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MATH 114 – Calculus September 2012.  Textbook Tax Credit- Why Not?  What you need for the course  How to log on to Enhanced WebAssign  How to navigate.

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1 MATH 114 – Calculus September 2012

2  Textbook Tax Credit- Why Not?  What you need for the course  How to log on to Enhanced WebAssign  How to navigate your Youbook (e-book)

3  Did you know that you can claim… ◦ $65 for each month you qualify for the full-time education amount? ◦ or… ◦ $20 for each month you qualify for the part-time education amount?  You can claim the textbook amount (right on your tax return!) if you are eligible to claim the education amount (and can support, with documentation, your enrolment at a post-secondary institution).  Did you know……..

4  For students who do not want a physical copy of the textbook, it will suffice to purchase stand-alone access to Enhanced Web Assign, available at the Special Services Desk. ISBN: 0538738073  For students who do want a physical copy of the textbook and who will NOT be taking second-year calculus course, the following option is available: ◦ Hardcover bundle (includes a solutions manual) & Enhanced WebAssign access code with digital Youbook, Single-Variable Calculus Early Transcendentals (7 th edition). ISBN: 0495962759  For students who do want physical copy of the textbook and who WILL be taking second-year calculus courses, the following option is available: ◦ Hardcover bundle (includes solutions manuals) & Enhanced WebAssign access code with digital Youbook, Calculus Early Transcendentals (7 th edition) ISBN: 1133299938  All options include life of edition accesss to Enhanced WebAssign and Your Stewart Youbook (e-book)


6 Allows you to complete required online homework assignments. Provides you with immediate feedback. Helps you stay on track with the course. Includes rich, tutorial content to aid in concept mastery. Provides access to an AWESOME interactive digital version of your textbook (or relevant textbook passages. Will help you to succeed in this course.  Enhanced WebAssign

7  Please go to the login page at:  So, How Do I Log In?

8  Your Class Key (see next slide for your key):  Enter Your Class Key

9 9 Your instructor has decided to allow students to self- enroll into this WebAssign course.  Your Class Key is (make sure you choose the right section):  Venera Hrimiuc Section B1: ualberta 9037 1656  Elizabeth Leonard Section C1: ualberta 9904 5974  Stefan Mendez-Diez Section C2: ualberta 8913 7933  George Tokarsky Section D1: ualberta 0250 1263  Omar Rivasplata Section D2: ualberta 0896 9257  Xi Chen Section E1: ualberta 3015 9468  Ya-Shu Wang Section F1: ualberta 2706 3280  Ben Willson Section H1: ualberta 5660 3265  Meymanat Farzamirad Section J1: ualberta 4990 6156  Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann Section K1: ualberta 3157 2231

10  You’ll receive confirmation that your Class Key has been recognized. Click Yes, this is my class.  Confirmation

11 11 Please use your CCID as your username. It is what comes before the ‘@’ in your University email address. Eg: Fill out the required fields only, marked by a *

12  After logging in, you will see a notice that shows you payment options: To register, enter your access code if you have an access code card. If you do not have an access code card, you can buy an access code online with a credit card or by using a PayPal account or purchase one at the Special Services desk at the bookstore. You can also access your course under a free 14 day trial period. After the Grace Period ends, you must enter an access code to continue working on assignments and accessing your grades.  How Do I Pay for WebAssign?

13  Payment/Code Registration Screen

14  EWA with eBook  What Does Your Access Code Look Like?

15  Entering Your Access Code

16  Your Home Page

17  Homework Assignments

18  EWA includes entry palettes to allow you to easily enter the appropriate notation (when required) to submit your answers.  MathPad, PhysPad, CalcPad

19  Your Integrated Youbook (e-book)

20 Acces s the TOC Choose a page # Change the page view Access all integrate d Media Study Tools Print for offline viewing Zoom in for larger viewing

21 Highlig ht the text Makes notes Attach the notes to any page All the notes and highlights will be tracked. Access them any time.

22 LECTURE VIDEOS: A series of hundreds of clips covering all three semesters. Videos will help if you miss a class or are a more visually oriented or auditory learner. VIDEO EXAMPLES: These are videos of instructors working through selected Worked Examples from the text. You can stop, rewind, and review complex examples as you work the problem.

23 TEC animations, written and narrated by Jim Stewart, offer a number of ways to reinforce concepts for review or by using the accompanying exercises and examples. WOLFRAM DEMONSTRATIONS: watch a web preview or download the animation to your hard drive to work with the full version. Explore these animations at critical points of your study throughout the text.

24 The Homework Tutors are composed of three parts: 1) Problem statement from the textbook 2) Homework Hints which were written by Jim Stewart and are intended to guide you if you’re stuck. 3) Video Solutions You can click the “Add Bookmark” button to save Exercises to your Tutor Bookmarks panel for easy reference. All Homework Tutors can also be accessed from the main YouBook toolbar by clicking the down arrow to the left of the icon.

25 Log in, then click My Options in the upper right corner. Enter an email address if none is listed.  In Change Password, enter your new password, then re-enter your new password for confirmation.  Enter your current password in the lower left corner.  Click Save.  Resetting Your Password

26 Click Reset Password on the Login Page. You will need your username, institution code and the email address for your account. Otherwise, your instructor is able to reset your password.  What if I Forget My Password?

27  Links to the WebAssign Student Guide are available on your Login Page and after logging in.  The Student Guide Explains How to access and open assignments. How to answer various types of questions. How to ask your teacher for help. How to view scores and grades. How to find additional resources.  Student Guide

28  Your EWA course is supported by a TA to help answer any questions about EWA (not for math help). Reach them by clicking your ‘Ask Your Teacher’ link  Phone support: (800) 955-8275, then press 1  Email support:  See the WebAssign support page at for support hours  Need Help?

29  Your professors have carefully selected your course materials. Visit your campus bookstore to find these options.  Got Questions? Not sure what to buy? Look for us at the bookstore with textbook questions during the first 2 weeks of class or ask a bookstore staff member.  ALSO: Student office hours for questions on the text and/or EWA will be held on:  Tuesday September 11 th Rm. CAB 563 12pm-3pm  Friday September 14 th Rm. CAB 5631-3pm   Your course text materials are now available!!

30 Good luck & have a great school year!

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