for DDM approval ► Overall precision/accuracy of data will improve with less human intervention/filtering

13 Legislative requirements - Overview RESULTS - Reporting ► More details provided under the RESULTS section ► After June 1 Woodlot Licence are required to submit annual reports by April 30, 2006 As Built Roads ► Under the Forest Planning and Practices Regulations, Section 86(2) and (3) and Forest Road Regulation, Section 8(3), agreement holders are required to report the previously as-built road information to the District Manager, in manner prescribed by the Minister ► It has been determined that the information will be reported electronically

14 Legislative requirements - Overview As Built Roads - ABR ► The Deadline for the first submission for roads built to cover the time period April 1, 2003 to March 31, 2005 is December 31, 2005 ► For more information on ABR, see the ESF website : Road Permit Clearance As Built Roads

15 ESF-FTA after June 1 ► We will be working in the electronic format ► No hard copy submissions are required to populate the corporate systems ► Application triggers may be required but are optional  application letter/e-mail for FTA, outlining the term and effective date  appraisal maps for ECAS

16 ESF-FTA after June 1 ► Supporting hard copy information will be required in some circumstances  TMS report for tenures with conflicts outlining rationale for approval  Road layout and design schedules for approval as required by s 5.1 FRR

17 ESF-FTA after June 1 ► There is no statutory requirement for tenures to be submitted electronically  Ministry direction to go to e-business ► Makes good business sense to populate our systems electronically  Effective  Efficient

18 Questions Introduction to ESF Legislative Reporting Requirements ESF – FTA after June 1 B C Forest Service M F

19 ESF XML/GML BCeID Service Providers FTA Training

20 ESF = XML and GML ESF is...  Designed on top of industry technology standards (XML / GML)  XML = Extensible Markup Language — language for documents that contain structured data — Attributes  GML = Geography Markup Language is a subset of XML that includes both spatial and non ‑ spatial properties of geo features — Linework

21 BCeID BCeID Registration: ► Government IDs given to companies to securely access BC Government internet sites ► Enrolment package is sent to the company ► Company identifies a profile manager ► Profile manager manages IDs for their company.

22 BCeID  Approaches to Electronic Submissions ► In ‑ house systems and resources ► Use of qualified service providers  Access for Service Providers ► Consulting companies can submit on behalf of a license by using Forest Company’s BCeID account ► Licensees are responsible to manage their own account (data) ►

23 Service Providers for FTA ► List of Service Providers (Request for Expression of Interest) ► Integrated Woods Services Ltd. ► Forsite Consultants Ltd. ► Cariboo Forest Consultants Ltd. ► Coast Forest Management Ltd. ► Inland Timber Management Ltd. ► J.S. Thrower & Associates Ltd. ► Spatial Mapping Ltd. ► Pacific Geo Tech Systems Ltd. ► BC Network ► Chartwell Consultants Ltd.

24 Service Providers for FTA  Not Inclusive nor Exhaustive  IMG is currently reviewing list for new qualified providers who wish to be listed  Please ensure that the service providers are able to submit for As Built Roads and RESULTS before using their services 

25 FTA Application Training for Staff and Licensees ► Request for Proposal (RFP) has been issued for additional training to be carried out through summer and fall

26 Questions XML/GML BEeID Service Providers ESF FTA Training B C Forest Service M F

27 Exhibit A and Mapping Standards By Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management Land Information BC Integrated Registry Branch

28 Exhibit A Working towards improved quality of Exhibit A by: ► enhancing FTA auto-generated Exhibit A ► implementing Tenure Update Tools (TUT) ► reviewing and updating standards

29 TENURE UPDATE TOOLS ► LIM staff will receive training in May/June 2005 ► ability to create legible Exhibit A that will meet legal requirements ► ability to view submissions in greater detail than is currently available with the standard web applications



32 MAPPING STANDARDS – PROGRESS TO DATE ► Report completed by Pat Ringwood for RTEB on “Description of Forest Act Tenures” ► Group formed to review Chapter 52 and prepare a draft for review ► Group formed to draft standards for FTA Exhibit A

33 ESF TENURE SUBMISSION STANDARDS ► ESF – FTA Submission Guide ► Industry Guide to Preparing Forest Tenure and Permit Documents via ESF ► ESF website:

34 Questions Exhibit A Mapping Standards

35 ESF Cutblock Labeling B C Forest Service M F

36 Cut Block Labelling and ID for FTA and RESULTS ► Cut Block Naming Convention  Cutblock ID ► 10 - alpha, numeric, spaces ► no symbols ► Road Naming Convention  Section ID ► 10 - alpha, numeric, spaces ► No symbols

37 Cut Block Labelling and ID for FTA and RESULTS  If traditionally the district has changed the licensee submission so that the Section ID on the exhibit A is different than on the application, there is a need to communicate these changes to licensee MUST HAPPEN  Either the district must accept the section of road the way the licensee calls it, or the licensee must call the section of road the way the district has it on the map.  This is a communication issue with the district and the licensee

38 Website Electronic Submission Framework Website ► To the ESF submission Application: ► Many Links off



41 Questions Cut Block Labeling B C Forest Service M F

42 ESF and RESULTS Overview ESF Transform Industry, BCTS, Consultants FTA RESULTS Op DB Spatial SRM LRDW Copy OP DB Attribute MoF TMS Website Map Report Client Ministry

43 Legislative Changes RESULTS Reporting ► Forest Practices Code of BC Act ► Timber Harvesting and Silviculture Practices Regulations — Section 45 - 48  Form A, B, and C

44 Legislative changes, submissions and requirements ► FPC Act Section 42.1 ► Operational Site Planning Regulation Section 7.1 and 7.3  Approval of amendments  Minor  Major amendments  Stocking Standards - Approval thru results ► Woodlots Annual Reports — Regulation

45 Legislated RESULTS Reporting Requirements by ESF Submitter Major licensees Community Forest Agreement THSPR s45-48 (code) FPPR s86 (FRPA) Woodlot licensees WLFMR s86 (Code) WLPPR s76 (FRPA) Community Salvage Licence FPPR s46.1 (FRPA) FPPR s86 (FPRA) BC Timber Sales Report by Policy (Code) FPPR 86 (FRPA) District Manager (NRFL, FLC) FRPA 30 / FPPR s46 Report by Policy Third Party Transfers FRPA 29.1 / FRPA 94 / FPPR 86

46 Non Replaceable Forest Licence ( NRFL) & Forestry License to Cut ► District Manager has free growing obligation (plan, report, declare) ► District Manager as the submitter ► EziLink tool to create ESF submission ► Minister must report free growing accomplishments as part of MOF Service Plan Reporting

47 RESULTS Submission Types Before June 1, 2005 ► Paper Forms, maps, amendments, standards  Licensees send paper submissions to district office who forwards to service providers or entered by district staff ► On-line directly into RESULTS  Amendments, Stocking Standards proposals, Declarations ► ESF  Opening Definition, Disturbance and Activity report, Forest Cover and Declarations  RESULTS v1.5 currently in use  RESULTS v2.0 release planned May 10, 2005

48 RESULTS Submission Types After June 1, 2005 ► On-line directly into RESULTS ► ESF Submissions  RESULTS v2.0 release planned May 10, 2005  RESULTS v3.0 release planned Jan 2006 ► No more Paper

49 On-Line Submission Examples ► RESULTS v 1.5 (currently)  Standards proposals  Updates / corrections  Amendments / approved variation  Declarations ► RESULTS v 2.0 (additional after May)  Annual silviculture treatment summary  Opening amalgamations  Section 108 applications

50 ESF Submission Types ► RESULTS v 1.5 (current)  Opening definition / stocking standards ID  Disturbance activity  Silviculture activity (spatial optional)  Forest cover updates  Declarations ► RESULTS v 2.0 (after May 10 th )  Amendments, updates, approved variations  Annual Silviculture Treatment Summary for FRPA blocks  WTP’s as a layer  Seed transfer rule violation tracking  Automatic opening number generator

51 What do you need to start? In addition to BCeID / IDIR and ESF submitter Users need to get assigned RESULTS roles: RESULTS View – look only RESULTS Update – allows for making changes and submitting stocking standards and amendment requests RESULTS Declaration – adds milestone declarations to what can be done. RESULTS Approval – MoF only allows for approval of amendments and stocking standard applications. CRS Authority – For generating reports (comes with IDIR, but not with BCeID

52 ESF & RESULTS Authority versus Legally Authorized to Submit ► ESF Submitter  Company Profile Manager and IMG ► RESULT Update & Declaration  BCeID holder and IMG ► Authorized by Agreement holder, BCTS Manager, District Manager  Licensee signing matrix ► Professionally qualified, RPF  Amendments, standards proposals, declarations


54 RESULTS Timelines ► April 31 st, 2005  End of fiscal 2005 and RESULTS reporting period ► May 10 th, 2005  RESULTS v2.0 release date  new functionalities added to ESF and RESULTS ► May 31, 2005  All 2004/05 silviculture reports must be submitted ► June 1 st, 2005  E-submissions mandatory for 2005/06 reporting  All remaining paper submissions for 2004/05 reporting period are sent to service providers or entered by district staff ► Jan 31 st, 2006  RESULTS v3.0 with Workflow added and data/process streamlining ► May 31 st, 2006  All 2005/06 silviculture reports must be submitted ► Application Bulletins: Webpage:

55 Managing the RESULTS InBox ► Licensee submits  Amendments  Standards ► Ministry reviews details, approves or rejects  Amendments  Standards ► Inbox Clean up of DRAFT openings

56 District Manager Responsibilities in the Electronic World ► No longer manually signing SP amendment approval letters ► No longer manually signing stocking standard proposals ► Use RESULTS InBox to  Retrieve/review then accept or reject  E-mail notification is sent to licensee ► As Data Resource Managers, DM is responsible for accurate entry of data according to standards set by Data Custodian

57 Running Reports ► Milestone reports  Regeneration  Free growing These reports will be run on a routine basis to track declarations ► Opening Summary  This report will be provide a detailed summary of all information in RESULTS for a specified opening(s). ► FDP & FSP Standards Report  Prints out standards under a FDP or FSP in either a.pdf or.csv format

58 Wildlife Tree Retention ► Licensees required at completion of harvesting to retain 7.0% of the total area of the cutblocks harvested in the fiscal year and 3.5% of a cutblock ► Compliance reporting will use RESULTS forest cover submission areas and attributes ► Wildlife tree retention areas may relate to more than one cutblock, therefore each retention area polygon must be related to a RESULTS opening. ► Forest cover submissions will assign reserve polygons a Reserve type: riparian, wildlife, dispersed, other ► Forest cover submission sent to layer in the LRDW that will then be used as encumbrance in the Exhibit A report.

59 Tenures and Stewardship Roles ► Must work together ► Blocks not in FTA must be resolved ► Review of FDP/FSP stocking standards and amendments roles ► Cutblock naming convention ► Opening number assignments ► TSR and links to FSP ► District needs to ‘map’ their business flow ► See CD for RESULTS Business Mapping from Chilliwack Forest District information

60 Questions RESULTS on June 1st B C Forest Service M F

61 ESF Error Messages Failed Submissions APPHELP

62 Error messaging strategy ► Improved Error Messaging for RESULTS is now available ► FTA will have significantly better error messages by June 1 ► The plan is to have an English descriptive error message which will be linked to a web based description of the solution

63 Failed Submission Strategy ► Planning meeting has been held ► Dona Stapley will head up a working group of district, regional, branches, licensee and consultants formed. The group will make recommendations as to how to best deal with failed submissions ► Present Recommendation District staff are the first point of contact for failed ESF and RESULTS submissions

64 APPHELP  The first line of support for failed submissions is the District Contact. Most errors are data related and can be solved by district staff  Once the district contact has determined that it is a system or data related issue, they will forward problem to APPHELP  If problem is not resolved at APPHELP, then it escalates to HQ specialist  From there it escalates to Programming Contactors — VIVID/Pangaea  Advice: Subscript to Notifications Updates

65 Questions Error Messages Failed Submissions APPHELP

66 Roles and Responsibilities District Contacts B C Forest Service M F

67 District Contacts Roles and Responsibilities of District Contacts:  The current list of District contacts was established to assist in identifying district participants and help organize the workshops  In the Deputy Minister’s letter to licensees, commitment was made to identify contacts to help with issues arising from submissions  District Contact will establish joint ESF working groups with licensees so that they are aware of procedures  Failed Submission and APPHELP procedures point to the district contacts as the first line of support

68 Process to identify the District Contact: In the Business Mapping section in the afternoon, get into a group discussion regarding:  The anticipated types and volume of calls from licensees;  The level of knowledge required to understand the nature of the call and to either solve them or re ‑ direct them to appropriate persons in the district or APPHELP  Time and work load factor (no more paper maps to handle) and training requirements.

69 Process to identify the District Contact:  The nature and volume will be dependent of the readiness of licensees and the number of new licensees who will be submitting for the very first time.  Please consider both FTA and RESULTS applications and the possibilities of licensees going to service providers.  Come up with a proposal for the district contact to take back to your DMT. You may also want to suggest alternates.

70 District/Licensees Working group set up Structure — District e-FM Group and selection of Licensee District Contact person:  Include staff that is doing work on any of the business applications in the district. Remember all of the systems that we have are inter ‑ related at some point  Select a chair for the group (could also be the district contact)  Select the District Contact.

71 Initial Tasks  Form e-FM Group — Chair and/or District Contact  Debrief DMT and get approval for District Contact  Complete ESF integration business mapping for All CP and RP processes e-FM Group (2-5) Tenures and Engineering LIM/GIS Stewardship Corporate Services C & E

72 Initial Tasks  Present learning’s from ESF Workshop at an all Staff Meeting  Send out invitation to Licensees, including Woodlot and BCTS, regarding the formation of the joint working group  Set a meeting date and time before June 1 - suggest no more than a half day meeting e-FM Group Licensees Joint Licensee Working Group

73 Key Messages to delivery to Licensees (All licensees including BCTS, WL and CFL)  Have you heard about ESF and the extension?  Is your company ready to submit electronically after June 1?  Do you know the key deadlines for ABR and RESULTS and what your company is planning to do to get ready?  Are you going to be using service providers and who are they?  Review New Mapped Business Processes

74 Key Messages to delivery to Licensees (All licensees including BCTS, WL and CFL)  Know your District Contact  Formation of the Joint Working Group — all licensees or only representatives from majors and WL associations?  Forum for discussing Data issues.  Long term role of e ‑ FM Group — meet to prepare before the other two deadlines (ABR and RESULTS)

75 Questions District Contacts B C Forest Service M F

76 Roles and Responsibilities Regional Contacts B C Forest Service M F

77 Regional Contacts Roles and Responsibilities of Regional Contacts:  After the June 1 implementation deadline, the Regional Contacts will have to take on the role providing leadership and coordination for the Districts.  Help and monitor the formation of the District Licensees joint working groups.  Report out to Provincial Coordinator regarding the formation of the District e-FM group, and the holding of the first joint licensee meeting before June l

78 Process to identify the Regional Contact  There will be a need to assess the current representation in view of the commitment and work load requirements. In addition, a decision should be made as to if this person should be from the regional or district office.  The provincial coordinator will assist in this process.

79 Questions Regional Contacts B C Forest Service M F

80 Business Map p ing Building ESF into your business process B C Forest Service M F

81 Building ESF into your business process ► You should have at least one current mapped business process here today ► For the mapping exercise:  Review where ESF will change your business flow  Redesign  Determine who will be responsible for handling the InBox’s  Where all outputs (such as ECAS, Exhibit A etc ) will converge to produce a CP/RP for final approval

82 Building ESF into your business process  Define key success factors and performance measurements  If time permits, start a route card  Appoint a presenter and report back to the group

83 Main CP Process Triggers - E-mail or Letter and 2 appraisal maps START Tenures Initiates route cards Lim Starts Clearance Starts ECAS Process Document Preparation Queue Document to DM or Designate for signature District Staff FTA Approval Distribute doc to Licensee/File ECAS Approval END Tenure Flow- Overview

84 ► THE END B C Forest Service M F

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