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Sinking of the Lusitania

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1 Sinking of the Lusitania
When did the US enter WW1 Sinking of the Lusitania


3 Historical Importance
May 7, 1915 The sinking of the Lusitania enraged Americans and hastened the United States' entrance into World War I.

4 Since the outbreak of World War I, ocean voyage had become dangerous
Since the outbreak of World War I, ocean voyage had become dangerous. Each side hoped to blockade the other, thus prevent any war materials getting through. German U-boats (submarines) stalked British waters, continually looking for enemy vessels to sink. All ships headed to Great Britain were instructed to be on the lookout for U-boats and take precautionary measures such as travel at full speed and make zigzag movements. Unfortunately, on May 7, 1915, Captain William Thomas Turner slowed the Lusitania down because of fog and traveled in a predictable line.

5 At the time, the Allies thought the Germans had launched two or three torpedoes to sink the Lusitania. However, the Germans say their U-boat only fired one torpedo. Many believe the second explosion was caused by the ignition of ammunition hidden in the cargo hold. Others say that coal dust, kicked up when the torpedo hit, exploded. No matter what the exact cause, it was the damage from the second explosion that made the ship sink. The Lusitania sunk within 18 minutes. Though there had been enough lifeboats for all passengers, the severe listing of the ship while it sunk prevented most from being launched properly. Of the 1,959 people on board, 1,198 died. The toll of civilians killed in this disaster shocked the world.

6 What was happening in Canada during World War 1
On The Home Front WWI What was happening in Canada during World War 1

7 A lot of the men in Canada left for war and therefore women were expected to work in the factories and on the farms, a job primarily completed by men at the time.

8 Industries began building war materials only all non war industries were forced to build weapons and materials for the war.

9 Propaganda posters/political cartoons were used to recruit soldiers, promote the war and promote the purchase of Canadian War Bonds.

10 Halifax explosion occurred on Dec when the French vessel, Mont Blanc (carrying munitions) collided with the Belgian steamer, Imo. The explosion leveled the city of Halifax and killed 1,630 people.


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